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How My Mother In Law Siezed My Two Kids

How My Mother In Law Siezed My Two Kids

Good morning Admin. Keep me anonymous please. Am sorry for the long post, please bear with me and give me your sincere advices please.


My marriage of 3yrs is at the verge of collapsing, am legally married with two kids but I don’t have any say in my marriage due to my mum in-laws domineering nature.


Whatever she tells my husband is what he does.

She indirectly took my 3 yrs and 1yr old babies in the name of, I want to spend little time with my grandchildren, close to 1yr now.


My husband is in diaspora and she has turned his mind against me, he no longer send me money. Meanwhile, I never had any issue with my mother in law and any member of my husband’s family, I am still in shock why all these things are happening.


My husband told me that the mother asked him to forget about me while my hubby is still prophesying love to me. He chats me every now and then that he can’t allow another woman train his kids.


My Motger in law doesn’t pick my calls even when am calling to know how my kids are doing coz she denied me access to my kids.


Where I need advice now is, one of my uncles in the USA has been the one taking care of me right from my primary school to the university level coz I lost my Dad at tender age, this my uncle is the father I have now.


So after I told him how my husband’s people treated me, he’s telling me now to forget about my husband and go back to our house in the village.


According to him, I have been emotionally traumatized, I need to heal. Once am healed, I should let him know whatever I need to start a new life since I don’t have a good job yet.


Meanwhile, I rented an apartment in town after my national youth service and am currently teaching in a private school where I receive little stipend monthly.



Please, should I quit my job and go back home since my uncle has promised to pay my bills or should I continue my teaching coz my rent gona expire September this year.


I am just confuse coz I don’t wana have any issue with this my uncle coz he’s more than an uncle to me. Thank you.

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