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Episode 37
“Let him go,he’s dead”Med said pulling Emily up,let’s go move it,move…he yelled pushing her
through the hallway.
“Go,go…he pushed her again as she reduced her strides.
“I’m trying,I’m trying…Emily yelled back..
They sneaked out and met with the others who were stalling as they kept firing at Snake
men,luckily it worked,they escaped with the base bus..
“Shit..Snake cursed from his place of cover as he saw Emily being taken away..
“Boss you think we should go after them?Bruce asked.
“No tell Ian and Joe to turn back and corner them”Snake groaned before walking back to his
Bruce brought out his phone and dialed Joe’s number.
“Any news?Bruce asked immediately he heard the beep from the receiver end which signified the
call have been answered..
“No we’re still on their trials”Ian replied
“You guys should return to base immediately they’ve escaped.
“On our way…he replied and hung up before taking a u turn back to base..
“Emily you’re safe,praise God!Hannah Exclaimed tugging on Emily’s hair..
Blair hissed and rolled her eyes
“So he did all this to you?Med asked touching Emily Emily to examine the bruise on her skin,Emily
didnt say a word but instead she replied with a hard slap across Med face,everyone stared in
shock”Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill,you left me for so long”She barked almost breaking
into tears.
“Am really sorry I left you for so long,I had to figure out a good way to get you out of there”
“And it took you three days”
“But I came…
“Yes you came..
“Now this is getting annoying. Blair mumbled staring hard at Emily,isn’t she the same person we
rescued some Sec ago,now instead of thanking each and every one of us,you’re here getting me
“Mind your biz bitch..Hannah quipped
“Did you just call me a bitch?”
“Now can you two slow down a bit”Carmen chipped.
“I did what can you…..
“I think we’re being followed”Logan said cutting Hannah short,as he looked through the side mirror
and saw another bus coming at the other end. it was Ian and Joe,they had turn back to catch up
with them..
“Go faster…they all clamored..
Logan increased the geer and gradually the bus began to pick up speed in respond to its
increased pressure on the accelerator.. Ian and Joe was still in hot pursuit as Logan cornered a
bush track,they all jumped out from the bus heading into the thick bush with their riffles…
Med held Emily’s hand as they ran deep into the bush…
Meanwhile the LOA’S also cornered the same bush track,Ian put the bus to a hault and they both
alight from it,they took the same root Med and the others took..
“Go this side,I’ll check the other side”Joe said as they got to too parts of the bush…


“Go,go,go faster”Logan yelled as he almost pushed Carmen down..
“Coming through…Blair yelled coming from behind.
Med allowed Emily to run in front of him,so he could protect her,he didn’t want to make any
mistake again this time,he had to make sure that everything will go well and that he would go with
her,each time she made to fall he’ll hold her up…
They kept taking paths till Ian and Joe lost track of them.
“Let’s go back atleast we know they are somewhere around here,we’ll get back to them some
other time”Ian said as he bumped into Joe after some minutes of searching aimlessly for them..
“Yes you’re right,let’s go back”Ian supported,they both nod and walked back heading to where
they packed their bus.
The crew didn’t stop running till the got to their tent…
“Oh my God,finally we did it..Carmen announced catching her breath as they reached the tent..
“Yes we did..Hannah said in a muffled voice,extremely tired as breathing heavily as if the air
supplies to her lungs were being cut off…
“We’ll camp here this night until tomorrow when everything get settled,then we’ll leave this place
for good”Logan said..
“We can’t stay here this night,Emily needs to be nursed..Med Said rubbing his face.
“I’m fine….Emily quipped
“No you’re not,what about all these bruises on your skin,what can you say about them?Hannah
“Don’t worry about me,I’m fine”Emily said and walked into the tent..
“Must she always be treated like a queen around me”Blair mumbled to herself not knowing how
loud she was,Carmen jabbed her in the rib as Med gave her a defiant look..
They made a fire and stayed outside the tent,Hannah moved over to Emily and began to clean the
bruises with the little water they had,Med sat out alone staring at fire flies as they did what they
know how to do best,Carmen had gotten a sit with Logan,they kept talking about hunting…Blair
moved over to join Merwin,she taught it was the perfect time to tell him about her feelings…
“They’re beautiful,you like them?She asked as she sat near him.
“Yeah…he replied drily not taking a look at her..
Blair stared hard at him and admired everything she could she,from his face to his hair,to his
eyes,to his lips,to his broad chest and to his abds…
“So cute…she mumbled dreamily to herself.
“How was your day?she asked
“Good,he replied. how are you?
“Am fine,you know you got great abds”she blurted as her hand trailed down his abds.
“Thanks…he replied brushing her hand off,he got up and strolled towards where Emily lay,leaving
Blair to herself.
“I’m in babe”Hannah said getting up,and leaving Emily as she saw Med advancing towards
them,Emily looked side ways and saw Med a smile flicked through her face,Hannah chuckled and
left for her tent…
Blair watched as Med sat near Emily,she fumed with jealousy as she saw him caressing her hair..
“So would you mind telling me how you got all this bruises on your skin?Merwin asked..
“Its a long story…Emily replied wearily
“Oh well cut it short…
“I can’t,I don’t want to talk about it…
“Please….he coaxed
“No I cant just don’t worry about it…
“Why shouldn’t I,did he hit you,please tell me….he Cajoled.
Med Pulled her close as She explained her ordeal with Snake eyes admist sobs.
“Its okay,please don’t cry,he’s gonna get a payback soon,don’t worry Karma is gonna pay him a
visit one of this days,he won’t see this coming I promise”
“You’re not mad at me?She asked wiping her tears.
“For what,its not your fault that you got raped”
“Please don’t say that word…
“Okay but its not your fault,its mine,if I had come earlier am sure it wouldn’t have happened,am so
sorry for letting you pass through all this things…
“I forgive you….
“Thanks my love,you’re so beautiful….he cooed
“Don’t start…she giggled
“No for real,you look beautiful and golden as usual…he cooed again and she giggled
Meanwhile Blair didn’t take her eyes off the two love birds,she glared daggers at both of them with
burning jealousy,she watched as they stared at each other deeply,their eyes emitting rays of
love,it hit her hard that both of them were in love,she didn’t need any evidence to prove it…
Med pulled Emily into a hug which proceeded to passion,their face drew closer and they were
about to kiss,Blair coughed to distract them,they caught off their stare and disengaged from their
Blair’s so furious her hatred for Emily topped up,now she hated the both of them,she won’t watch
them be in love…
“After doing everything to get you,you now want to end up with her,did i follow you down here to
watch you love this,If I can’t have you then no one will”she groaned and got up,she knew what
she’s going to do…
“Goodnight everyone”she mumbled.
“Goodnight”the others respond in unision.
She took a last look at Emily and Med before going into her tent…
The Next Day
Blair got up very early and heard back to base,she’s going to ruin everything for Emily and
Medwin,she can’t watch the both of them be together….No way
Emily strolled out of the tent and saw Med outside,taking few stride she walked to where he was..
“Good morning”She said smiling.
“Morning Cupcake,how are you doing?
“Am fine and you?
“Good here,so does it still hurt?he asked pointing at the bruises on her skin..
“No,am good,thank you…
“Hey where’s Blair?Carmen asked walking towards them.
“I haven’t seen her”Med said
“I haven’t seen her too,I just came out”Emily said looking around.
“I’ve asked everyone about her and no one seems yo know her whereabout…
“That’s so strange.
“Really,really strange,where would she have gone to?Med asked.
“Blair doesn’t go anyway without telling me…..Carmen said,her voice was grilled with worry.
“Hold on,Emily said holding her head as if trying to remember something,let it not be what am
thinking”she added.
“What are you thinking?Carmen asked
“Never mind, let’s just spread out and look for her”Emily suggested.
“That’s right…Med supported
“Yeah bring it on…Carmen quipped shaking her head.
Blair walked up to base,she stood at the gate,the minions at the gate point their rifles at her but
she was not fazed…
“Open the gate…she ordered.
“What do you want?one of the minion barked..
“Just here to talk to Boss,am not against you…she said in a calm tone.
Snake was alerted and he ordered the minions to open the gate for her..
“You still have the guts to show your face here”Snake bellowed as Blair walked into his office.
“I’m sorry Boss”Blair apologized to Snake who scoffed and glared at her..
“What do you want,are you here to hand yourself over?”
“Am not against you Boss,I’m with you,I guess I made the wrong decision before…
“What do you want,speak up stop wasting my time…
“Ill take you to their hideout….
“Nonsense,Bruce who have been silent snapped. I don’t believe her,this is an ambush…
“Ambush or not just take me to them,I want to kill them with my bare hands…Snake bawled.
“Okay Boss…Blair nod.
“I and Emily will take the upper ground,the rest of you take the lower ground,nobody passes this
area,we’ll all get back here if we don’t see her”Med said..
“Sure….Logan grinned
“We’ll do that…Carmen muttered
“Now I have to look for that bitch,I just hope that she gets eaten”Hannah mumbled and start to
take strides..
“Uuh those two never gets along..Med said shaking Hus head as he pulled Emily along with him.
“Who’s ever gonna get along with her?Emily asked with an eye roll
“But at least you girls should try and get along for once”
“That’s why am doing this….Emily replied.
Snake and his men got into the other base bus and Blair led the way to the crew hide out…
They searched the tents but the crew were not inside,so they laid ambush,taking cover on all
corners of the bush,waiting for the crew..
“I don’t still get it,where did she even go to?Med asked as they walked back to their tent after an
unfruitful search for Blair.
“Who knows she’s always very tricky”Emily said darting her eyes from Med and looking around for
the others,but she didn’t see them around…
“I think they others are not yet back,why is everywhere so quiet…
“Maybe they’re still searching for her….Medwin as they drew close to the tent.
Emily opened her mouth to say something but froze at the sight of what she saw,she shut her
eyes tightly praying that what she saw should be a nightmare,she opened her eyes again and
there they were,Snake minions coming out from different direction in the bush.
Med squeezed Emily hand reassuring her that everything is going to be fine…
They both looked side ways and saw Blair walking towards them with Snake and Bruce.
“Blair you….they both gaped in shock..
“What?you both left me with no other option”she replied.
“I knew it,I had a hunch that this is what she was up to…Emily flared.
“Shut up…Snake snapped,and you,he said turning to Med. you think you can fuck with me,Snake
hit Med hard across his face. Med clenched his fist in anger and glared daggers at Snake,Emily
pinched him,signifying him to stay calm.
“You wanna do something?Snake asked noting Med’s clenched fist,I got the both of you and am
going to kill you in front of her..
“Where are the others?Blair asked.
“What others?Med groaned hating Blair instantly.
“Hannah,Carmen and Logan….
“Don’t worry we have the two most important people..Snake said giving her a dour smile..
“Cuff them…he ordered,and Bruce brought out two cuffs,the love birds were cuffed with it


“Did you guys have a fight?Logan asked Carmen as they turn back heading to the tent…
“Of course not…Carmen shook her head.
“Then why didn’t she tell you she was going out?
“Blair’s a bitch,she never stop behaving like one…
“When will you stop calling her that?Carmen asked
“When she stop behaving like one,I mean….
Hannah was cut short by a sudden pull from Logan into the bush space,as he caught side of
Snake and his men around Emily and Med,Carmen hid with them too,they gaped in shock as their
eyes trailed to Blair standing by Snake eyes..
“Oh my God,what’s happening?Carmen asked clasping a hand over her mouth to muffle down her
“Isn’t that Blair we’ve been searching everywhere for?Logan asked in awe.
“what did I say,she’s a bitch she just snitched on us all…Hannah groaned in anger.
“Blair’s no snitch!!!Carmen defended.
“Stop defending her,cause she’s your friend,girl see for yourself,your eyes are not deceiving
you…Logan said in frustration.
“Take them away!!Snake ordered.
“Move it,Move it…his minions barked gesturing with their riffles for Med and Emily to move.
“I can’t believe Blair could do such a thing,she’s been doing other bad stuff but not as terrible as
this one,I cant believe I got a devil as a friend”Carmen mumbled as she watch Emily and Med
being taken away…
“We’re going after them”Logan breathed.
“This never end,does it?Carmen asked wearily.
“It would have, if not for that snitch you call a friend”Hannah mumbled but Carmen didn’t reply.
They wait till Snake left the Tent space with his minions.
The trios hurried up to the tent,they dashed into it without wasting much time and grabbed their
“Hannah take this track,Logan said pointing to a bush track,it’ll lead you to them. Carmen you take
the left track,you’ll catch up with them too and I’ll follow right behind them. hurry up,but don’t get
yourself killed…..he added as they hugged each other in turns,before running towards their various
Snake smirked wickedly at Emily as his minions continue to lead them to where the bus was
packed,Blair couldn’t hide her grin as she kept letting it out…..
They drew near the bus and Snake was about to order them in then Carmen caught up with
She start firing from her hide out,it caught two of Snake minions. Logan joined from behind..Snake
minions panicked as they start firing at the track we’re the snippers were…Blair had taken cover in
the bus.
Hannah didn’t stay long as she caught up with them,and joined in the shooting. Med forgetting that
he was cuffed tried to fight one of the minion but only got shot on the leg by Bruce,he fell and laid
weak on the floor..
Snake pulled Emily by her hair and pointed a pistol at her..”Surrender or I blow off her fucken
brains all over this place”He blabbed
“No please don’t…….Emily yelled as the Shooting stopped,everywhere was as silent as a grave
“Surrender now”Snake blabbed coaking the pistol.
Hannah was the first to surrender,she dropped her rifle and lift her hand above her head,Taking
few strides out of her hide out,Logan joined not knowing what to do,but Carmen didn’t budge she
still hid in her hide out and watch Logan and Hannah Surrender…
Blair walked out of the bus and stood beside Snake.
Hannah and Logan walked up to Snake and knelt in front of him with their hands above their head
in a sign of surrendering….Hannah shot Blair a killer look and Blair stared back in defiance.
“You think you all can fuck with me!!!Snake voice blared the whole arena,I’m gonna end this right
here and now..he glared at Logan and then at Hannah..
“Even you computer bride…he shook his head slowly and turned to Blair…”Waste her…he said
pointing at Hannah..
“No please,Emily begged. don’t do this please,it’s me you need,fine you got me,just let my friends
go please,I promise I won’t try to escape again”Emily mumbled clinging to Snakes feet,but he
shook her off roughly.
Blair laughed wickedly down at both Hannah and Emily pulling her pistol from its hostler. She
gazed at Hannah who glared back at her.
“Are you not gonna say your last prayer”Blair scowled pointing a pistol at Hannah who scoffed..
“You’re still nothing but a fucken bitch”Hannah groaned
“Poooooooorrrrr ……..Blair pulled the trigger ending Hannah’s life..
“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emily yelled her heart out trying to get up but Snake glued her back to the
Meanwhile Carmen watched in shock as Blair pulled the trigger at Hannah..
“And you,Snake said turning to Logan.
“I’ll handle him…Bruce quipped
“Good….Snake nod
Bruce held his rifle upright pointing it at Logan,Carmen quickly recovered from her shock and start
firing but it was too late as the bullet From Bruce riffle went off,it caught Logan on his chest and he
dropped dead.
“We still got shooters..Bruce announced.
The three men,the last of Snake minions fired shoot heading to Carmen’s direction,she fired
back,luckily two of Snake minions were down but unfortunately Carmen got hit by the last
minion,but with the last ounce if strength she shot him,they both dropped dead..
Meanwhile Snake had forgotten about Medwin where he laid,he manage to push himself up
against the base bus,still with his cuff he got hold of a pistol in front of him,which belonged to one
of the dead minion,he coaked the pistol and before snake could turn he had already started firing,it
caught snake on his chest and Bruce on his head,Blair got hit on her leg and she fell on the
floor,Snake lost hold of Emily as he fell on the floor,Emily strutled to were Blair laid still with her
cuff,she picked up Blair’s fallen pistol and held it with both hands pointing it at Blair who tried to get
up but couldn’t..
“Please don’t”Blair beged,Med watched Emily from where he was to see what she was gonna do…
“You caused me so much pain,you took away my happiness and now my best friend,you’re just
the same with that dead Monster who called himself my husband,you caused all this and I’ll kill
you myself”Emily groaned in pain..
“Please I was just……
Emily pulled the trigger three times and watch as her brain spilled all over the place,she threw the
pistol on Blair’s body and fell on Hannah’s body shaking her continuously…
“Please wake up,don’t do this to me..She cried.
“She’s dead,she can’t hear you,Med yelled but Emily won’t budge she kept shaking the body…


Emily’s POV
The cops siren blared jolting me to my feet..
“Let’s go…I yelled as I hurried towards Med
“No I cant you go…
“No am not going anywhere without you..
“Emily please go safe yourself…he said but I ignored him and sat near him.
“I thought I told you to leave..
“And I told you am not going anyway without you..
“I love you Emily and I don’t want to loose you…
“I love you too and I don’t want to loose you,so I’m not going anywhere without you,so its either
you come with me or we stay here together,the choice is yours…I said staring at him.
He sighed as our face got close and in no minute our lips met,we kissed and kissed never to let go

. Epilogue
Two Weeks Later
The two love birds had gone to the beach together,they swam together and ran along the beach
like perfect lovers in a Movie. Emily had never had such fun in her life before and she relished in
the enjoyment of this one,she wore a skimpy violet flowered bikini,which revealed more of her
feminine features than she had bothered to expose in years…
Running along the beach with him gave the couple the appearance of models auditioning for a
major film….
“Come catch me,if you can”she called out to Med after splashing him a handful of salty water…
“I’m coming”he shouted back in reply,running swiftly himself on the sands of the beach to catch up
with his lover. Emily ran only a few yards before Medwin caught up with her and soon both of them
were rolling and kissing on the sand,they kissed and kissed


The End
authors note
There’s a huge difference between love and lust,and that’s where Blair comes in,hers was
definitely lust not love,just as there is a huge difference between want and need,if you love
someone you’ll definitely know because….
Love is not jealous
Love does not envy
Love sacrifice
Love appreciate and does not depreciate
If you love someone you’ll always want him or her to be happy
You’ll always want the best for your crush/lover
.And Also let’s join hands and say no to Abduction
No one deserve to be a captive
Every one deserve freedom
If your lover turn you down
Give them their space,they deserve it
Let Love Lead
My first Story Actually
I want to thank you all for taking your time to read this…
You don’t know how it makes me feel
May God bless you and grant your heart desire
A m e n

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  1. Waooh! First story? Unbelieveable! And its more like you have bn writing stories for years!!!

    Commend your strength,you are good. More grace.

  2. The story is just SUPERB!!!

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