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Speaking in an interview Mr Osita Okechukwu, the director-general of Voice of Nigeria and chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC), has spoken on why it is imminent for the embattled National Chairman of APC Adams  Oshiomhole has to give way of his position.


He further accused the embattled former labour leader of pushing the party towards the path of extinction.



I read the advertorial and I’m conversant with my leaders, I  have great respect for them but no sincere APC member will deny the incontrovertible fact that  Oshiomhole mismanaged our great party and unintentionally resurrected PDP, a political party which was on the verge of collapse in 2019 after serious internecine intra-party crisis.



There is no doubt that his narcissism and dictatorial tendency cost APC  several states including  Adamawa, Bauchi, Rivers, Zamfara, FCT and some  legislative seats in the Southeast.



Recently we lost Bayelsa due to his recklessness. Otherwise who is a sane chairman that will allow a sitting senator to go for Deputy Governor?



Or that will not diligently scrutinize the credentials of candidates?



Thirdly, he breached our great party’s constitution and even the rules he enacted himself, like the choice he placed on advertorial for states to choose  either direct and indirect mode of primary. Some states like Enugu chose indirect and he reversed it arbitrarily in the midst of gubernatorial primary.



Lagos also chose indirect primary and he went ahead contrary to the choice of Lagos State Stakeholders of APC to print ballot papers for direct primary. In fact, Comrade nearly shunted Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a man who made him governor and chairman.



If not for his sagacity, of conducting the primary with his men, Asiwaju had almost lost Lagos to his estranged godson, former governor Ambode.



He quickly brushed aside the Oshiomhole primary panel and took his fate in his hand. Please cross check this fact, for I stand to be contradicted. If he can betray Asiwaju, whoelse can he spare?



He has this to say about Oshiomhole

Without being immodest or writing off Comrade Adams Oshiomhole entirely, I belong to the group that proposed that his urgent removal as chairman would be good for the immediate repositioning of our great party.



His exit will stem the gross mismanagement of our dear party and help us to pick the broken pieces.

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