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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

๐Ÿ‘‰ Not edited๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Chapter 6

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Kelly pov

I can back and was welcomed by a loud noise

But the noise wasnt coming from inside

Who could be the person ,because mira was sleeping and annie already left

I walked to the pool side and it was no other person than mira

She was in the pool screaming and slashing water everywhere

Gosh were did this girl come from

I walked angrily and turned off the music that was when she turned and saw me and she was shocked

“Get out immediately”i yelled and she did

Gosh this girl know the kind of body she has and yet look at what shes wearing

Dose she want to seduce my driver or what

I was lost starring at her body when she fell down and winked in pain


“What is it “i asked walking towards her

“I think i twisted my ankle”she replied like a baby that is about to cry

“try am stand up”i said and she did but was about to fall when i carried her in a bridal style and head inside

Simple instructions this girl dosent follow

I dont know whats holding me back from sending her back already

I placed her on her bed ,went to my room and brought back the first aid kit

This girl is just giving me extra work

I was applying ointment to me ankle when i heard her stomach grumbled and she chuckled

Whats funny to her?


I was done and she kept starring at me althrough

“Am sorry”she finally muttered and i ignored her

“I was so bored and scared to be alone in this big house so i decided to keep myself busy” she added

If she was bored she should have just watched movies like other people do not blowing up the whole house

“if you misbehave one more time i wont have any other option than to send you back”i said codly and she nodded .

Am very sure shes gonna do one crazy thing again

I left her room and asked my driver to take food to her

Mira pov

Arrrh i was really lucky today ,what was i even thinking at that moment

And now look at me sitting on the bed with a twisted ankle and a hungry stomach

a knock came to my door and his driver came in with a tray of food

Perfect timing

He dropped the food and was about to leave when i called him back

“Whats your name please”i asked not expectating any respons ,was just trying

“Luke “he replied

“Am mira”i replied smiling

“I have to go now”he said and turned to leave

Well at least today i got to know his name

After eating i supported my self and head downstairs because i was beginning to feel lonely and bored and i hate it

I limped downstairs and no one was there great ,i draged myself to the kitchen and took a bowl of popcorn before going back to the sitting room

I think i might get extremely fat in one month time ,not doing anything and why is he not touching me ? or is he really a gay


Am beginning to have second thoughts about this guy ,everything about him is just weird

I turned on the tv and began watching a kdrama
this story is written by author jenny
Its really funny

“What are you doing here “i heard a masculine voice said and i turned

“Watching movie and its really funny come sit”i said and he did

Well i wasnt expecting that ,he took the remote control and reduced the volume

I wonder whats with him and sounds

I kept laughing loudly at funny scenes and shoving the popcorn in my mouth while he focused on him phone

“hey see”i said and tapped him and he gave me a deadly glare i quickly focused on movie and soon it end

This guy is just boring ,he didnt even utter a word to me i wonder whats so special about the phone

“Can i asked a question”i said and he nodded

“Why havent you touched me”i asked

“Why are you asking,i paid for your Service and i choose when ever i want it”he said codly

“Besides sometimes am not really in the mood for prostitutes”he added and i felt tears gathered in my eyes but i tried to hold it back

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t b c


Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

๐Ÿ‘‰Not edited ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Chapter 7

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Mira pov

I know am a prostitute

But dose he have to rub it in my face all the time

Dose he have to remind me about the kind of life am living

I dont even know why it hurt so much hearing those words from him

I am fool for asking,i should have just kept quiet

I quickly cleaned me tears that were threatening to fall and went upstairs

he just succeeded in spoiling my happy mood today

I lay on my bed and soon dozzed off

Kelly pov

I starred at her as she walked upstairs

Some how i felt guilty for the way i spoke to her

Well shes a prostitute right?i dont see any reason for her to be upset because i called her a prostitute

Why am i even bothered about her

I stood up and head to my room part of me wanted to check her

I walked towards her door and placed my ears on it ,there was no noise

Maybe shes asleep i guess

I went back to my room and lay down ,but my mind kept disturbing me about her

Gosh what have i put myself into

Why did i call her a prostitute ,but shes a prostitute right ?


Maybe i should just apologize to her ,,,,,what no way ,how can i apologize her ,who is she that i will apologize

I kept tossing about on my bed till i finally slept off

I woke up as usual took my bath and dressed up ,i opened my door to go have breakfast when i bumped into her

She acted as if she didnt see me and walked ahead of me shaking her butt

This girl is just something else

We sat at the dining and annie came serving our food

“Morning annie”she greeted smiling

“Morning mara”annie replied

so she cant even say good morning to me but she said it to annie ,what nerves ,totally disrespectful am her boss not annie

Since when do i even care about greetings

We ate in silence and she was done before me

“Get prepared we are going somewhere”i said and she nodded

Okay this is really weird ,before she never stops talking and i do the ignoring part not her and i was expecting her to be jumping and be really happy that we are going out

I cant believe shes ignoring me ,this girl is so full of her self,so much nerves

Maybe i should just apologize,,,No, there no way am apologizing to her

Infact am gonna cancel taking her out ,who is she to make me feel bad huh


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Mira pov

I ran to my room and jumped on my bed excitedly

My plan worked ,it really did

arrrh giving him cold shoulders was the best idea

But i still have to pretend and make him feel more quilty

I dashed into the closet and began searching for clothes ,i wonder where he is taking me to

i need to dress breathtaking ,i need make up ,i need to do my hair and what shoe am going go wear

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T b c



Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

๐Ÿ‘‰ Not edited๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Chapter 8

Mira pov

i have turned all the clothes in my closet out but i havent still found the right clothes to wear

my eyes went to a shopping bag kelly bought for me recently

Ohh so beautiful and perfect ,it was a red gown touching my knee

I packed my hair in a messy bun ,applied a red lipstick and wore my shoes

I kept looking at the mirror till i was satisfied with my look

I reached for the door knob and ran back to the mirror again ,arrh nothing is spoilt i still look good

I walked to the sitting room and met him seated operating his phone he was prepared or is he going that way

“am ready”i said

He turned his gaze to me and starred at me for seconds i was beginning to feel weird and nervous

Do i look bad ?

Oh no what is my lipstick is too much?

“i ..Will be right back “he said and went upstairs

Why did he act weird when he saw me or did i over dress ,,,,,,maybe i did

I sat down and soon he came down stairs with a changed outfit

“Lets go”he said and we both we out

He collected the car keys from his driver and we entered the car

I kept a straight face and didnt look at him although the driver but i could feel his gaze on me

Soon we pulled up at a fancy resturant and we went in

Gosh i was feeling hungry because i didnt eat enough earlier today

We ordered and soon we began eating in silence

Gosh i think my mouth is already smelling but if i have to pull this off ,i need to be quiet


I felt like saying something but my subconscious kept telling me not to

“Am sorry about the other night “he finally said and i smiled within me

“Its okay”i replied

“So do you want to go see the city”he asked and i nodded like a child

soon we were done ,he packed his car at a distance and we began walking about ,paris really look beautiful

“Take me picture”i said and posed

He took a few shoot and continued walked

We passed an icecream glittered

“Icecream” i half yelled and ran to the truck


“Two please “i said and the man gave me two icecream cone

“Pay”i said to kelly

He rolled his eyes and paid for them

“Here”i said giving him one

“No i dont want”he replied

“C’mon you will love it,besides i already bought two”i said

“Just throw it away “he said and i glared at him

“Thats waste of money”i replied and shoved it to him mouth while he starred at me angrily

He collected it and licked his lips using his tongue

is he trying to seduce me or what ?
And like a fool i stood there starring at his lips

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Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant ๐Ÿ‘ค

๐Ÿ‘‰Not edited ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

chapter 9

Kelly pov

I watched her as her starred at me or let me say at my lip in particular

I waved my hand across her face and she turned her face to another direction feeling embarrassed

Such a clumsy girl

I kept taking her pictures while she makes funny faces till we were both exhausted

“Lets go back”i said and she nodded

we went back to my car and i drove back home in silence

She never keeps quiet maybe something is wrong with her

I looked at her properly and noticed shes asleep already

No wonder

But what this girls problem with sleeping ,i warned her the last time not to sleep else shes going to find her way back home

i arrived at my house ,parked the car and went upstairs leaving her there

Next time she wont sleep in the car

I entered the shower and my mind drifted back to what happened earlier today

After making up my mind to cancel the outing


But seeing her all dressed up and prepared the words refused to come out of my mouth i had no option than to take her out

Mira pov

I opened my eyes gently and my body hurts so bad

Jeez its as if i slept on a bed of rock

That was when it hit me that i was in a car not just any car but kelly’s car

The event of last night came back

Gosh i remembered when i felt sleepy on our way home and slept off in the car

Jeez he couldnt even wake me up or even carry me like a gentle man instead he left me there

I cant believe that guy is this arrogant and heartless ,who leaves a girl in the car because she slept off huh?


I checked the time it was 10:00am in the morning already ,i really over slept

i opened the car door and dragged me self into the house ,kelly was already there operating his phone

i walked gently and collapsed on the floor like someone who fainted

Incase i dint tell you guys i have once won medal for best school actress back then in high school

And this is just a payment for what kelly did to me last night

“When you are done pretending to faint you get up and go take a shower because you stink”kelly said and went upstairs

Arrh this guy is evil,how did he know i was pretending

I sniffed my self ,,yeah i really stink

I dragged myself to my room and entered the bathroom thinking of a perfect revenge for kelly because what i just did was epic fail


Soon i was done i ran to the kitchen because i was really hungry and searched for food but there was none

I felt like crying

You know that situation where you are really exhausted to even lift a pot ,all you want to do is to just see food and start digging in right

Well thats the situation am in right now ,not seeing food makes me want to cry and i dont have the strength to cook and i sat down on the floor

“your food is in your room already before you start crying”my eyes and mood light up immediately i heard food

I quickly ran upstairs and slipped and my butt landed on the floor

I quickly stood up adjusted myself ,avoid looking in kellys direction and ran back upstairs

Jeez that was so embarrassing ,,stupid stairs ,,,,it just made me embarrass myself infront of kelly well this isnt the first time

imagine I got lost starring at him lips ,gosh i need to stop embarrassing myself

I entered my room and saw my food on the dressing table ,how come i didnt see this earlier today

i dropped the food and began eating

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To be continued


Psycho Billionarie

Mr Arrogant

๐Ÿ‘‰Not edited๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Chapter 10

Kelly pov

This girl is indeed crazy so she thinks faking that she fainted will make me feel any remorse towards her or what ?

I mean if not for a crazy and clumsy girl who fill fake fainting ,i almost cracked when i saw her mood immediately i said she was faking it

it was so hilarious but i controlled myself because it dont want her to see me laughing

It make me feel weak and she might begin to get the idea that i was going soft on her which is never going to happen

And she needs to stop acting too exicted anytime she see food its really begining to piss me off

There is just something about this girl that keeps drawing me close to her

Maybe its because she not like other girls,i mean all the girls i brought home so far were begging for me to have them but this girl is the total opposite

Infact there is no girl i have brought that we stayed together for some days without me touching her ,,it was so impossible


I never even thought it will ever happen,mira is beautiful and well built ,infact shes a tempress ,her body drives me crazy but i dont see myself being intimate with her ,is seems as if there is something drawing me back

Even if my ego wont let me admit it ,,but shes fun to be with


Mira pov

I later head downstairs after having a nap and

I went to the sitting room and nobody was there it seems kelly is asleep or not arround

I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv

I kept changing from station to station until i finally saw my favourite tv reality show “keeping of with the kadarshians ”
I sat down with my eyes glued to the tv when a knock came it

Who will that be i thought ?

Kelly will never knock or is it annie or his driver ?

I opened the door and there was a handsome looking young man with dark curly hair ,plum lips broad shoulder and height like that of kelly


His is drop dead handsome but not as handsome as kelly,,am just saying

“Hi”i said smiling finally finding my worst

“Hi beautiful “he replied and i blushed

“Is my cousin in'”he asked as i made way for him to come in

“Well actually i dont really know”i replied and he starred at me

“Well am frederick but call me fred for short”he said sitting down

“Am miranda call me mira for short”i said and we both laughed

“So you are kelly cousin ,,like cousin cousin”i asked and he smiled

“Yes am his cousin,,cousin”he replied and we both started laughing into nothing

“So your my cousin’s girlfriend”he asked and my eyes almost fell out of its socket

“No”i replied totally embarrassed obviously i couldnt tell him am a prostitute

Fred was quick enough to notice my mood and he changed the topic immediately

That was a relief
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“Are you serious”i asked fred and we nodded and we both started laughing loudly


Fred was telling me a joke
Gosh is just an hour that i know this guy but it seems we have know each other since childhood

We were still laughing when we head a voice

“what the hell is going on here”we heard
Our laughed sized and my body frozed

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To be continued

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