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Psycho Billionaire

Mr Arrogant 👉

Not edited 👈

Chapter 14

( short)
Mira pov

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I took the clothes and the bathroom ,,soon i was done i was shocked to see a black lingerie

i felt like screaming my lungs out ,how can they expect me to wear such

He family is cool but they are really crazy to do this

I sat down in the bathroom thinking of what to do ,my robe is wet and there is no other towel in the bathroom

Maybe i should just wait till kelly sleep off

It been thirty minutes or more that i have been in the bathroom

There was no noise coming from the bathroom so i decided to run to my bed before kelly sees me

I opened the bathroom door gently and looked ,thank goodness kelly was out
I felt relief instantly

i was two step from the bathroom when the door opened revealing kelly

He starred at me with shocked written all over his face

We starred at each other blankly ,or let me say kelly starred at my body blankly ,,,i couldnt move it seems as if my legs were glued to the floor

i couldnt run back to the bathroom because he will have a full view of my ass and i couldnt run to the bed either

I have never been in such an awkward situation before

I didnt know what took my eyes down his body ,he was wearing short and he was turned on

My cheeks turned red,,i didnt know i had effects on him

He walked to the bed without uttering any word and lay on the edge of the bed and that was when i was able to walk to the bed and used the duvet to cover my self properly

one could hear my heart beat ,,why am i shy ,its not like people havent seen my nackedness before ,,i am a call girl but with kelly i am like a virgin

Why did he stare at me that way ,,Geez this so embarrassing

He he asleep already ?what is he thinking

Alot of things were going on in my mind that i couldnt help but wonder.


Kelly pov

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I couldnt sleep the picture of her in that lingerie kept getting into my head

I was horny the instant i saw her ,i couldnt help but stare at her massive body ,,i dont really want to have sex with her i want to make love to her and make her scream my name

I almost undressed her with my eyes ,,part of me wanted to grab her and make love to her while the other part of me kept resisting

Oh shit! what am i even thinking

Is she asleep already , did she wear those intentionally to seduce me

Well that was the reason i brought her in the first place and am not doing anything about it

What have this girl done to me ,,hope it not what am thinking?

finally i was able to catch some sleep


I heard voices in my room and opened my eyes slowly to see my hands wrapped arround someones bare body and not only that the person arms was also wrapped arround my body and it was a really weird possition.

simultaneously our eyes met and we jerked from each others body ,,It was mira

Looking at the door,,,,were my whole family looking at us giggling from ear to ear

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To be continue


Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉Not edited 👈

Chapter 15

Kelly pov

“Dont you guys have job to do “i yelled as i climb down the bed and pushed them out before slamming the door

“You guys should hurry up with the quickie breakfast is ready”i heard my mom yelled and they all roared in laughter

Jeez we need to leave as soon as possible

Mira ran into the bathroom but at least i caught a glimpse of her ass

Shes so beautiful and perfect in all area ,,i dont just know what is holding me back

soon she came out with a towel tied arround her chest while i quickly walked into the bathroom to stop the awkward silence between us


Mira pov

I wonder how we came about cuddling each other last night and his family jezz they are something else

I ran into the bathroom before kelly could turn back

Soon i was done bathing and i came out while he walked into the bathroom

now what do i wear,,at least instead of allowing his Family bring any cloth for me i need to find one myself

I caught a glimp of kelly t shirt i quickly put them on ,,they barely reached my knee but at least they covered my butt

I sat down in the dressing table and began blow drying my hair

Soon kelly walked out and starred at me

“Why are you looking at me”i asked

“Why are you wearing ny cloth “he asked and i rolled my eyes

“What do you expect me to wear ” i replied

“you can wear anything you like but not my clothes ” he said

“Sooo” i streched

“sooo pull it off”he added sternly and i starred at him in disbelief

“how about you come pull it off your self”i replied

I was shocked to see kelly walking towards me with a plain face

I stood up immediately trying to understand what he was really trying to do

i kept stepping back till my back finally hit the wall and a smirk plastered on his face

what is he trying to do ?

his body was pressing against mine and our face was just and inch away from each other

He trailed his hand down my tigh and i felt shivers



He kept looking into my eyes asif he was searching for something there
then his eyes drifted to my lips

Oh no not the lips ,my Legs felt like jelly i couldnt move

In a blink his lips landed on mine and i couldnt help but pave way for him and reciprocated the kiss

The kiss lasted for minute,he tucked my hair behind my ears and left the room without a word and i was finally able to breath well

I touched my lips ,,i ran out of the room the whole family turned and starred at me awkwardly and giggling and i wonder why and that was when it hit me that i was wearing kelly’s cloth

throught out the breakfast i kept on remembering the kiss and stealing glance at kelly,he looks lost ,like something is bothering him

Is it the kiss? hell no why would he be bothered about it,he has kissed so many girls so mine was nothing

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Right now we are on our way home and kelly refused me to pull his clothes off

First he was so angry that i wore them and now he dosent want me to pull it off

throughout the drive back home ,kelly kept starring at me and am beginning to freak out little by little ,my palm is becoming sweaty ,,i am now regretting why i wore his cloth

Finally we arrived home

he opened the car door held my hand and ran inside

Why are we running?

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To be continued



Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

Not Edited

Chapter 16

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Kelly pov

throughout the drive i couldnt take my eyes off mira.,seeing her in my clothes triggered something in me

I couldnt hold myself anymore,i wanted her badly ,,and the kiss,,, it was amazing

I took her hands and ran inside immediately we entered i locked up my lips with hers and began kissing her,she responded back

She has no idea the effect she has on me


I kissed her hungrily and grabbed her butt while she wrapped her legs arround me

In a twink ,i made my way to my room and placed her on the bed gently before beginning to explore her body bit by bit

Her moan were like music to my ears and turned me on the more

After kissing and sucking her boobs ,,i started kissing her neck line and giving her soft bites ,she is sure going to have a lot of hickeys.

I kissed her stomach down to her abdomen ,,before using my hands to rub her cl*t,she was really wet

I removed my pants and now we were both unclad ,,i placed my d*ck on the entrance and entered slowly while she moans and trail her hand through my hair

Soon i increased my pase and she urged me on ,,,,,we both reached climax and i emptied myself in her before collapsing beside her on bed ,,she once told me she normally took pills so i dont have to worry about her getting pregnant

I starred at her body for a while before using the duvet to cover her and cuddled



Mira pov

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It remaining just two days for us to go back

Gosh i cant believe its already a month ,time really runs fast

My mind drifted back to the sex

It was amazing with kelly,no one has ever made me feel that way ,,that day we ended up having sex throughout

But sadly kelly went back to his usual self ,,and we never did it again since then ,,i really missed it the way he touched and kissed every part of my body giving me butterflies in my stomach

I dont know what am felling recently for kelly but i find myself long for his touch his cuddles ,kisses and attention but none came ,i cant help it but i think i have feelings for him

He never even looked at me its as if i dont even exist or i was never here



Right now i am sitting close to kelly in his private jet and we are on our way back

He eyes were glued to his phone ,,i know talking to his this moment wont yeild anything he will only ingnore me

I cant help but this so this is how everything is going to go back to normal,,i might never see kelly again and it will be like all this one month never happened

I was indeed broken ,,because i already have feelings for his but i dout if he feels anything for me am sure he only sees me a slut

But on the bright side am happy ,,with the money i got from him i will be able to get a better life fore me and my family and stop this call girl job of mine

The plane landed and i came down with kelly walking beside me

“It was nice meeting you mira and your balance will be sent to you “kelly said sternly and ordered one of his guards to take me home

I angrily collected my suit case ,hailed a cab and entered ,,,i couldnt help but break down immediately

I let all the tears flow down freely

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To be continued

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