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Good Morning Admin

please hide my identity.
I’m a lady of 25years old. And just Like every other lady that aspire to be successful and get married someday, that is my ambition but it seems to be difficult challenge and task to come by.


I had a boy friend that I was going on well with until sometime that he was to travelled for a training and we had issues based on trust when he traveled outside our location for the  training.



He stopped calling and when I called, he seems to get irritated easily as if I am disturbing him.



The relationship could not continue because I couldn’t trust him anymore and asked him if he has started seen another lady but he said he should be accusing me of that.




Lack of trust on both side weaken the relationship as he would not trust me and stopped talking to me and we parted.



And during that period, a church member introduced me to his cousin who actually was married before but lost the wife.


We have met four times and each time I ask him to define the stuff between us or tell me what he wants from the relationship, he would always say let’s take things easy and not rush over it, and again, he wants to make things legal which I swear,  I didn’t understand his ways at times.



He was base in Abuja, he would not calk nor pick my calls either. It got to a point last year ending, December 22, he didn’t pick my calls nor return it or my chat and text and anytime he did,  he would say was too busy.



This December, I have to call with unknown number, he picked and after realising it was me, he just couldn’t apologized but said now that I got him talking I should not complaints of the past of not picking but go straight to whatever I wanted to say.



I had to end the call in a sad not without knowing what to say.

Since then, my mind was  made up of him.



Early this year he started acting caring and lovely saying I should understand what happened after I texted him that it’s over between us.

With this he had to increased his care again but my mind was made up and off him already.



Now, I got another friend I met in an online group.

Truly, I love this cute guy and he is my ideal man, he makes me happy talking with him, though stay in Kaduna and I am in Anambra.

He has been influencing my mood as in making me happy.

You know love a times can make you sad too. Infact, anything you can derived from love, both sadness and happiness



We were charting one day like that and I tried to show some love stuff to him but instead, all of a sudden, he got irritated, he said I am acting falsy on him and i apologised, saying if that is the way he sees it but that is just me.



All of a sudden, he started saying he doesn’t want to hang me or delaying me, that I should go marry if any man asked for my hand in marriage but doesn’t want to quit me that he will still be in the relationship.

I made him understand that, it could not be possible, dating him and still looking for other man to marry. But he said that is the way he want it.



And my other friend that went for training in Lagos is back he wants us back into the relationship but yet not ready for marriage because he is not buoyant enough.


I have met another guy that is ready now and want me to meet his mum but I am afraid because of my past experience.

I wouldn’t fashioned out why all these are happening to my love life.

I am afraid this my latest guy might go the same way.


Pls what should I do


Hello Lady

Thank you for you post

Anyway, thank God for your life, your education and the stuff you’re made of.



Now marriage is a divine institute by God and a times it is spiritual and most times, its needs a good permutations, calculation from parties involved. So never excuse God and your calculation from it with less desperation.
So, pray for Gods direction.



Again, as human, most times we rush things on our speed without consideration that, there is time for everyone.



You are right to define any relationship you want to be involved in, good of you.
Please, never depart that line and never rush into the arms of any man.



Men always looks for serous minded ladies and not a desperate ones.



Men again want a working ladies or potential ones and not that want to just rush into marriage. So men love discussing what future holds with ladies they want to marry.



Men will look for intelligent but humble ladies.


Again, never show desperation to any man, do a little yanga and shakara, men love that kind of packaging, though, in a purposeful manner and not to be over do, so if a man likes you, he will stay and you too will be humble again.



Yes, any serious man that is ready for you will take you home, introduce you to members of his family and friends but online relationship have a slim chances of success, though not all are bad but with God, all things are possible.



Stay in with a man for a little while in relationship before sex, it makes man respect you more.


Now to see his mum is good but work yourself into his heart first, let him loves you, show potentials you are made of, discuss future and build visions with him, that should be more important for now and he will stay and glue with you.


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