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Should I Not Be Glad That Army Beat Up My Husband?

Should I Not Be Glad That Army Beat Up My Husband?


Good day admin.

pls help me post and I want all to judge this case for me, my husband went to flirt with a lady and the girls supposed boyfriend caught them and punish my husband in a military way because he is an army officer.



They beat him mercilessly that they had to admit him at the hospital.

My problem now is when I got to the hospital and I learnt about what happened, I angrily left there and I came back home meanwhile his mum was at the hospital with him.



This evening his mom came and start shouting at me saying am not a good wife this and that, so I went to the kitchen pick a glass cup n made tea and I came to meet her at the sitting room and I told her that this is my cup of tea and him being in the hospital is his cup of tea.



Still then I sip my tea, cross my leg and started watching movie. Ever since then she has not kept quiet.



Even till this early morning she talking to herself and did not speak to me. And me too no bother looking her face, I am minding my business ( my children),



So pls help me judge did I do the wrong thing. Pls notify me ma when posted

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