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The Wedding: Can I love you? Episode 6-10

The Wedding: Can I love you? Episode 6-10




The Wedding
{Can I love you}
Episode six

Rose went back home full of thoughts, what’s she gonna do now? She received a call from her father asking how the plan is going. She decided she’s gonna see them and tell them of her new change of heart and also ask them to let their grudges go.


The next day after bidding Nigel goodbye, she dressed up and went to see her parents. She received some threatening messages from Kelvin but she ignored it.
She walked in elegantly, her parents smiled on seeing her not knowing she’s bringing bad news for them.

Fred: My darling daughter, how are you doing?
She sits on the couch opposite them, a maid brought her juice.
Rose: I’m doing well dad.
Theresa: how’s your husband?
Rose: He’s also doing well.
They noticed the change in her voice, she doesn’t sound like she’s with the plan anymore.
Fred: what’s wrong with you? You sound off.
Rose: Dad can I ask you for something?
Fred: Of course dear ask me
Rose: Dad why don’t you let your grudges against the Owens family go?
Fred got angry at the mention of that.
Fred: That’s none of your business! You’re to get me what I want!
Rose: calm down dad, I can’t possibly do this anymore. I’ve decided to face my fate and stay with my husband, I’m even falling for him and I can’t destroy him so please just forget about it.
Fred slapped her immediately, Theresa held him.


Theresa: relax Fred, you don’t possibly expect your father to accept that nonsense so you better come back to your senses.
Rose: I’m pregnant mom, I can’t do such a thing anymore and I regret accepting in the first place.
Fred: I’m giving you two weeks to change your mind or you’re gonna regret it because I’m gonna find someone else to do it for me.
Rose stood up, she walked to the door.
Rose: stay away from him dad, or you’re gonna regret meeting me.
She left the house and drive home. Fred angrily shattered the juice glass, Theresa tries to calm him down.
Theresa: You need to calm down Fred, we need a new plan.


Fred: Your bastard daughter has ruined my plans, I should have just looked for someone else not a stupid doctor.
Theresa: Well bastard or not she still did something, anyone can change their minds.
Fred: If she doesn’t change her mind, I’d be forced to destroy her marriage so you better warn your daughter.
He walked out angrily while Theresa fell back on the couch trying to think of what to do, she called Rose but she didn’t pick.
She decided to go see her the next day.


Nigel returns home and met his lovely wife cooking lunch, he called her he was coming back early.
He hugged her from behind and kisses her neck, she smiled.
Rose: My naughty husband is back.
Nigel: I miss you so much and I want you so bad.
Rose: Jeez you need to eat something you know
Nigel: This is the job of the maids, you shouldn’t be working yourself and the baby out.
Rose: I’m not a baby, I can take care of myself.
Nigel: I don’t want you stressing yourself out, that’s final.
Rose: You’re gonna turn me to a baby in my house? Not sure if I accept.
Nigel: I’ll have to tie you up if necessary
Rose: what?! Fine then don’t worry about it.


Nigel laughs and walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs to shower and change.
He went downstairs to meet her setting the table, so fast he thought.
He’s happy with his marriage now and his illness hasn’t been heard of.
Rose received another message from Kelvin, she ignored it and deleted it. She has to tell Nigel everything and beg for his forgiveness before it’s too late.




The Wedding
{Can I love you}

Episode 7
The next day Theresa went to the mansion to visit Rose and also convince her to do whatever Fred wants.
She sits on the couch waiting for Rose while a maid brought her a glass of juice.

Theresa: When is she going to meet me?
Maid: My lady’s taking her bath, she said she’ll join you in a few minutes.
Theresa nodded and the maid left, she took her time in viewing the house.
The mansion is one of the biggest, and is very cozy and well furnished by world class interior design. There’s no doubt Nigel Owens is a multi billionaire, millions shouldn’t matter to him..
But he’s gonna lose everything once Rose agrees to finish her mission.
Rose comes down elegantly in a red dress with her hair straightened up, she wore a shiny little diamond earring and a diamond pendant necklace.

Rose: Hello mom
She hugged her mom and sits beside her.
Theresa: You look elegant.
Rose: Thanks mom.
Theresa: I am here to discuss what you told your dad yesterday
Rose:i know mom and I’m not changing my mind… Nigel’s gonna die if I do this to him, I save lives not end life. Besides I’m carrying his child and I’m loving him… I’m learning to. I can’t do such a thing anymore, don’t you understand mom.
Theresa: Fred is a very short tempered man and you know it, he’ll hurt you if you don’t do what he wants after you’ve agreed to.


Rose: I couldn’t care less mom, I’m going to explain everything to my husband and beg for his forgiveness before dad tells him anything.
Theresa: You’re stupid and stubborn Rose, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re my only child and I want you to have a good life, there are so many people who would love to marry you.
Besides you will take your own share of the properties enough to take care of your baby.


Rose: No thank you mom, but I can’t do it. I want my child to be with his father, I don’t know why I agreed in the first place. I only regret saying yes to dad but I don’t regret saying yes to Nigel Owens, I guess this is our destiny.
Theresa: You are a stubborn child and a bastard indeed, don’t come running to me when it happens and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Theresa takes her bag and gets up, she walked to the entrance angry and assume that she’s lost her daughter.
Theresa: You’re dead to me Rose. Nigel’s father and your father did a business and he took seventy percent of what was supposed to be shared equally. Who is evil now?


Rose: You know dad lies a lot mom, have you ever tried to hear the other side of the story?
Theresa: Does that matter now? Don’t ever call me your mom unless you do what Fred wants. Bye Rose.
Theresa slammed the door and entered her car, she drove off in high speed and anger.
Rose sighed and walked back to her room, she takes her purse and goes out. Her guilt can’t let her stay home, she decided to go to the company.
It read as she stepped out of her car, she walked elegantly into the building as all eyes are on the beautiful woman walking in.


She goes to the reception to ask for directions to her husband’s office.
Receptionist: How may I help you miss?
Rose: Mrs… Mrs Rose Owens, legal wife of Nigel Owens. I want to see my husband.
Receptionist: Sorry ma’m, his office is on the fiftieth floor which is the last.
Rose smiled and walked to the elevator, she went to the last floor and goes into the office without asking the secretary Ariana who’s having a crush on Nigel and hates Rose.


Ariana: Wait miss you can’t just barge in here.
Rose: And who the hell might you be?
Nigel smiled happily and hugged her, he’s glad to see his wife visit.

Nigel: it’s okay Ariana, you can leave.
Ariana: Yes sir
She left in anger, Rose smiled at Nigel and kisses him.
Rose: I missed you so much.
Nigel: I’ve only been gone for hours baby, how’s our son doing?
Rose: Hey we don’t know if it’s a boy yet, I want a girl.


Nigel: No a boy first to be the head of the family.
Rose: Time will tell… I want to talk to you about something.
He takes her to the couch and pours her a drink.
Nigel: You look tensed… Is anything wrong? Have I done anything again?
Rose: (laughs) No silly.
It’s actually about me, I need you to promise me that you won’t be mad at me.
Nigel: Alright I promise.
Rose: (Sighs) There are some things that I’ve been trying to do that you don’t know, my f…


(The telephone rings)
Nigel: Wait a minute darling.
He picked up the call, he had to meet with a business partner in Spain for a business trip.
He was just informed and he had to leave in two hours because of an important business deal, he told Rose who doesn’t seem happy about it.

Rose: How long are you going to be there?
Nigel: Just three weeks baby cheer up, I will make it up to you by taking you out before I leave
Rose: What about our conversation…
Nigel: You have plenty of time to tell me when I return..
Rose: You don’t understand…
Nigel: Relax my love, I’m going listen to everything when I come back.
Rose: Okay… I’ll be waiting for you.
He hugged her and took her out, he bought a lot of things and they had more fun. She saw him off to his private jet and went back home still worried, the sooner he knows the better.
“I hope he comes back soon… I don’t want trouble, help me please God”


Two weeks later
The past two weeks felt like torture for Rose, she could hardly sleep well because of all the threats she received from her father and Kelvin.
One more week to go before Nigel comes back and her fate is decided, she has missed him a lot. In his absence she has fallen in love, she didn’t realize it was even before she started treating him well..


She heard a car horn and drive inside the compound, she looked through the window and saw Nigel coming down.
She runs down happily, she met him at the entrance and hugged him.
Rose: My love! I’ve missed you so much… You came earlier than expected what a great surprise!
He didn’t reply, he looked different and cold, a look she’s never seen before..
Rose:What’s wrong?
Nigel: Tell me the truth Rose…
Her heart beat rose, he has never called her by her name. What could be wrong?
Rose: I don’t understand…
Nigel: When you married me… Was it out of love or money?


Rose: Why are you asking me such a question?
Nigel: You never loved me! You married me so you can dupe me and take advantage of my love for you!
Rose: That’s not true, who told you that?
Nigel: (he pushes her) Just because I’m nice and gentle doesn’t mean I’m stupid or weak. You lied to me, your father told me everything.
Nigel: And I have proof that he’s right.
Rose: No way…





The Wedding
{Can I love you}

The Wedding

{Can I love you}
Episode 8
Rose felt her world crumbling, her father would go to any length to destroy her just because she refuses to destroy someone else.
Nigel brings out his phone and played a voice recording by my father.
Fred: My daughter wanted to marry you because you’re a billionaire, I thought that was all. Until I heard her planning with her ex boyfriend to take everything you have, didn’t you see how bad she treated you at the beginning?
She decided to change to make things easier, she has been seeing her lover behind your back. That baby she’s carrying is not yours, hear the rest from her boyfriend.
My daughter is evil and I don’t want her to ruin someone’s life, I still love her so much.


He played another recording from Kelvin, her ex boyfriend.
Kelvin: Rose and I have been seeing each other since you got married, she still loves me. She only wants your money, and that baby she’s carrying is my own. I’m just tired of this and I want to live with her and my baby.
He stopped playing and faced her.
Nigel: what do you have to say for yourself?


Rose: That’s not true…
Nigel: (Scoffs) more lies, I want to know something. were you planning on duping me or not?
Rose: That’s not how it happened.
Nigel: Yes or no!
Rose: Yes (Nigel laughs) I was gonna tell you about it, it’s not true. My dad had me do it and when I refused he decided to frame me, Kelvin is also lying. I have not been seeing him except for once and we didn’t do anything at all. My baby is yours, I love you.
Nigel: (walks upstairs and begins throwing her things down) Leave my house you whore! I’m going to send you the divorce papers today, I don’t ever want to see you again!


Rose rushes to the staircase on her knees and holds his legs.
Rose: please don’t do this to me, I’m very sorry. This is a set up I was gonna tell you, I love you please!
Nigel: Stop telling me that! Leave and never return!
He pushed her off his legs and goes up without turning around, Rose rolled down the stairs and fell unconscious.
Nigel went to his room and called security to throw her out, he is so angry and heartbroken.


He wanted to surprise her by coming home early only to be surprised, he’s been living with a snake all these while. She’s going to pay for this, he’s going to make her suffer and wish she was dead.
The security threw Rose out in her unconscious state, she woke up and found herself at the gate. She cried in pain, she was bleeding and cramping. A taxi passed by, she stopped it and painfully grabbed her bag inside, she goes to her friends house.
Cathy opened the door only to find her friend half dead lying on the floor, she quickly called her doctor and dragged her in.


The doctor came and checked on her, then prescribed some drugs and left. Rose woke up few hours later and finds herself in Cathy’s room.
Cathy: Sweetie you’re awake, thank God.
Rose: My baby, what happened to my baby?
Cathy: Your baby is fine. The doctor said it’s a minor issue and you should rest a lot.
Rose: (sighs in relief) Thank God.
Cathy: What happened?
Rose: (Sobbing) He kicked me out.
Cathy: What did you do?
Rose: it’s a long story Cathy.
Cathy: I’ll go bring you some food so you can eat something and rest. We’ll talk about this later.


Later in the evening, she told Cathy everything that happened.
Cathy: Why would your dad do such a thing? That’s so evil, what are we going to do now?
Rose: I will keep begging my husband to forgive me, I just pray he does. I’ve hurt him a lot and I deserve what I get.
Cathy: And if he rejects you?
Rose: I can’t stay here with my shame and pain… I’d leave this city.
Cathy: You know I’m moving to Florida next month, you could come if it doesn’t work out. Get a new life and take care of your baby.
Rose nods with a weak smile.
The next day she goes to Nigel’s company to beg him, he forced her to sign the divorce papers and throws her out.


Rose begged for almost a month but Nigel made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, she broke his heart. Now he’s going to change and do what most billionaires do, fuck bitches.
Even his family wanted to settle them, he threatened to disown them if they interfere.
Rose decided to leave and go face her misery.
She and Cathy left for Florida, she got an apartment and decided to start a small coffee business with the money she had gotten from Nigel before.
In her heart, all she wishes is for him to forgive her and maybe take her back. At least accept her son even if he doesn’t take her back




The Wedding
{Can I love you}
Episode 9

A few months later
Rose had given birth to beautiful baby boy, or bouncing baby boy.
The fact is, he has Nigel’s blue eyes and brown hair and a perfectly pointed small nose.
In the past few months, Rose has learned to live with her stigma, Nigel’s never going to take her back and the punishment she got is loving him each day.
She can never get him out of her head, instead of forgetting him she keeps thinking about him.
Maybe because of her son, she sees Nigel each time she sees Little Angel as she named him.

She placed him on the bed and went to the living room to sit with Cathy. Angel is about six months old now.
Cathy: is your big boy asleep?
Rose: You can’t imagine how many songs I had to sing, Angel is so stubborn.
Cathy: he takes after his father (Rose sighed) speaking of his father, look at this.

Cathy hands Rose a newspaper, she checked the front page.
“Handsome Multi Billionaire Nigel Owens gets married to his former PA Selena Bryson….”
Rose dropped the newspaper heartbroken, how can this happen to her? He moved on, he doesn’t care about her anymore.

Cathy: I saw this yesterday, I didn’t want to show you but I thought you’d like to know.
Rose: No it’s okay… I’m just… How could he do this to me? I still love him and…
Cathy: (hugs her) it’s okay darling, you need to forget about him. Especially now that he’s gonna be moving to Florida, according to what his new wife wants.
Rose: I have his son, Angel. How am I going to tell him about his father?
Cathy: (disengages) Showing Angel to him will only worsen the situation, he doesn’t believe you. You need to be patient and keep praying, for God to change his mind.


Rose: And here I was thinking my baby could bring us together but I was wrong.
Cathy: Don’t worry yourself much girlfriend, you’re gonna find a good man who will love you with all his heart. I’m not saying you should forget Nigel, but you shouldn’t worry yourself too much. Be strong for Angel.
Rose:(nods) I know Cathy thanks so much for everything.
Cathy: You’re still my naughty bestie… Have you eaten anything?
Rose: Not yet.
Cathy: Stay here… Don’t worry I’m going to serve you myself.
Cathy leaves dramatically making Rose laugh.
Rose: (Thinking) I just don’t understand how I fell so hard, I didn’t love you this much before but now I do a lot. Wherever you are Nigel, I just hope you’re happy.


Nigel and Selena Bryson came down from the limo and went inside the huge mansion. One of Nigel’s properties, which is quite bigger than a palace with so much maids and guards..
Nigel has been in hell the past few months, he’s been sleeping with whores and his PA.
He just couldn’t forget Rose, he hadn’t seen her anywhere in San Francisco. Not that he wants her back, he just wants to keep making her pay.
Selena is happy she finally got Nigel Owens, her long dream.
She’s been sleeping around with him, until she finally got pregnant and he had to marry her.
Although Nigel wasn’t sure about the pregnancy, he still married her just to make Rose jealous.
Wherever she is she’ll see the news, he will conduct a DNA test later.
Selena flaunts herself around as the lady of the house, after checking the whole house she and Nigel retired to the bedroom.


Selena:(sits on the bed) I love your taste my love, this house is so beautiful.
Nigel: I knew you’d like it, well enjoy now cause this is your house also.
Selena: I know my love (helps him unbutton his shirt) I’m going to do so much better than her.
Nigel: Please don’t talk about that woman Selena.
Selena: I’m sorry darling… I shouldn’t have mentioned it. I’m just so happy I married the man I love so much.
Nigel: I love you too (thinking) which will be much better if I can just forget that witch.
Selena: come darling… Let’s go take a shower, you look tired.
Nigel: Yes go I’ll join you shortly. I want to make an important call.
Selena: (Kisses him) I’ll be waiting (she goes to the bathroom but stands at the door eavesdropping after turning on the shower)
Nigel: (dials a number on his phone) Tell me.


Mr Lonnie: She’s here in Florida Mr Owens but we don’t know where exactly.
Nigel: Keep investigating and tell me what you find out.
Mr Lonnie: Of course Mr Owens.
Nigel: Good night Mr Lonnie.
Mr Lonnie: Have a lovely evening sir (hangs up)
Nigel: I’m going to find you Rose.
Selena: (thinking) not under my watch Nigel, what she couldn’t do I will do better.
Nigel drops his phone and goes into the bathroom to join Selena.
Mr Lonnie Powell is the private investigator he hired a few weeks ago, he’s helping in finding Rose’s location.
He wants to know if she’s given birth to her baby so he can execute his plans.
Most importantly, he wants to see her face because he still loves her. Although love can be so annoying at times, how can he still love such a traitor and liar.


CR fast food restaurant
Rose, Cathy and three others are so busy, there’s a lot of customers today.
She served so many people before going to attend to her baby who just woke up, the restaurant is owned by Cathy and her.
Rose: (carries Angel) My darling, my love you’re awake. Don’t worry my love mummy’s here now okay?
She feeds him and carries him out for a walk.
She bumped into someone on her way out, he’s a very cute guy. And he’s dressed in a suit, he looks like he’s new around.

Rose: I’m so sorry…
Guy: No miss the fault is mine for pushing a beautiful creature like you.
Rose: ummm… Thanks.
Guy: I’m new around here, do they have good snacks and stuff here?
Rose: Yes… My friend and I own this place.
Guy: Good then… I’m Harry Dillard… I’m a lawyer incase you need one.
Rose: Rose Gonzales… And I don’t need a lawyer (Angel cries) shhhh…. It’s okay my sweetheart.
Harry: I see you’re in a hurry (brings out his card) incase you still need a lawyer later.
Rose: (collects it) Fine… Excuse me.
She leaves the restaurant and takes a walk around the neighborhood, she spent some time out before heading back to the restaurant.
Her phone rings in her pocket, she adjusted her baby to take it forgetting she’s crossing the road. A coming car almost hit her.
Rose: You stupid driver! Were you trying to kill my baby and I?
The driver comes out to apologize only to discover…
Rose: Nigel?
Nigel: Rose….




The Wedding
{Can I love you}.


Rose: how could he do this to me?
Cathy: you need to be strong for Angel.
Nigel: I’m going to find you Rose.
Selena: (thinking) Not under my watch Nigel, what she couldn’t do I will do better.
Harry: this is my card incase you need a lawyer.
Rose: (collects it) Okay.
Rose: …Are you trying to kill my baby and I?

Episode 10
Nigel: Rose (moves close to her as she moved from the road cuddling her baby) It’s been such a long time.
Rose: ummm… Yeah.
Her heart is beating hard against her chest, his eyes are just so beautiful. She is very nervous, he’s very happy and angry he saw her. He looked at the baby who is smiling at him, the baby has all his features.
Angel raises his hand at Nigel giggling.
Nigel: I see you’ve given birth to your baby
Rose: Yes I have… I heard you got married.
Nigel: You’ve got a problem with that?
Rose: No I better go now.
Nigel: (he holds her hand) What’s his name?


Rose: Why do you want to know? After all he’s not your problem.
Nigel: He’s my son and I demand to know his name!
Rose: You’re not the one to make demands regarding my baby, and you don’t think he’s your son so forget it.
Nigel: You’re coming with me right now.
Rose: What? No way you can’t just order me around.
Nigel: How about I just carry you? No one’s gonna dare to stop me.
Rose: Where are you taking us?
Nigel: You don’t have to worry, I don’t need you. I just want to confirm something.
Rose: Angel is your son Nigel, why don’t you just believe me?
Nigel: coming from the woman who tried to ruin my life.


Rose: I didn’t try to Nigel, why can’t you just see it. If only you’d let me explain what really happened, you’ll know I never betrayed you. I still love you Nigel, I never slept with my ex and Angel is your son.
Nigel: Oh please Rose, follow me to the hospital now and let me confirm that. As for whatever you said I have no interest in your explanations.
Rose: Why do you hate me so much? I love you so much.
Nigel: And I hate you.
Those words pierced her heart like a hot dagger, she reluctantly followed him to the hospital. Doctor Fernandez took their sample and did a quick DNA test, they waited for four hours before the results came out.


Rose called Cathy to update her, she then followed Nigel to the doctors office.
Angel is already sleeping by that time.
Fernandez: The results are out Mr Owens.
Nigel: Let me see it now.
Fernandez gives the results to him, he stared at it too shocked to believe it.
Fernandez: Miss Gonzales, their sample matches. Your son is also Mr Owens son.
Rose: thank you doctor (she gets up and leaves the office but Nigel caught up with her)
Nigel: Hey you can’t leave like that.
Rose: What else do you want Nigel, at least you know the truth about your son.
Nigel: And I want to be with my son I deserve it.


Rose: I have to be home early to feed him, he’s very hungry now and I’m not holding anything to give him food so please excuse me.
Nigel: Let me take you there
Rose: What?
Nigel: it’s my only chance to be with my son, I just found out he’s mine today how do you think I’m coping.
Rose: Fine… Because of Angel.
Rose directs him to her house, he gets down and followed her in. Cathy isn’t home yet, she dropped Angel in his cradle and goes to prepare his food.
Nigel:Nice apartment you’ve got here.
Rose: You know where I live now… You can come visit your son anytime you want. (thinking) At least you accepted your son even if you don’t want me anymore, I’m happy.
Nigel: I need to go now… My wife must be worried about me.
Rose: Yeah… Goodnight.
Nigel: Say hi to our son for me.
Rose: Yeah
Nigel: I’ll make sure to come over tomorrow (he leaves and Rose closed the door and fell on the floor crying)
Nigel doesn’t love her anymore and here she is falling apart, if she only knew how she has just renewed the love in Nigel’s heart.


Nigel regrets not accepting the child and now on his second day of moving to Florida he finds out that the child is his. But she keeps saying she loves him, part of him wants that to be true also. Rose Gonzales is never going to get out of his mind, he sighed as he went home.


He got in the mansion and met Selena watching a TV program, she quickly hugged him when she saw him.
Selena: Hey what happened, I’ve been calling you and you’re not picking up. You took so long in checking the company that I got worried.
Nigel: I ran into Rose.
Selena: (pretends) What? She’s here in Florida?
Nigel: Yes and I just met my son today.
Selena: She has a son already? Oh I remember she was pregnant when she left but how do you know he’s your child
Nigel: I had a DNA test done and it was confirmed plus the boy looks just like me
Selena: (sits) So what are you going to do now?


Nigel: I don’t know… I’m so overwhelmed by the idea of being a father.
Selena: It’s simple, she hurt you a lot and still pretends like she’s the victim here. How about you take custody of that boy?
Nigel: Wait What?
Selena: Think about it my love, she doesn’t like the idea of you getting married so she may try to deny you the right to see your son frequently. Besides what if she eventually runs away with another guy and takes your son too.
Nigel: You’re right, besides I’ve had plans for that baby before. I’m going to do it, she can’t hurt me and expect me to watch her being happy.


I’m going to make her suffer.
Selena: (smiling) Yes my love.
She watched as Nigel went to call his lawyer, she quickly called someone.
Selena: It’s done… He’s more frustrated and stupid than I thought. He’s going to make her suffer that she wouldn’t even want to come close to him, that way we won’t be disturbed by her.
Voice: Well-done my dear, I knew I could count on you. We must get what we want from him
Selena: Yes… I will have his full attention so don’t worry.
Voice: Alright goodnight.
Selena: Goodnight
She hung up only to see Nigel before her, her heart skipped a beat. What if he heard her? Then she’s doomed.
Selena: my love… You’re back already.
Nigel: Yeah who were you talking to?
Selena: My friend Lola, she called to wish me a happy marriage. (sighs) I’m going to need it.


Nigel: Hey look at me, Just because she’s here doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you for her so stop worrying. And it won’t stop me from loving you okay?
Selena: Okay
She smiled inwardly and hugged him, Rose is just going to be an obstacle. And since Nigel is still angry and wants revenge, this is the best way to make them hate each other.
If Nigel should still be seeing her with the baby, he might end up leaving Selena. Because she knows he’s still in love with Rose, and his love for her will just stop him from wanting to give her anything even if he doesn’t leave her.

Rose got a mail from a man the next morning, a court summon.
Cathy: Who’s that girlfriend?
Rose: A court summon.
Cathy: Court summon for what? (collects the paperwork) what?
Rose: Nigel wants custody of Angel.
Cathy: Is he out of his mind? How can he do that to you?
I mean he just knew the boy like yesterday and now he wants to take her away from you?!
Rose: He’s not going to stop till I’m dying, I thought he loved Angel. I never said he couldn’t see his son, a child he rejected and I still allowed him into Angel’s life.
Cathy: You’re going to deal with him okay? We just need a lawyer and some other things..


Rose: I know a lawyer.
Cathy: Then call him, the hearing is next week and we need to hurry
Rose: Now I’m the one who doesn’t want to see him again, I won’t forgive him for this.
A knock came to their door, Rose went to open and sees Nigel with two police officers.
Officer: Miss Rose Gonzales?
Rose: Yes… What can I do for you officers?
Officer: We have a court order to take your son and give to Mr Owens till the hearing date.
Rose: What? No way! What sort of stupid order is that? (Faces Nigel) how dare you try to take my son away from me!
Nigel: Do your job officer.
They pushed Rose aside and went in, they collected the baby from Cathy and took him out.
Rose runs after them but didn’t get them so she fell on the floor crying.

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  1. Ooh त tot Nigel is a sensible man.. But with this stupid attitude of yours, it’s obvious you are not.

  2. Admin ooooooo!

    Where is episode 11-20?

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