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Episode 33
“Hannah what is it,is anyone after you?Med asked looking around as if to ascertain that someone
was truly after her.
“Its Emily,its Emily”Hannah said in a muffled voice trying to catch her breath.
“What’s wrong with her?Logan quipped.”Has she remembered anything?Med asked
“No its Boss”
“Hannah i don’t quit get you,its Boss,its Emily what’s wrong,did he hurt her,speak now my heart is
jumping out of my chest..Med said rubbing his temple.
“No but am sure he will,he knows about the both of you….
“What?Med exclaimed as his eyes almost poped out of their socket.”how come?Logan asked
“How he got to know is not important, what is important is that you get Emily out of here ASAP,her
life is in danger the both of you are not safe”Hannah said scathingly.
“What are we gonna do?Med asked turning to Logan…
“Oh mehn,this sound like a real big pussy no offence man,but i warned you about this and you
wouldn’t listen, now look where it landed you”Logan said not minding the angry look on Med
face.”Are you going to help me or are you just going to stand there and continue to piss me
off,what’s it going to be?Med asked arching his brow.
“Fine,what’s the plan? Logan asked.”is there a plan”Hannah quipped.”there is,i think i got
one”Med said and they all came together, he whispered the plan to them.”That’s way too
dangerous”Hannah groaned in fear.”Are you in or out?Med asked.”Am in,anything to keep Emily
free and get me out of this shit hole”Hannah said after few seconds of thinking about it.
“When are we executing the plan?”Logan asked again.”This night,we got no time”Med
mumbled.”So is it gonna be only us or should we tell the other two about it?”Logan asked.
“No way,we’ll do it alone,Hannah groaned,those two are just gonna mess everything up.
“They are part of us,they all need their freedom too,so if we are to make this mission possible we
need more hands”Med suggested.”So are you suggesting we tell them about this?Logan asked.
“Yes we’ll tell them and if they don’t agree we’ll have to convince them…
“You know that bad feeling i get when something is about to go wrong,i think am having it
now….Hannah said rubbing her face.
“Its gonna be fine,you don’t need to worry”Med assured.
“I’m counting on that…Hannah sighed.”you guys hang around while i tell them about the plan”Med
“We’ll wait….Hannah heaved a sigh again.”Okay man…Logan chipped and Med walked away.
Fast forward
“Damn it,Damn it”Snake cursed gulping the
Assassination Games



Episode 34
Emily’s POV conts
I heard the door fling open so I raise my head to see who it was,I rolled my eyes as I saw the
terrifying man who addressed himself earlier as my husband,he came in looking furious…
“So you’ve been sleeping with my assassin”he bawled drawing close to the bed.
“Of course not…I replied really confused,I didn’t know what he was talking about,I got up but a slap
sent me to my knee..
“You still have the guts to lie to me”he yelled holding me by my wounded arm and using it to drag
me up,pressing me really hard so I could feel the pain….ahh it hurts
“Please let go of me,I don’t know what you are talking about…I begged as tears clouded my eyes
“I’ll deal with you,but slowly….he grabbed me and forcefully kiss me,I struggled to free myself from
his grasp but it was no use,in few minutes my clothes were already torn down from my body and
he had thrown me to the bed. He gave me a wicked smile as he unbuckled his trouser too getting
on top of me…


As he began to plung into me I wailed at the hot rod piercing into me, groaning wickedly he
touched me all over my body,from my face to my boobs to my face again,I was already in tears…

General POV
Meanwhile the others had grabbed everything there neded to ellop with and Hannah and Med had
gone to get Emily,the heard her wail from inside and batch into the quarter without waiting for
anybody to say the word “go”…….

Snake was sent back by a blow from the butt of Med rifle,he groaned in pains on the floor too
weak to get up…
“Oh my God!Emily gasped and held the sheets against her naked body,Med hurried to the door to
keep watch on anyone who might come in…Snake laid motionless on the floor watching their
every move.
Hannah hurried over to Emily’s wardrobe dragged out a pant and shirt,she didn’t have time to
make a perfect selection,but in a minute Emily had slipped into them, they hurried out to meet with
the others…….
Snake eyes flew open”what is this fucken bitch up to?he mumbled squinting as he dipped his
hand into his pant pocket,he dialed Bruce number,Bruce picked on the first ring…
“Get them they are trying to escape….Snake Groaned into the phone.
“Okay Boss”Bruce replied and hung up.Snake lay back on the floor too weary to get up..
The trios hurried up to meet with their waiting crew..
“Logan,hurry up we got no time to waste,it won’t be long before the LOA’s realize we’re
escaping…Med whispered to Logan as they got to them.
Logan sneaked up to his specified base bus and put it in motion, they had already put in all they
got in the trunk.
He slid the side door open and others began to sneak up to it,Carmen had only gone half way in
the sneak up when shots were fired to their direction….it was Bruce and the LOA’s….
(Now read carefully,am summerizing it,On GOD)
Emily fell to her knees covering her ears with her hands to block off the bumping sound as Med
and the others began to exchange bullets with the LOA’s,she was confused,she didn’t know what
was going on,she didn’t know if she should just continue running not knowing where she was
heading to or just kneel till the shooting was over,the loud explosion couldn’t let her move, fear
gripped her,she didn’t know where the good side was,if she should stay back or just go with them.
“Get up let’s go…Hannah yelled.
“No,just leave me alone…Emily cried still on her knees,she didn’t look up, she kept her face down
not wanting to look at anyone’s face.
Snake got up and staggerdly walked out of Emily’s quarter…
He just need to get hold of Emily, he’s going to deal with her..
“Why on Earth would she want to elope with my assassin….he wondered, or is the love that strong
or the sex that sweet he furrowed his brow and staggered out..
“Let’s go,we don’t have time”Hannah beckoned with her hand but Emily wouldn’t budge,she knelt
skock still to the ground clutching her ears.
“This bitch like getting on my nerves”Blair mumbled as she dash out from the bus and hurried over
to Emily, she tried to yank her up but Emily struggled and got free from Blair’s grip..
“Get up..Med yelled from where he was but Emily won’t listen,he rushed over to her and begged
her to come with them..
“No I don’t want to,go away…Emily yelled in fear colouring them as bad people,but why they all
had guns and she didn’t want to believe they were by her side,she wondered why they looked
calm the other day but today rather terrifying…he tried to carry her on his arms but the shooting
was steamy…
“Let her go,Get in the car, before it gets too late…Logan yelled as he began to drive..
“Get her…Snake barked from behind,Emily not knowing what to do,ran another direction as he
saw Snake LOA’s trooping towards her…
The rest had gone into the bus,Med not knowing what to do jumped into it too,Several bullets were
fired,it pierced the bus but the drove away…
“Boss you think we should go after them?Bruce asked..
“No don’t worry I’ll get them…Snake shook his head.


“We did it, we’re free”Carmen announced happily with her hands up in exaggeration..
“No we didn’t,we failed we left Emily to die”Med said in a disappointed voice..
“We tried but she wouldn’t budge, everybody tried in her own way…Carmen said darting her eyes
from the burning gaze in Med eyes.
“I can’t believe we left her there…Hannah said feeling terrible for her best friend
“That bitch,always wanting to…..
“I’ll appreciate it if you don’t call her that..Med barked cutting Blair short…
“Why shouldn’t I, she’s a twisted bitch, didn’t you see what she did,what if one of us had died in
the exchange…
“Stop it both of you,Logan bawled we did what we could,it’s not her fault or ours that she didn’t
want to join us,it’s that little thing going on in her head,she read us like her enemies but we all tried
our best, so this is not a time to apportion blamed..
“Maybe our best was not just enough..Hannah shrugged.
“We tried,we tried…Logan sighed as he cornered a bush track.


.”you think you can fuck with me…Snake groaned as he held Emily by her hair using it to pull her
“Please let go of me..Emily beged.
Snake let out a wicked laugh.
“I’m so gonna deal with you and when I get him I’ll kill him right in front of you,for now you’ll spend
this night in the dark basement alone with all the creapy things till I figure out how best I’ll deal with
you…Snake bawled.
“Take her inside…he ordered.
“Please let me out, it’s creepy down here…Emily cried as she was being thrown into the dark
basement…she cried and kept banging the door but didn’t get a reply she only heard the jingles of
keys as the basement was being locked..she looked around but couldn’t see anything because of
the intense darkness in the room…
Everywhere smelt like death,she regret not following the others,maybe it would have been better
with them,she thought..
“Ouch she Yelp as she hit her leg against a hard surface and fell down hitting her wounded arm
really hard,the clothed area opened up and blood gulped out from the wound..
Emily felt warm liquid streaming down her hand she couldn’t see what it was but she knew it was
blood,as a sharp pain struck her arm..
“Why are we stopping?Carmen asked as Logan hault in a bush.
“We can’t drive from here we’ll have to pick our things and trekk our way down..He mumbled,Med
was silent he didn’t say a word as he kept thinking about Emily,he wish that she was here,he
prayed that she would be safe
“We’ll rest here, we’ll make our tent here ..Logan said said as they got deep into the bush.
“Here?Blair raised a brow…
“Yes of course,afraid,I thought you never get afraid”Hannah mumbled.
“I never said I was afaid..
“Whatever joykill Hannah rolled her eyes
“For the record I hate that name”Blair warned.
“Like seriously,are we spending the night here? Carmen quipped.
“What’s with all this question,Med finally spoke up,we should be setting the tent right now…



Assassination Games
Episode 35
They took out all they had grabbed from the bus and in few minutes the tents were raised…
Med kept heaving sighs of frustrations and hissing in disappointment as he kept thinking of
Emily,he’s going to save her, he’s going to go back for her,he just needed a plan..
Emily cried in fear,the pungent smell of the basement fazed her alot,she didn’t know how she got
to sleep off….
The Next Day
Emily’s eye’s Flew open as someone pulled her roughly out of the basement,it was Tarka,one of
snake’s LOA’s,he had been ordered to take her to her room..
“where are you taking me to?Emily asked but got no reply,he only smirked down at her pushing
her roughly through the hallway,Emily struggled to get free but it was no use as he increased his
grip on her arm..
“Get up….he finally spoke up, pushing Emily into her quarter,she fell on her butt and quickly got up
making for the door but he slammed it right in front of her .
Fast Forward
Emily stared out of the window,tears gripped her eyes,she tried to blink them back but it couldn’t
help as they rolled down freely from her face..
Every day she was beaten up
Every day she was raped
Every day she cried
Every day she suffered
Every night she was locked up in the dark basement alone but Snake is never ready to give up he
taunts, he’s going to make Emily suffer really bad,he won’t stop until she tells them about Medwin
where about… Meanwhile he had sent two of his LOA’s to track down Med and the others
The door Flew open and snake walked in with his friend..Emily moved back in fear as she saw
“That’s the fucken bitch,silly trollop that have been sleeping with my Assassin…
“Aah the guts!!one of the men mumbled..
“Seriously she got guts”Snake sighed
“Snake she’s cute!!One of the men remarked
“But stupid… Another one quipped,he didn’t say a word as he kept gazing at Emily.
snake sighed and turned to Emily”since you’ve decided to give yourself freely to my minion, you’re
going to make me money,right in this room….Snake bawled
“No please I beg of you, forgive me if I’ve done something wrong,please just let me go”Emily
begged but snake gave a dour smile…
“forgive you,snake sconned I can’t forgive you not after what you did,I don’t think there’s any other
way to punish you than this,am going to make you suffer,this is just the beginning…..
“please”Emily felll on the floor clinging to snake leg but he brushed her away roughly..
“you can all have her, just tell me when you’re done….he groaned and walked away leaving the
four Men smirking at the crying girl..
Emily screamed in pain when the first of the men began to plung into her, she wailed as she
turned trying to push them away but all her efforts were useless,her pleads fell on deaf ears,they
continue taking her,she cried in pain,her eyes became bleary,her vision became blurred as she
began to see to her past….
she saw flashes
she remembers Med
she remembered their first kiss, she knew they were in love
She missed his breath on her skin
His lips on hers
Each tender kisses
His tender Touch
The love she felt in each caress
She thought of him
she wanted him there..
“I got us coconut”Blair announced walking towards the tent clutching the tree coconut she had
gotten from the bush,in few seconds the shells were down and there began to eat in silence….
“when are we going back for Emily?Med asked breaking the lingering silence.
“Are you serious?Blair rolled her eyes
“As you can see,or do I look like am joking…Med replied not glancing at any of them


Assassination Games
Episode 36
Semi final
“That’s right when are we going for her, we’ve been here for 3 days and no one has said anything
about rescuing her…Hannah quipped
“Mehn you don’t mean we should…”
“I mean everything”Med snapped cutting Logan short,are we going for her or not?
“All I want is to go back to my family,I miss them a lot”Carmen said dreamily.
“you’ll go back to them, let’s just safe Emily, she’s one of us and we don’t know what she’s going
through now,she might be in pains right now”Med said
“But she’s married to Boss,what business do we still have with her, what’s our business if she’s
passing through anything”Blair groaned.
“it’s our business we’re all one,with the same assassin blood flowing through our veins”Med
“you see later she’ll say another person is getting on her nerve,now you’re getting on my
nerve”Hannah flared.
“Are you looking for trouble?Blair asked.
“why are you this bitter Blair,why do you so much hate Blair,now I have to ask you this,do you
have any past with her?…Logan asked gazing at Blair,she sighed and adverted his gaze..
“Of course not,Blair shook her head,okay when are we going for her, what’s the plan,cause if I
don’t join you guys, you’ll all call me the bitter one…
“That was just a question, I don’t have any plan but I’ll come up with one but in the main time you
guys should think about something,come up with your own plan,if mine doesn’t work we’ll take
yours as a plan b…Med said and got up,he heaved a frustrated sigh before walking out..
“Uuhh, Carmen rolled her eyes,who made him the Leader?..
“He’s always been leading on almost all our mission,so that automatically gives him the
pass……Blair defended.
That night when the last of the fourth men had gone,Emily got up from the bed all drained and
weak,she couldn’t carry her own weight.
Her head spun from dizziness as tears clouded her eyes, wearily she took slow strides to the
bathroom to clean up for the fourth time and for the fourth time she vomited on the bathroom
floor,she stood in the same spot till the urge to vomit receeded then she inched herself into the
bathtub,she washed herself,towelled lightly and inched away from the bathroom..
she inched to the bed and froze when her eyes met a huge pile of money near the headboard,she
cried as she realized what she had been turn into
“A whore,A One night stand…she fell on the bed and cried uncontrollably,until she slept off..
Snake came in and found Emily on the bed naked,he stared at her sleeping form and shook his
head slowly,he gave a dour smile smile when he noticed the huge pile of money on the head
Greedily he stuffed everything into his pocket without counting them.
he noticed the little bruises on her skin and had wanted to call one of his servant to see to the
bruises but it will only call for questions..he thought.
He took the first aid box that hung on the wall, made a spirit swab and began to clean up the
wound on her body..she opened her eyes and stared at him,she wanted to push him away but was
too weak..
“Get your hands off me,leave me alone”she shouted weakly..
“Hey stay calm,let me clean this,I didn’t say am sorry”he barked.
“just stay away from me please…..she beged trying to get up but a slap sent her back to the bed…
“Silly slut,I see you don’t like being treated like a lady…
“what have I ever done to you,to deserve all this?
“Are you asking me that question?he asked getting on top of her,she opened her mouth to say
something but Snake was determined,she slapped,hit, pummeled her,Emily wailed and wailed
hoping that Med will come to her rescue but he was no where to be found,Giving her the last
punch he knocked her back to unconsciousness..
“Bitch you still got anything to say to me…Snake cursed getting up from Emily,she laid still
motionless let alone responding…
“Nonsense…He spat and walked away
Fast forward
A whip of the touture wire sent Emily’s eyes open she looked around and saw one of snake LOA’s
watching her and clutching a turture wire in his hand,she tried to move her hands and leg but felt
something pulled her back.. then she knew she was in the basement….her hand was tied above
her head,her legs were chained to the ground while her body hung loosely from the chain,it was
Snake,he had ordered her to be dressed and taken to the basement,turtured till she opens up
about Med’s whereabout.
“Aaahhh..Emily yelled in pain as the wire landed on her back.
“where’s he, where’s Med?her tuturer asked..
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,I don’t know….
“you fucken know,stop lying..
“I’m not lying,you just decide to keep me here..
Another lash landed on her back cutting her short.
*Emily’s POV
Oh my God,I don’t know if I can really take this any longer,why have Med not come to rescue me
he said he love me,why haven’t he come to rescue me from this monster of a husband…
I yelled again as another lash caught me on my back..
General POV
Med woke up to find the tent empty,he walked outside and found the others busy,he had woken up
late an effect of his late sleeping, because he spent the whole night thinking about Emily and how
to go back for her,so when he slept off it was already morning….
“oh my God where did you get that?he gaped in surprise as he saw Logan walk in with a dead
“That’s no way to say Good morning…Logan furrowed his brow..
“That’s not important,where did you get that?he asked pointing at the dead Hyena,gosh it’s damn
big,how did you kill it?..
“This killed it,he raised his gun at Med,it would have eaten us alive…
“Hmmnn so you know how to hunt..
“Am not only good in killing people,I do animals too…
“Okay about that plan stuff,I think I got one..
“you do?
“yes I got one”
“Say it…Logan pressed
Med whispered the plan in his ear and he gasped in shock..
“Are you crazy,do you want to die now?Logan yelled
“I won’t…Med retort
“That will definitely not work out”
“it will,we have to do anything possible to save Emily..
“I think it’s gonna be a hit and miss too..
“No it won’t,I took time in checking it out..
“I got a real bad feelings about this,who knows this time they might end up getting all of us..
“They won’t…
“So when are we executing the plan?Logan asked..
“ASAP,who knows what she’s passing through..
Fast Forward
That evening
“So are we all ready?Med asked as they drew close to the base..
“yes.. Hannah said with a nod
“sure bro..Logan quipped
“you know I’ve actually heard of better plans you know”Carmen said ..
“you got one?Med asked
“No..she shook her head.
“Then move it…he snapped.
“This better not be a hit and miss or else count me out on all your mission…. Blair mumbled.
“We know miss Brave…Hannah winked
“I don’t have your time..Blair muttered.
“And I don’t have yours niether…
“Enough girls,you guys should stop let’s just go for this mission..Med barked and they all nod…
They step down from the bus as Logan brought it to an hault,med sneaked up with the others to
the Base,he walked up to the gate with his hand on his head as a sign of surrendering..
The minions at the gate walk up to Med pointing their rifles at him…
“Have she said anything about his whereabout?Snake asked Kendel one of his LOA’s who kept on
turtuing Emily all this while..
“No Boss….he replied
“Where is he? Kendel yelled to Emily face,she was fazed but couldn’t say anything,she didn’t
know Med’s whereabout….
“What about Ian and Joe? Snake asked turning to Kendel.
“There are working on Med’s trail, they’ll find their hide out”
Snake glared at Emily,and hissed pretending as if those bloody eyes where not communicating
anything to him at all,they read”Am sorry, please let me go” but Snake was determined to turture
Emily bit by bit,he was not ready to let her go, he’s gonna deal with Emily but now he thinks she
need to go back to her quarters, Emily averted his gaze,she could feel his burning gaze towards
“Bring down the chains”Snake ordered
“Boss..Kendel called in defiance
“Bring it down…He ordered again and the chains went down,just then Bruce walked in..
“Boss..he called
“What is it?Snake asked
“Med is here”
“what!!!!Kendel exclaimed
“open the gate for him…Snake said Scathingly.
“Boss it’s Med, we don’t trust him
“Is he alone?
“yes Boss
“Then open the gate for him,infact let’s go…
Snake said and made to leave then turned to Kendel…
“Take her to her quarter,keep your eyes on her, don’t let her out of your side…he said pointing at
“Okay Boss…Kendel replied and Snake walked out with Bruce..
Kendel draged Emily out of the basement heading back to her room…
“Open the gate!!Snake ordered as he got outside
The gate was open and Medwin walked in,the others appeared from their hideout’s and start
shooting,Snake and Bruce ducked as they ran to a shade and took cover..Some of Snake minions
who joined in the fire exchange dropped dead as the crew didn’t show any Mercy In firing…
Med got hold of a rifle which belong to one of the dead shooters and sneaked up to the backyard
to corner the hallway heading to Emily’s room…
“Let me go.. Emily yelled as they drew close to her quarter but Kendel ignored her and tighten his
grip on her arm.
She struggled to free herself from his grip but it was no use,so she bite him really hard, shoving
her teeth on his hand “ouch… he yelled and lost his grip on her
“How dare you bitch”he bawled and made for her but swiftly Emily got hold of the only weapon she
could see on the floor”An heavy Stake”
“Don’t come close to me”She treathen raising the stake up in the air with her hands…
“You won’t try it… he grinned taking long strides to her..
Flinging her hands,Emily hit him on his head,he staggered and fell,she climbed on top of him and
hit him continuously with the stake,Med sneaked in to see Emily mainming somebody…
Blood kept splashing on her but she didn’t care as she kept whacking and yacking…

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