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The perfect man 4.
I had this happiness in me that I had found a new friend, Reynold and I would chat every day, he
would come home every day and chat for hours.


Its like the time we spent together wasn’t enough,
we grew very close and I began to really really like him, when I first aksed him what he did for a
living he said he was rewriting grade 12 and was a hustler,


I didnt believe him but he insisted until
one day I picked his card holder and it had his business cards, wooow I got a shock he was the
branch manager at a very well know firm in Lusaka, he was indeed very young.


So I asked him
why he lied about this and he gave a very valid explanation. “Girls these days go after guys with
money and pretend to be people they are not” and I agreed with him, we went on our first date
after a month of knowing each other.


He came to pick me up from home but still never entered the house, he had bought a new suit just
for the date night lol he looked so very handsome, I wore a blue dress and heels, he said I looked
very very beautiful and it was breath taking. We went to southern sun and dinner was great,


had great conversation and he asked me to tell him how I really felt about Chips because he
wanted us to move forward and not have anything or any one come and ruin things for us.


I was
very honest and said I hadn’t yet forgotten about him it would take some time but I was ready to
move on, he smiled at me. Later that evening he took me home and asked if he could come inside
the house,


I gladly said yes, I lived with my little sister and she opened the door for us, she
greeted him and said “oh she was right your are cute” they laughed. I told my sister everything
about him and she looked forward to meeting him, we sat in the living room and talked some


I excused myself to step out of the dinner dress, I came back and we sat on the chair and in
that moment things got heated we kissed for the very first time and I literally had butter flies, omg


he had soft lips and knew how to use them, all we did was kiss and I was so wet down stairs I
needed to control myslef, in my head I kept on saying I just met this guy I can’t sleep with him just
yet, what will he think of me??


I pulled away and smiled at him, I thanked him for a great evening
and said its getting late, I could tell he knew I was chasing him. Prefect evening and we started our
relationship that very night, we were officially a couple,


the next day he came home as usual and
while chatting a close friend called, me having nothing to worry about I picked up and put it on loud
speaker and Aaron goes like “baby baby hi ive missed you” ok that was akward,


I asked him what he wanted as he was calling a bit late he said he just missed me and want to greet me,  I said I would call him the next day as I was with my dude and I cut the line. Reynold wasn’t happy with this, he didnt say anything but I could tell coz he said he wanted to go,


I asked him why so early and he said he was tired, so we said our good byes. My phone rang a
lot, more than it should have and often it was guys calling, whether is was business or personal
but I knew that I would have a problem with babe because he wouldn’t believe me all the time.


Some guys would make advances towards me and would send silly texts at odd hours, when you
are always with your partner and this happens every day, it looks like its just your way of life.


On a Friday he sat me down and we had a chat, he said as my man it is his job to make me a
better lady, some one we would both be proud of, he said it point blank “I dont like your kind of life
style” I am goin to force a job on you, this way I know what you are doing and where you are!


Ok I discovered he had trust issues with me and I didnt blame him, I was 24 years old and no stable job


or income and he wanted to change this about me. It was in a field very very new to me and I had
no experience in it what so ever, but he said you are hard working I know you can do this, I wrote
an application and attached my papers. He picked them up.


That evening he asked if I would manage to work in the same environment as him I said yes I can
because its the job I am after. I got a call from a certain lady at the company who had said I need
to go for interviews, the following week on the 20th, gosh I was scared it was all happening so fast,

was I ready to work, could I really work in the same company as him, watching everything he
does, seeing him every day?? But I was ready for the challenge, Ray had preped me for the
interview he said I needed to convince thee other people why they should employ me as I was not
qualified for the job, then I felt sick in my stomach.


The 20th came I was ready, I sat waiting there
as I have arrived 15 minutes early, that time felt like hours, I was called by sir name and I went
through, he was on the panel with two other people, they began to ask question’s and his were the
hardest and I didnt do to well……..


Cont, Part 4………
I panicked and was too nervous I think I did bad in my interview, I went str8 home to eat and I


I often drank and went clubbing, I kept late nights and late mornings so when there was no
business or debt to collect I would stay home and watch TV, that evening Ray came home and
asked me what happend with the interview he had given me everything and I still didnt do well,


told him I was nervous and I panicked. It wasn’t a nice evening, we had supper together and we
said our good byes, I sent him a text saying “you did your part and I messed up if they dont call
me back its my fault thank you so much” he sent back a txt saying ok and good night.


That felt odd, any way the weekend was here and my besty had invited me for some drinks, I went
without hesitation, she lived in Avondale. It felt good to get wasted after the bad day I had
yesterday and we had loads of fun, it was getting late and I called boo asking if he could come
pick me up, he didnt refuse.


He came within an hour and met my best friend, he didnt like her what
bit on there first meeting, we drove home and I was so hyper I talked the whole way until we
reached twin palm mall, he parked inside and he asked me i had been drinking I said yes while
laughing, and I was soo high I couldn’t feel my lips.


He got out of the car and went to sit behind by
the boots, I came out and looked at him, he was furious oh my God, he was even shaking. Now
my senses started coming back to me, I held his face and asked what was wrong, he quickly
pulled my hand off told me to jump in the car,


which I didnt very fast.
He started to talk and talked till we got home anf continued, he said he has never drank in his life
or smoked he was brought up the right way and wouldn’t date a girl as reckless as me, how would
he take me to meet his friends or his family knowing very well I will misbehave!! He complained
and warned me if I ever drank again I would not like him.


He was a decent man and needed him a
decent girl, mature, responsible and hard working, “boo came from a well to do family, they where
brought up right, and his mother had taught them all they should date/marry a woman who brings
fourth the same quality’s they did” I will admit he was right he had all the right to be upset with me,


none of his brothers drank, they had good jobs and where focused, his parents where good hristians with good morals, and they where wealthy too. I felt bad and trashed on.


I apologized and assured him it would never happen again. That was our first major argument anf
he didnt speak to me for over 2 weeks, I would call and text him but he wouldn’t respond.


I pleaded with him to come home but nothing, I was broken could this have been the end of our
short beautiful relationship??


Towards the end of the month I got a call from the company I had
gone for interviews, they told me I got the job and needed to pass through to sign my contract, that
was great news I was soo happy cause I lost hope, then I realized it wasn’t my doing Reynold had
pulled some string’s, I needed to talk to him to see him but still he wouldn’t pick my calls

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