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Say NO to jungle justice.

This is my younger brother. His name is Samuel Morka. He lives in Lagos state. He left his house this morning to use ATM machine.


After doing the transaction and was leaving the bank, he saw crowd of people running towards his direction. They were more than 300 people and he also ran for cover.


He managed to hide near a store. From there, he could hear and see what was going on. The crowd claimed to be chasing after 1 million boys. Then he got up and pick his phone which was ringing and told the caller that he ran for cover because of one million boys.


Some miscreants heard him and called on the crowd that one of them is here. The crowd descended on Samuel shouting “kill am, kill am”.
He tried to tell them he is innocent but everything fell on deaf ears.


The only thing they wanted was to kill him. They brought tires ready to set him ablaze.
However, the group leader beckoned on them to hold on. They were questioning him. This I see as God’s intervention. He told the man he just left the bank down there. The man agreed that they should take him to the bank for identification. They went.


On seeing the crowd coming towards the bank, the security man ran for his life but was told there is no problem for him to run. They asked him if he recognised my brother. He said NO. My brother asked him “oga, no be you direct me to use this machine, say the other one no good”?


Then he remembers and said oh yes I know him. He left about 10 minutes ago after withdrawing some cash. They checked his phone and saw the transaction. That was how the fear stricken Samuel who saw death staring at him was set free. He said before then, people were recording live video on Facebook of a captured one million member.


Samuel is alive today because of God’s intervention.
So many young innocent men have been killed in the name of jungle justice. Let’s say No to jungle justice and may God bless the man who allowed God use him to save Samuel

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