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Bucket and Slippers Lead to Bloodbath

Bucket and Slippers Lead to Bloodbath

… …….No..l had never seen such personal beauty. Her name is Candy. She was twice married with 2 children. A boy and a girl . Cameroonian by birth. She came to Nigeria to seek “greener pastures ”

In Nigeria, Greener pastures in Nigeria?

I sat opposite her, waiting for her to sign both indemnity and consent to defend Forms for Stephen SolomonFoundation.

And l as the Foundation’s CEO insist on it It was standard practice. She was cocky, and not in a hurry to do that.

When she did not sign immediately, l took the forms and file and got up to go. The drama was too much for me and l did not need it ..

As l walked out towards the steel gates, she called out to me in a voice like l have never heard. She said to me ..”…

Chief, please dont let me die here, l have been here for 5 years now, both my children should be 11 and 10 years old now, please.




I shall do anything you want ..please ” l looked at her and went back to the seat in the Records Office in the Female Prison.

She sat across, now sober. I opened her file and the proof of evidence. I did her interview. Her story was that – she is a prostitute .

That she is from Cameroon. That she is daughter of Mr Ignatius Campbell and Lucia Campbell . That her first marriage was when she was 17 years old , and her first child was born 2 years after.

That due to domestic violence she left the first marriage and married a Pastor in the village after he raped her.

She brought out Newspapers publication about the rape. That she gave birth to her son after the rape incident. That her friend Chioma, from lmo State , told her to come to Nigeria with her for greener pastures. That Choma was a big girl who deals in Second hand clothes.




That Chioma had 2 houses in Cameroon. That Chioma travels to France and Italy at will. That she agreed to come to Nigeria with Chioma to learn “hairdressing work” .

That after a 3 day journey they got to Olodi Apapa in Lagos State . That 2 days after Chioma took her to a house where over 70 girls live and told her to join them .

That Chioma told her to share a room with 3 other girls . That her life of prostitution began . That she had to pay N10k a week to the brothel management.

That Chioma owned the brothel . That she was the favourite of many clients . That the girls in the brothel became envious and refused to share things like buckets, plates etc with her .

That one particularly girl Adama, poured “devil beans” on her and her favourite customer .

*That she had saved over N4m in 2 years before the incident which brought her to Prison*.

That she also stole from her Clients particularly the Sailors she went to service on their Ships…





That she sells the semen of her unsuspecting customers to one man who pays well for it .

That the semen is often in the condom used by her customers.

That she had cut off the pubic hair of men to sell to Baba while they slept.

That Baba pays her wella for the hair . That she sometimes drug men to take swaps of saliva from their mouths for ritual purposes.

That a certain ,Mr Canis, who loved her so much, brought his wife’s pants for her because she “demanded for it ”

That she had done 15 abortions because some men insist on “flesh to flesh” l listened without showing any emotions. Life is a struggle. And men had wounded this girl …




She told me things and lectured me about life in her world. She told me that a Senator in Nigeria promised to marry her and gave her, her first N1m in life but he died in a car crash ..

That he bought her a car which she had to sell to pay her lawyers when she got into this trouble and they subsequently abandoned her.

Then she told me what brought her to Prison – Herself and Adama had a fight over the use of a BUCKET …

A Bucket !! … A bucket ? I asked her again , “…did you say bucket ?”… she now added “… bucket and slippers.”.. l just looked at her like she cannot be serious. Plastic bucket and rubber slippers?

She went on to tell me that Adama tried to strangle her in the course of the fight over a bucket. She broke free and with a razor blade hidden in her dress, she sliced Adama”s breast and nose .

Adama was rushed to the hospital and died on arrival due to loss of blood . She had lost too much blood.

She was arrested by the police for murder and remanded in Prison custody on the Orders of the Court .

For 3 minutes l was speechless.. l was not ready to waste the lean resources of StephenSolomonFoundation on this matter. I opted for a plea bargain.





I visited the Office of the DPP, Lagos ,and proposed Plea Bargain- it is lawful ..

I proposed that the charge be reduced to Manslaughter and sentence 6 years and she be out in a year..l

pleaded . I begged. I told the DPP “ give Candy, another chance at life like we both are given everyday by The God Almighty” .

My request for plea bargain was graciously accepted. She was then arraigned in the High court of Lagos State, lkeja Judicial Division and plea bargain accepted by the Court. She was out in 6 months, by prison calendar…..

l was excited when the doors of freedom was opened for her. *She went back to Cameroon with only the clothes on her back, N50k given to her by JDPC St Leo Catholic church, lkeja, and N50k given to her by StephenSolomonFoundation…*

I must say this – how most women are wired is absolutely alien to me . No offence meant, please . Most of the lawyers who got her money and abandoned her are female lawyers. Secondly, *what is in a bucket and slippers that will generate into a blood bath.*

Throughout my tenure as CEO of the foundation, *l saw things in the Prisons l visited.





* I saw a woman who was in Prison awaiting trial for murder because she threw ” turning garri” at her house girl but it broke on impact and pierced her heart and she died.

I saw a woman who used saw blade to kill her husband based on a false allegation of his having sex with her mother,.

I saw a woman bite off her husband’s testicles and he died. I saw men charged to Court for murder on their wives over silly things as *unwashed spoons.*

I saw a man charged to court for murder of his own son, after which he sliced open his stomach and inserted a heater ( boiling ring) to make it look like an accident.

i saw policemen charged for murder of innocent Nigerians and l saw drugs being sold in Prison. I saw things that broke me … please keep out of trouble…

*Till date causes of domestic violence are for the most stupid reasons.* l watched my friend read to his wife, a love letter written by their children’s nanny to him at home . She was only 17 years old.





I waited for her to explode but she just sent for the nanny in our presence, read the letter to her and told her to pack her belongings”… because l am talking you back to your family tomorrow, so you will not injure my children ..” and she did that .

Some other women will scream, curse and accuse her husband of “encouraging her” and fight the husband ,,, We need to be careful.

I was young , restless and careless . I was flighty, boastful, noisy but my visits to the Prisons and helping Prisoners humbled me ….

We still tease my friend with the contents of that nanny”s letter and call him ” Marisa”s husband ” and he laughs it off… For those who see violence as a way of life, please visit the Prisons in your area and come back and tell us your experience…

The design or intentment of the Prison is not to refuse to accept inmates or prisoners but to accept and keep them as the pleasure of the Court and State Government.

Even if the Prison is over overcrowded or congested , a warrant from the court is all that is required to keep the body of a person… *We should be wise. Bucket and slippers??? Can you imagine !!*

* Forgive bad English or spellings when you see same please… l did not have fantastic education.











© Aigg Giwa-Amu

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  1. Thank you for this Giwa Amu.. I hope we all learn our lessons from this.

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