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*Part Thirteen*

We got to Lagos and another phase of trouble started. Mummy pastor and Deji had days of fight over my case. While she insisted we will live together in their three bedroom flat, Deji wanted me to live separately. I guess he had not relinquish my apartment in Ikeja. Deji wanted to start his secret game with me again but mummy pastor wasn’t going to allow that. She seemed to have made up her mind to let the church know everything Deji had done.


In one of the fights, the argument was hot that I had to come in. I was shocked to my marrow when Deji began to beat Mummy pastor. The way the whole fight happened, it was obvious Deji has been a serial wife beater. That wasn’t his first time beating that woman. Is this how he will be beating me too? Well, I noticed that tendency of a violent man in him during the several encounters we had had. But why has mummy pastor not exposed him all this while? Why did she cover up for him all the time he had been abusing her?


Since I came back from Kabba, I haven’t stepped out, not even to the balcony. Life became so boring to me. Deji wasn’t talking to me, mummy pastor only talks to me when food is ready or when it was time to bath Shina, etc. I was practically shut out of the world. My life became meaningless and worthless. I couldn’t go out for fear of being seen by people I know. More so, I had grown so lean due to all I have been through lately. Church members who come to see Deji never crossed my path because my room was hiding, and I hardly came out for anything. I was able to hide for three weeks before the cat was let out of the bag.


I started coming to the sitting room to watch TV once a while. When I notice someone was at the door, I will carry my baby and run inside. I knew this hiding game would not last forever. On that fateful day, I never heard a voice or a knock at the door. I rushed into the sitting room backing Shina when I stumbled at the women leader of our church. She screamed my name, “Sister Mercy” and she went mum. Mummy pastor joined us as we both looked at each other in total surprise.
Women leader broke the silence, Mummy pastor what is happening here? She asked. Daddy is in the best position to explain ma, she replied as I shamefully walked back to my small prison.


When Deji came back, I guess mummy pastor told him all that happened when the women leader visited. He rushed into my room, “you foolish woman, you want to destroy the work I have been doing for fifteen years. You are a bad luck and a witch” he ranted. He removed his belt and flogged me like his child. Mummy pastor rushed in to rescue me but he descended on her too. She left after taking her own share of the beating. I was very angry and this time around I made up my mind to expose him. Enough of this evil, I told myself.


The next day, church members started trooping into the house, obviously to see and confirm what the women leader told them. I heard their voices but I made sure they didn’t see me. Three days later, Mummy pastor brought a letter for me. On opening it, it was a summon for a meeting with the G.O. At this time, I knew it was over for Deji and his many years of lies.

To be continued



_*Part Fourteen*_

When I arrived at the meeting, my legs were heavy like rock. I couldn’t move them again when I saw the people seated and waiting for me. Our G.O, the church executive council members, mummy G.O, Deji, women leader and mummy pastor were all present in the meeting.


As soon as I entered, I was directed to sit on the only vacant seat. I took my seat with my head bent down. The secretary to the church executive council was the first to speak. After he acknowledged the presence of the G.O and other council members in attendance, he turned to me. “Sis Mercy, you left church some months ago, leaving your responsibility as the choir leader without a word. Now you are back with a baby, can you tell this gathering what happened?”, he requested.


I stood up and brought Shina down from my back, showed his face to all the council members and went back to my seat without saying anything. Shina is a duplicate of Deji, even a blind man could almost notice the resemblance. I guessed
they understood my message as all of them said “hmmmmm” in chorus. After my drama, there was a short silence. The type that happens when they say “let’s observe one minute silence for the dead”. The silence was cut short when the G.O requested Deji to say what he knew about Shina and my sudden disappearance in
church. He stood up and could not say anything. The vibrant and outspoken pastor became like a moron and like a sheep taken to the slaughter. Deji has never been this quiet since I knew him. The saying, “You become the slave of your slave if he finds the stolen chicken in your hand” became true.


After about ten minutes, Deji still didn’t utter a word, the secretary to the church executive council stood up and said, “Silence at the face of accusation is a sign of
guilt”. Pastor Olumodeji, you’re the father of sis Mercy’s baby. If you are not, deny now or face the disciplinary committee of the church. Yet Deji didn’t say anything. The meeting was adjourned for three weeks when the head of disciplinary
committee would have been briefed.


The church secretary gave mummy G.O a letter for me. This time the church wants to conduct an independent DNA test to ascertain the paternity of my son. The letter contains the date, the time and the medical centre where the DNA will be conducted. I have no issue with the DNA test since it is going to be at the expense of the church. It didn’t seem as if Deji was remorseful with all that happened. He came to my room anytime he needed sex. He does it without talking to me. I didn’t bother myself denying him anymore because I am now his wife. Moreover if I didn’t allow him, he would rape me. And to be honest, I wasn’t ready for all that even though I
suffered severe pain and bled anytime he slept with me.

The drama just began… To be continued..



*Part Fifteen*

The DNA test was conducted and the result was sent to the church directly. I wasn’t bothered about the result because I already knew what the outcome will be.


When the three weeks of adjournment elapsed, another meeting was called. This time around, the church disciplinary committee chairman and the church medical doctor were in attendance. The faces of the attendees were unfriendly this time.
“Without wasting much time, can we invite Dr Hassan Yakubu for the interpretation of the DNA test result?”, the secretary to the church executive council requested, pointing at the direction of the doctor. The silence in the room was like that of the graveyard as everyone gazed at the doctor’s mouth.


He was handed over the big brown envelope. He was slow in getting the result out of the envelope. He began to read the result from the name of the medical centre, date of the test, personnel who conducted the test, the medical jargons in the
result, etc. Why must he read all those contents? All we needed to hear is if Deji is Shina’s father or not. After taking about fifteen minutes reading the DNA test result in medical terminologies, no one seemed to understand everything he said. The gazing and agitation was on the increase as all expected him to interpret the result in a layman’s language.


“Pastor Olumodeji is not the biological father of the boy according to the test result”, the doctor said. This must be a joke, I thought. Who else is Shina’s father if not Deji? I haven’t slept with any man for five years. Sis Mercy, can you tell us who is the father of your baby, why you left the church without a word and why you are taking refuge in pastor Olumodeji’s house? I was dumbfounded for a moment. There must be a mix up somewhere. The paternity of my son is certain. I know the father of my son, and he’s no other person than Deji.


Someone should explain to me what’s happening here, mummy pastor screamed.

So my husband is not the father of your bastard son? I knew it, I know you’re a traitor who wants to reap where you didn’t sow. Whatsoever you’ve done to my husband, God will expose you and your evil plans. You wicked betrayer and husband snatcher.


Mummy pastor took over the meeting while everyone watched her. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. I wanted to talk but I didn’t know what to say when the DNA test result says Deji is not the father of my son. With this development, mummy pastor will surely not receive me back to the house again. Where next am I going to?

Watch out as the drama unfolds…

To be continue

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  1. Pastor Deji is diabolic. Mercy worry not for nothing hidden that shall not come to the open.

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