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The Perfect Man.
Chapter 1

Reynolds and I meet at a Sharwama place, at the time I was engaged to another man. I saw a
beautiful Benz and out came this tall, dark handsome man. He was smartly dressed and looked
very clean, it was a june and Zesco was at its best so I decided to go buy take out.


So he steps
out and I say to him “I love your car” he didnt hear so I said it again. He responded “thanks you
should see my other one” I just smiled at him.


He went in to order after me and I walkt up to him
and asked if I could stand next to him he said sure, I also asked if I wouldn’t get beaten for
standing next to him.


He showed me his left hand and said he wasn’t married, I laughed and men
these days his the rings you would never know but he assured me he was very single.


He then
asked me he wouldn’t get slapt by any one I smiled and said no my partner was in another town. It
was freezing, my gosh you could literally see me shaking he looked very warm. They called out his
order number which was “one” and he went to get his food. I asked how his order was ready
before mine and he laughed always number one.


Then my order was called, we walkt in the same
direction, Reynold was nice he even offered me a lift home but I said no my house is just down the
road, he said he didnt mind but I insisted he take his sharwamas for wh ever he had bought them
for, he smiled and said they where for his little brothers, I didnt even doubt his words.


So I said to
him, you seem like a very nice person and I would like to get to know you. I asked him for his
number “I was very blunt” he said he didnt have a business card so i gave him my number, which
he didnt believe he thought it was a fake line, I didnt even have my phone to confirm this.


That’s how we went our separate ways. The following day I waited to recieve a strange phone call but
nothing that’s how I even forgot about he handsome man I met at the Sharwama place.



Two days
later I traveled to Ndola to see my fiancé Chips, he picked up from the station anf was going to
show me the house we would be living in when we got married.


As we entered the door my phone
rang, it was a strange number and I automatically knew who it was. I answered and called him by
his name, ” hello Reynolds how are you”? He asked me how I knew it was him I laughed and said
I had a gut feeling, he asked how I was and I said fine. It took you over 3 days to call me, he said
he was taking his time.


Lol he asked where I was and I said I was by my mans house, I could hear
in his voice he didnt like the sound of that, so he said he was just checking in and said good bye.


I said thank you for calling and take care. We cut the line. I looked and chips and he asked who was
that and I didnt lie I told him who he was and how we meet. Out new house was nice but small,
which I didnt mind he said we would move into a bigger house when we buy furniture.


The next
day I cleaned the house from top to bottom, I went into town to buy foods stuffs for the empty
house lol we were not going to have a kitchen party so we had already bought stuff for the house
they where yet to be delivered.


That same day I went to see one of my best friend’s and we
chatted for a long time and u went home late, even thou I got home before him and prepared
supper, he was upset that I had gotten home late, he even shouted at me for cooking the wrong
vegetable, he threw the plate down and accused me of trying to kill him.


It didnt make sense why
he was so upset with me, I asked him to talk to talk to me and I apologized if there was any wrong
I did. “In my 1 year plus relationship with this man I was always saying sorry for things I never
but he ignored me and went out to drink.


He was cold towards me for about four days and I kept
on asking him what wrong have I done, coz he wouldn’t even touch me. Distant relationship I was
craving his touch and wanted so much for him to make love to me. So that night he came home
drunk and late,


I took advantages of him and we made love. That’s how he blacked out. At 03 he
woke up and to my surprise he carried both his phones to the toilet, and sat in there for a good 30


He came back to bed and slept with the phones in his pockets which I found funny and
strange at the same time. My gut was telling me something is very very wrong here. Morning came
he was ookish with me, I prepared his bath water, made his breakfast and got his clothes ready for
the day.


I never touched his phones because it always had a password and if I wanted to use his
phone he would unlock it I wud find strange msgs and pictures but hr always had a very good lie
as to how they got in his phone. So he went to bath and me been nosey like I am I touched his


That day God showed me, because he had forgotten to lock it and I picked it, “the lord is
my witness” I went to one contact and I open the chats, he had put them on archive so I undid
that. And ooh my God…..

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  1. The story is is getting  intresting, can I get like to the rest of the story.

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