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Good afternoon.

please post and hide my ID and Please let me know when posted.


Firstly I noticed that my hubby sneaks out at night to my niece room, when I confronted him he apologized and promised not to try it again and if he does let him die.



After some few months I came back home one morning and my niece told me that hubby took her to her bathroom and started washing her private parts.



I confronted him again and he was crying and begging, after like 2-3 months I wasn’t comfortable with them, I asked my niece whether hubby has tried any rubbish with her again but she said no.



This, I never believed her I told her that she will swear to that but she kept quiet after some minutes she told me that hubby always touch her bombom whenever she’s sweeping, and he even told her not to wear pants while sleeping at night.



I was mad at hubby and I went back to my niece and asked her to tell me the whole truth and she told me that some days back while I was still sleeping hubby took her to the backyard and started sucking her breast and he was also fingering her.



when I confronted him he never denied but begging and sworn with water that any day he tries it again let him die if he takes water or food prepared with salt.



After some days he continued opening my niece door at midnight and we had quarreled over it yet he doesn’t want to stop.


I don’t know if it’s ordinary I have been praying over it because I am seriously suspecting my brother in-law that hates me with just no reason. ( Note: Am not bad).


Please sir I need your advice because am considering divorce now. My niece is just 14 yrs. Sorry for the long post pls.

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  1. I think you should let your niece go away from your home

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