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The perfect man 3.
The bus ride felt long for the first time in while, all that was on my mind was how Chips had hurt

I wished it was all a dream and I would wake up from this night made but it was my reality and
I needed to face it.


I didnt go back to Lusaka, I dropped off in Kabwe where my grandparents live, I
went straight to tell grani what had happened and how I let go of this man, there would be no
wedding, she was shocked, I could tell she wanted to say a lot buy she didnt.


She looked at me
and said as long as you are happy and this is what you want, the excat same 2words she said
when I told her I was getting married, incase you wondering where my parents are both are late a
very very long time ago.


So when I had a problem I would run to my grandma, she was a lovely
old lady that told the truth as it is, she never sugar coated anything.


The next day I went to spend time with my best friend who also lived in Kabwe, Sally had been my
childhood friend, I didnt hide anything from her. Truth is I didnt want to go back home it was going
to be really painful been there alone and dealing with the issue so I was stalling, I arrived at her
house and it was really great to see her. First thing she asked was how was hubby and I didnt hide


I told the whole truth, she was shocked and advised me to give him some time, men always come
running back when they realize the lost a good woman, some how that really comfored me.


The day came to and end and not a call or txt from Chips, like really he didnt care, that made me
upset I decided to call him and he didnt pick.


I sat playing with my niece she was beautiful only 3
months old but looked like she was at least 7 month, I admired her and wished I could have had
one even if Chips wasn’t going to be a part of our lives.


Been some where different felt really good
at that time, thats how I spelt. Woke up on a Tuesday and I felt a bit better, then I remembered
Reynold, ooh the handsome guy I met back home, I needed something to relax me so I picked up
my phone loomed for his number “I never did save it” I remember the last 3 digits of it, I sent him a
text greeting him and told him what had happened.


I felt so free texting him. He didnt respond but
instead he called me, he asked how I was and I said I was fine he asked are you sure?? Judging
by your txt I dont think you are. I laughed and said I’m not ok but I will be, this was one the first
heart break I experienced and all I needed was time.


He hasked me what had really happened,
and I told him everything, he took Chips side and gave excuses for why guys behave like that, he
too told me he would come back pleading and that he got cold feat cause of the wedding
approaching and everything, he had a lot of valid points and from a mans perspective he was very
very convincing.


He told me to call him and hear what he has to say, we had a chat for 19 mins all
he did was give me hope, we said our good byes and I tried to call Chips this time he did pick and
he sounded terrible he was still half asleep as he got home at 05 from drinking, I asked him why
he was drinking he said he had problems.


I told him we need to talk and he agreed but he would
call back when he was ready to talk.
I felt a bit happy and had hope that we would talk things out, got up took a bath, dressed and went
to make breakfast,


I had asked Sally what she would like to eat today and what we needed to buy
and what cake she wanted be to bake for her “my rules are you never visit another home empty
handed and you must take part in cooking and cleaning” I cooked and later we went to town she
showed me around the complex where she lived by the Zambia army housing units, it was a really
beautiful place.


She showed me he little shop, she didnt work she was a full time stay at home
mum and ran a small business that was doing well and growing, she inspired me that one day too


I can start up my own boutique. Were i had a lovely day and I forgot all about my sorrow.
Later that evening I tried to call Chips so we could talk and is was nosey when he picked up,


greeted him and he sounded a bit off, I asked if he was free to talk he said no not righg now and
that he would call me, then I heard a lady in the back ground busy asking who he was talking to,
and I aslo asked him who was that and he said he would call and cut the line.


I felt my stomach
anf quickly ran to bathroom I had even gotten a running stomach gosh it started all over again. I
was touched, it had only been two days and he had already moved on I questioned everything
about our relationship.


About 20 minutes later the phone rang it was Chips calling I picked up and
it was a female voice on the line, it was chichi she asked me who I was and what I wanted from
her man? I told her everything and and boy she had a really great story to tell me, she evn
mentioned she found a few things at the house I had left and that she burned them. WTF she was
even in what was suppose to be our home….

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