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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉Not edited 👈

Chapter 11

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Mira pov

“What the hell is going on here”we heard
our laughed sized and my body frozed

How can one person have so much power and authority in his voice ,,so his been inside all this while

“hey cousin” fred said walking towards kelly who is coming down from the stairs

“What are you doing here fred”kelly asked

“C’mon bro are you still mad at me “fred replied

“Mira upstairs now”kelly half yelled and i walked upstairs

Why cant this guy talk politely like fred for once

I wonder what fred did to him thats his apologising about ,well no matter what i think he should just forgive him ,fred is a nice person

Should i go and eavesdrop ? ah no that will be bad

I kept pacing about in my room till it was an hour already and i was begining to feel hungry

I dont care if they are still discussing ,i will just go get my food and then come back

I walked downstairs and to my surprise everywhere was quiet

I saw kelly seated on the couch with his eyes glued to his phone and fred was no where

“were is fred “i asked and sat down on the couch

“He left”kelly replied sternly

“why so soon”i asked

“So you wont continue to flirt with him and throw your cheap self all over him”kelly replied and i rolled my eyes

“I like him tho”i said

“Guess what dear,he has no interest in a prostitute like you so you better stop liking him”kelly replied and walked up stairs

Hot tears gathered arround my eyes and i fight hard not to cry

There is no way am wasting my precious tears again ,he isnt worth it

I walked to the dining and saw already prepared food by annie and my sadness turned into happiness immediately

Food is my everything,ot makes me forget all my worries

I began digging in and smiling sheeplessly to my self until i was finished and that was when i realised i ate kelly’s food too not leaving a single thing and annie has already gone home

I think am dead ,please guys if you know where they sell coffin at cheap amount can you direct me there because kelly is so going to kill me


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Kelly pov

I woke up from sleep feeling hungry and decided to go downstairs and eat when i heard loud laughters coming from the sitting room

I was surprised to see fred and mira laughing their ass out,do they know each other from somewhere

Fred always have any girl he wants ,infact he has been my competiton right from day one ,he always has eyes for every girl am with and the worst part is that he always wins

Seeing him in my house and laughing that way with mira made me boil,i was extremely angry that i felt like choping his head off

I know mira is going to be his next target ,that was why i wasted no time in sending him out of my house and warned him never to come back

I was really hungry while i sat down replying some emails while annie prepared
food for me
(author jenny)
It was ready and annie left ,i was answering the last email before going to eat when mira popped out of nowhere asking me question about fred ,i was really upset but i tried hard not to show it until she said “i like him tho”,what does she mean by that huh


She has never said she liked me or even laughed with me the way she did with fred

I was so angry that i blurted out some hurtful words to her before i could even control my mouth

I walked upstairs and slammed the door hard ,,jezz that girl is making me go insane
I kept pacing about in my room angrily when my stomach grumbled that i realized i still havent eaten ,i walked out and headed downstairs to eat ,,i wonder why i feel this hungry today

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To be continued


Psycho Billionarie🌹🌹🌻

Mr Arrogant 👤

👉Not edited 👈

Chapter 12


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More pov

I kept walking about in the kitchen thinking of a perfect plan and idea on how to explain the disappearance of kelly’s food which of course i ate it

But in my own defence i didnt do it intentionally ,,yes i will tell him that ,he will understand right?

Who am i kidding he is going to kill me

Soon i heard footsteps coming downstairs ,it was kelly ,i decided to act cool

He walked over to the dining and sat down before seeing the empty plates

“Were is my food” he half yelled which i totally ignored

“Mira”he yelled and i still ignored it ,till he walked up to me

“Were is my food “he asked

“Well i dont know ,i only saw good on the dining and ate it”i replied casually

“You mean to tell me you ate the whole food that was meant for the both of us “he yelled angrily

“You mean to tell me that you insulted me without feeling any remorse”i yelled back and he kept mute starring at me in anger only God knows were i got the courage from to face him but inside me i was scared as hell

“Go into the kitchen and prepare me something to eat”he said and i smiled

“Really ,i would love to cook for you “i said sternly and walked towards the kitchen while he gave me the “dont you dare look”

“You know what never mind ,just get out before i loose it “he yelled and i ran upstairs

Well….that went well for me ,,he knew i was going to do something bad to the food

Within me i feel quilty for eating his food because he looks hungry ,,,serves him right , he should have insulted me the way he did



Kelly pov

I ordered pizza out of annoyance ,,my phone began ringing and i picked it up with even looking at the caller ,i was so pissed

“What”i said as i placed the phone on my ear

“Have some respect for your mother boy”i heard my mom voice

“Am sorry mom i didnt know it was you”i replied

“I heard your in paris and you got a new girlfriend “she said and i rolled my eyes
I know its all freds doing that guy is just getting on my nevers ,who told him mira is my girlfriend

“Yes mom”i replied hoping she would end the conversion

“Awwn thats great,bring her to the family house for dinner tomorrow we will all love to see her “mom said and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets

“Arrh mom shes not feeling too well”i lied

“Nice try son ,bring her or else you will have a lot of visitors tomorrow at your house”mom said and ended the call before i could say anything.
Jeez am so going to kill fred when i see him


Mira pov

I woke up in the morning feeling good ,i sure did have a wonderful sleep

I went into the bathroom did my morning business and head downstairs

I saw annie serving breakfast , i greeted her and began eating totally ignoring kelly

“We are going to my family house for dinner”he said without sparing me a glance

“your family live in paris,,,what am i even saying ,,why on earth are we going there”i asked

“Well its all fred doing,he told them your are my girlfriend and they want to meet you”he replied

“Cant you just cancel”i asked

“NoPe ,,,else you find them here before you wake up tomorrow and trust me you do not want them coming”he replied

“Fine”i said


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Right now i was dressed in a beautiful silver gown kelly bought for me with no too much make up and my hair in a ponytail

I walked downstairs and met kelly wearing a black tux he was looking handsome ,we gave each other and awkward glare before walking to the car

We have been driving for one hour now and i was beginning to get really bored none of us were talking to each other ,kelly is really boring

About thirty minutes later we arrived at a manson ,okay this more like a castle because its really huge

We stepped down and some guys rushed us greeting kelly in french

We walked inside the house and there was alot of noise it seems they were arguing or something

Kelly cleared him throat and they all turned to our direction in shock ,,well they were focused on me actually and it feels like the ground should open and swallow me

they were five female and three male but i recognised only one and it was fred

“Mira” fred called out rushing towards me but was pushed out of the way by a woman in her 50’s whom am sure its kelly’s mom

She hugged me tightly together with the other ladies and i couldnt breath anymore

The really love hugs but i think am suffocating

To be continued

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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

👉Not edited👈

Chapter 13

Mira pov

“Enough of the huging you all give her some space please”kelly said as he dragged my arm

“The food is ready”one of the maid said with a bow and we all head to the dining

Jeez my eyes almost popped out ,the dining was massive am sure it can be enough for 20 people or so

We sat down and the maids began dishing out the food for us

Kelly gave me a glare which i knew what it mean “do not misbehave”

We began eating and kelly’s mom kept asking me some question which i answered perfectly and some i lied about them

Well the only place i lied is when it comes to me and kelly

“so you have female friends “one of the girls who her name was steph asked


“Well just one “i replied and she smiled

“Great,because we will be your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding”steph said smiling at the other girls

“Ohh i cant wait “the other girl betty said

All this while i kept stealing glance to kelly
to see his reaction but there was none

“So mira ,i really enjoyed my time at the house the other day”fred said and i smiled

“Me too,hope you come back some time”i said and he nodded

“I will love too”fred replied

soon we were done eating and i must confess kelly’s family is amazing unlike him ,his so grumpy,arrongant and rude and so boring to be with

I heard my phone ringing and i decided to go pick it up from the sitting room

“Are you pregnant mira” his mom asked and i nearly choked on my breath

The whole eyes were on me waiting for an answer including kelly

how could his mom imagine that already

“what nooo am not” i finally said

“That how her stomach is anytime she eats”kelly said for the first time since we sat down on the dining

“Awww he even know about her stomach ” rissa the other girl said smiling

“so romantic”steph added

“I cant wait for you guys to have a baby”kelly’s mom said

“okay guys its time to leave”kelly said standing up

“I am so happy you came mira”his mom said hugging me

“i wish i could too,infact i would love to but you know i have to change up and others”i said

“Really that is great ,the girls and i gat you covered and for kelly ,fred can handle that,we thought you might say so we already arranged a room for you guys”his mom said

“Mom i have work to do and i wasnt prepared “kelly said

“Kelly you are staying and thats final “kelly’s mom said dragging both of our hands upstair and took us to room

“everything you need is in there and you too better be careful at night because the room isnt sound proof “she said ,winked at me and left

“This is all your fault”kelly said starring at me

“How is it my fault “i asked

“If u didnt blab to her then we would have left in peace”he said and i rolled my eyes

“Dont even try anything funny because i will throw you out of this room”kelly added


“You wish ,,,,you aint even that attractive am just with you beacause its my job and not that i love doing it but i have to, so dont stress you brain boy”i replied and kelly starred at me in anger

“You think if i knew it was you i would have agreed ,,jezz you are not also my type girls fling their self to me”kelly said

“Says the guy who told the whole world his a gay” i replied

“My personal life is none of your business so stay out of it”kelly half yelled took some clothes and head to the bathroom

Later he was done and walked out with water dripping from his body
He look so handsome

I took the clothes and the bathroom ,,soon i was done i was shocked to see a black lingerie

i felt like screaming my lungs out ,how can they expect me to wear such

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To be continued

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