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Good morning sir

I am sorry for chatting you privately at this time..

pls make it anonymous.

There is this a close friend of mine, she is a kind fellow and we do visit each other once in while but I notice her hubby has been looking at me in a corrupt way so I stop going to her place due to that.



There was I time he chat me up and I warned him never to chat me up so he stopped.


For like eight months I haven’t visited my friend not until she put to bed, I drove her home and four days after I visited her since her hubby wasn’t around but on getting there I met the hubby just arriving.



I parked and just greeted him and enter the living room. I met my friend I told her I wont stay long so.



Just as I was about leaving, her baby poo and she told me to wait to change her baby’s diaper to see me off, I insisted on going but she was stubborn so i had to wait.



But to my surprise her hubby tiptoe to my back and rub my back. i was shock and furious I didn’t know when I raise my hand and slapped him telling him not to try that shit with me anymore.



My friend showed up and she was surprise I couldn’t wait but leave immediately.



My Admin, my friend has been calling to ask what happened and she is very mad and i don’t  know if i should tell her the whole story or I should send the screenshot of her hubby’s message.



Or should i ignore her calls son as not to cause any issues….She is a very nice person, we both work in the same office and she was the one who helped me  to secure the job.

Though, I am now her senior at work she still didn’t feel bad about it . My hubby has been asking why I refuse to pick my friend’s call. How do I go about all these?

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  1. It’s better you open up to your husband first, show him the message your friend hubby sent you,then you can tell your friend to


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