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The perfect man 5 part 2.

I have a hunch when things dont add up, many at times his phone would ring at odd ho urs and he
would fail to pick up, and he would often cut and switch off the phone.


This man was with me

every single day, One night when he was sleeping the phone rang, he didny hear a thing and I got
the phone I didnt pick up.


Then a text followed, it said “babe please dont be upset I went for holy
Communion please pick up” the number wasn’t saved so I got it and saved it in my phone.


Next morning he woke up and asked why I didnt wake him, I said you looked so peaceful I didnt want to
disturb you, thats how he left, quickly I went to see whose face would pop up and God it was a
colored lady who he said was just a good friend.


I decided to do my FBI, this lady was 7 years
older than him with a 13 year old child, he had been with her from way back as 2013.


I was heart broken, how could this happen to me again, how could my perfect man turn into such a
player, he was a good guy but had one problem ” he was a womaniser ” this is how I fell sick, and
later discovered i was almost 8 weeks pregnant, good lord how was I going to deal with this?


I didnt confront him about the sugar mama, I kept this to myself. I was sick at work, started losing
weight, missing work i was not in a good state at all, I called boo and told him i needed to talk to
him he asked me what was wrong and I said I couldn’t tell him over the phone.


Thats how he came home, he didnt even come in the house he was nervous, I failed to tell him and he stormed
out, drove off.


I decided to call he wasn’t picking I tried until he picked up, he said he was driving what did I
want? I said it I am pregnant, he went quiet for a while and said I will call you back.


He never did, the following day he came home and we talked he asked how this had happened, I laughed I said
we have never used a condom in months what did you think would happen?


We argued and
argued, he didnt want a child, he was not the kind of guy to make a girl pregnant before marriage,
he didnt want to disappoint his family, blah blah blah.


Then I brought up the sugar mama issues
and all hell broke out, I was so furious I didnt want to have anything to do with him, and the following week I had an abortion that he paid for K4000 and it was done I woke up had no pain
and felt almost normal, the morning sickness had all disappeared.


I took 1 week off from work to regroup, I used this time to really think about my life and what I was
doing wrong. I told myself I must have had some spell for me to go through such shit again.


I needed to forgive myself for what I did. I went to church to talk to the pastor, he advised me to give
my life to Christ and change my ways, never to let Reynold back into my life again and I listened.


I have made mistakes, ive been hurt, beaten and broken but most of all I have learned from my
lessons. I am not the same person I was back then, I havent given up on love, I just havent met
the right man,


I told myslef the next man I let into my life will be my husband, he will be a God
fearing man that will challenge my spiritual belief’s. Reynold made me this better woman, who was
taught to focus on building her life, I am working at the same firm as him and I was promoted,


I am
still doing business and perusing my degree at a named University. What didnt break me has only
made me stronger, yes I made a lot of bad decisions and I have learned from them.


Thanks to Reynold all the things I have learned my future husband will be greaful.
Reynold today has 3 kids from 3 different women, Chips didnt marry chichi but married another lady who is always crying because of chichi and other women, these men where lessons
as well as blessings in disguise.


I hope you find the strength to walk away from a bad relationship,
and trust me they do come back pleading but we have learned and learned hard. Thank you for
reading my story.


All I can say is, make God the center of your world and watch things unfold for you.

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