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This man with so many names just like his counter parts on the street, changes names according to time and seasons or name that fit the period of his reigns.

*Are Atunluse
*Oliver or Oli
*Oko Sherifa

He reigned in Oshodi and its environs in the late 80s till late 2000s
He was an undisputed powerful man in his days, though challenged by the likes of some individual like ( Kunle fighter, Talo-skibo etc ) and some skirmishes and  little challenges also came from pockets of established bases here and their like Orile base, Lion junction and some others of his caucuses.


His inner caucus remained late Mufu shango, Taju Oritanna (baba fela) Adisa Joscalber, Segun Ojoge, Taju Oluwo , his junior brother Austin and Elsy Oluwo during his late reigns etc


A street fighter per excellence that detest weaponry but relied, most of the time on his fist combat.

Double as member of a Fuji group, playing tambourine or shekere, a local music instruments for Wahabi Adisa and his Fuji Joscardy group and also the fuji group bouncer before moving totally to the street with some of the group members like Mufu shango, Oritanna, segun Ojoge etc where he led the packs



He was notoriously known for his street fights, sports/game disturbances, school inter-house sports disturbances and his anarchical way of toll, levies or trade fair collection from street traders and transporters.



He was a king in Jalisco sports field without playing or engagement in any sports activities, a hero street fighter, a surrogate to moneybags like Baba Dania,  Kendo and some fabrics dealers  in the popular Kairo market in Oshodi etc


He was limited in actions and activities when he was down by an undisclosed illness which some of his loyalist members and families thought to be a spiritual attack  from his enemies.


Meanwhile, his sickness can actually be traced down to or was suspected to be diabetes in nature because of the non healing wound on his leg that limits his mobility.

Those that witnesses his reigned in Oshodi will definitely have a place in history for him.

To me, he is definitely a HERO or HEROLD.

What is he to you and pls do add what we may have missed out about him in this write up.

….may his soul rest in peace

Ajagbe Bornboy

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  1. He was a hero. All that was said here is all true nothing but the truth, my grandma was part of the doctors that treated him for his not-so-healing leg wound.

    He was someone not to be forgotten???

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