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I Love Him With All My Heart But He Betrayed Me

I Love Him With All My Heart But He Betrayed Me

From a member

Greetings sir/am

Please post for me and hide my identity. Please advice me on what to do.

Sorry for the long post.

20th November last year on my way to pick our kids from school there was traffic on the major road so i decided to drive through another route cos they have dismissed already and its getting late,


What i saw my hubby’s car parked in front of one eatery¬† and i was like

“what is he doing here by this time of the day and who could he be with” so i decided to go see what’s going on there, then give the school propreitor a call that i won’t be early in school to pick our kids.


When i stepped inside the eatery i didn’t see him, then i went upstairs, lo and behold i meet my hubby with a lady.


I firstly calm myself down so as not to react so stupid, i decided to apply caution. I wore a smile on my face and went straight to their table with my last baby that i was carrying.


Immediately hubby saw me he started shivering but i pretended as if i didn’t notice that, i sat down, greeted them and handed over our baby to him and introduced myself as his brothers wife so as to create that friendship evironment with the lady.



Then the lady became a little bit relieved. I made some take away orders and interrogated the lady too on what’s her name, occupation and we exchanged contacts but all these while hubby had not been himself.


So after some time i left to pick my kids from school. In the evening, hubby came back and was so ashamed of himself he couldn’t even reply my greetings, but i decided not to pretend as if nothing happened.



After our dinner, he started apologizing to me that its his first time and he will not do it again and my reply all through his pleadings was


“i have heard u” but he is still not satisfied. I still respect him like before but i don’t spend time with him anymore, no chatting, no texting, no sxx, no discussion even if he do i will snub him.


I decided to be spending those time with my 4kids. He called my mum, his mum and my brother’s wife to help him beg me to forgive him,


when any of them call me to tell me about it i will just reply them that i don’t have any issues with him. He had been buying all sorts of gifts for me just to make me forgive me but all to no avail.


My fellow mothers please how do i get over this pain?

Though, i do act as if am fine but any time i see him my mind will reflect back on that incident.


I never cheated on him, i do all my duty as a mother and a wife, i never dated a married man when i was single, i dress neat and sharp that most of the time people don’t believe that i am married.


This is the man that i married 9years ago when he had nothing.

I have to plead with my elder brother to help him out which he did, and he is now paying me back with cheat because he is now wealthy.


Mothers please tell me what to do so as to heal totally. I haven’t tell anybody about this but i really wanna be myself. Tho he bought a car for me last weekend but am still pained. I love him with all my heart but he betrayed me.

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