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Episode 24
“Come here, he said and grab Blair by her left arm, Look i don’t know what you’re talking about
and if you try anything stupid,you’ll see the beast in me…he pushed her away before walking out…
Blair staggered and fell on her butt.
That was a little too rude, you wouldn’t have concluded just like that…..Carmen said helping her
“That’s right i guess i was too carried away…..
“By jealousy.. Carmen snapped
“No that’s not it…..
“Med and Emily are friends and its killing you….
“No that’s not it either…..
“Then what?
Blair opened her mouth to say something but no word was coming out,Carmen hissed and walk
“But you know that’s not it…. Blair mumble hurrying up to catch up with Carmen…
“Hey Logan, have you seen Emily around, is she still with Med?..Hannah asked in a low but clear
voice as she walked up to Logan….
“I think so….Logan nod in agreement, i left both of them some minute ago….
“You think i should go get her? Hannah said
“No let them be, they’ll be here in no time,Med can’t miss training….
“Oh she’s here already……Hannah said as she looked over Logan shoulder and saw Emily
saunting in….
“Who put you in this mood girl? Logan asked noting the angry expression on Emily’s face…
“There’s only one person that can put her in that mood, its Blair……Hannah said…
“Can you believe it, i bumped into her and Carmen then she start questioning me about my where
about, seriously did she ever think that she can just jump up and start throwing questions at me
like that, uuh the nerves….Emily groan in anger.. “That girl is a torn on everyone flesh……Hannah
“A perrenal pain in the ass…..Logan frown.
“So tell me all about it, how did it go with Med,did he….you know….Hannah said coaking her
head and rolling her hands in continuous circle, for further explanation…Emily pointed her
eyebrows at Logan signalling Hannah that she can’t tell her infront of Logan and she quickly
“So when are we kicking some ass…Hannah said as a change of topic.
“Anytime soon…….Emily said with a dubious smile across her face
“Can’t wait……….Hannah Squirmed
“I don’t quiet get what you ladies ate talking about…Logan said looking quiet confused…
“Blair….they both clamoured
“Uhh….Logan mumble raising a brow…
“We’re talking about Blair….Emily added.
“Oh i see…..Logan exclaimed as he realized what the two girls just did..


Assassination Games
Episode 25
“Okay i’ll go to my section, I’ll see you girls around…….Logan added, giving the two girls their
“So tell me what happened……Hannah said
“Nothing happen……Emily rolled her eyes..
“C’mon you’re kidding right……
“Fine I’ll tell you but not today……
“No tell me now……Hannah insisted
‘Am really not in the mood to say it, can we just get done with our training we’ll talk about it
“Okay whatever you say, but remind me so i wont forget….
“Of course i will, you’re such a gossip…Emily said and Hannah chuckled.
Fast forward
“Good morning Boss….Bruce said as he entered snake office..
“Good morning Bruce any heads up today? Snake asked
“Yes Boss, Mr Frust, a retired Assasin, a Very hardened man, he’s as rich as f**k …
“Hard or not Hard my Assassins will break him down, what’s in for him….
“100 Boss, we already have 50 in our account to complete it when he’s out…..
“Okay get the Assassins ready….
“What about Emily, sorry Boss your wife, will she be part of them…
“Yes of course….
“Okay Boss…Bruce replied before strutting out of Snake office.
Bruce informed them on the latest hit at hand, Mr Frust…
They got the details to their house and hurried out to meet with their 30 mins of mission..
Hannah had checked all the security details about the house and had hacked them and in a
minute all securities were down and even his securities were taken down……..
Med gave directions, he took the back door with Carmen, Blair and Emily went up to the upper
floor, while Hannah used the main door with Logan in search of the Mr Frust..All through the sneak
in Emily didn’t voice Blair and Blair didn’t bother but when they got to a room they argued on who
would go in first…
“You wait here while i check the room…..Blair whispered.
“Why would i,you stay I’ll go….Emily insisted
“I’m going in, don’t tell me what to do…Blair fired
“Blair step aside, i don’t need your help…Emily fired.
“And i don’t need your permission you’re not my Boss..Blair bawled.
“Fine you want to do this alone, you want to go down the drain then be my guest….Emily said and
lean against the wall crossing her arms on her chest….Blair hissed and tiptoed into the room, she
check all the hook and crooners of the room forgetting to check the bed, meanwhile Frust
overhead their arguments and had taken cover under the bed,clutching a rifle in his hand, he
followed Blair with his eyes…….


Episode 26
He followed Blair with his eyes until she was out of the room,she walked pass Emily without saying
a word, Emily hurried behind her and tug on her shirt..”what? Blair asked with an eye roll. “Did you
take him out? Emily questioned…”its Empty there’s no one there” Blair announced.
“So we’ve been arguing over an empty room.”Yeah because of you”Blair said and walked
away…”No you started it first, so don’t try to shift the blame on me…
“No you did…Blair snapped stopping at her track, you don’t care about anyone just yourself….
“What? You know that’s so typical, you’re nothing but a big show off….Emily retorted.They argued
further while Frust tiptoed out of the room still clutching his riffle, he gazed at the young ladies and
shook his head slowly….
“You think you guys can get me hell no i got you first….he mumbled coaking his pistol. Meanwhile
the others had all gone outside since there was no sign of the said Frust and have been waiting
outside for the two girls but there was no sign of them either…
“I think those two are fighting in there…..Carmen suggested as they wait outside.
“I don’t think so…..Med said rubbing his temple.
“We got only ten minutes left…..Hannah announced as she lift her hand up and check her wrist
watch, I’m going in there to get Emily….. Hannah added and made to leave but Logan held her
back….”don’t go in there,am sure they’ll be out soon”Logan said and Hannah turned and eyed
Carmen dubiously..
“What’s your friend up to this time? She asked.”And what’s the meaning of that?… Carmen
“You fricken know the type of friend you…….Hannah was caught short by the loud explosion from
“Oh no!! They all clamoured and turned their gaze to the direction of the apartment.Frust had
started firing at the Two girls, it caught Emily on her left arm and she fell down with a loud thud
clutghing her arm, Blair aimed at the railings were frust hid but he kept ducking severally…
“Finally…Blair muttered as a bullet caught frust on his forehead….
“Help me please…..Emily begged..
Did she say help her,Blair was not ready to do that she wondered for some seconds how she
could help Emily after everything, she turned to Emily and frowned as she saw fresh blood gulping
out of her left arm, Blair taught for a while, if she should help her she might continue whatsoever
pranks she was playing with Med, she’s going to seize this opportunity
She won’t let it pass her by…


Episode 27
She won’t let this opportunity pass her by, she’s going to maim Emily really bad….she thought..
“Help me please”Emily begged again this time stretching her hand to Blair for help..Blair bent over
as if to take Emily’s hand,but instead she hit her on the head with the butt of her rifle..”fuck you
bitch”Emily heard as she doubled over with pain, then she black out.
Blair didn’t want others to suspect anything fishy so she started aiming at empty space as she
hurried outside….
“Where’s Emily? Med and Hannah clamoured immediately Blair stepped outside the gate.
“Let’s go,let’s go we have hitters,Emily’s down…. Blair lied
“What?..Hannah gasp..
“No way…Logan exclaimed
“You’re kidding… Carmen quipped..”i’m going in there…Med said drawing close to the gate..
“Get back Med you’re going to get killed..Blair yelled jumping into the base bus.”Then I’ll die
smiling…. Med mumbled before dashing into the gate.
“I know you did it, i had a hunch about this…..Hannah flared pointing at Blair who was hoping that
Med will confirm Emily dead.”shut up bitch” Blair yelled..
“If i find out that you hurt Emily you’ll not have to be afraid of anyone but me… .she barked
“Oh my God Emily! Med yelled as he saw Emily lying lifeless on the floor, he drew close to her and
without another word, bent over her and carried her up in his arm heading for the gate…*****
“What can you do…..Blair argued further.”I’ll cheerfully throttle you “Hannah groaned in anger.
“Stop it both of you..Logan thundered, can’t you ladies get along for once?
“Just what I wanted to say….Carmen spoke up.
Blair’s POV
From the look in Hannah’s eyes i think she know that i maimed Emily, and if eyes could kill i would
be dead by now.Med reappeared with Emily on his shoulder,she was bleeding why did he have to
help her, Hannah and Logan hurried over to help Med with her, Carmen didn’t join them, she
remained mute and didn’t say a word but only stared hard at me with an unreadable facial
expression, i tried to avert her gaze but i couldn’t as our eyes kept meeting… Emily was tucked
into the bus and the others jumped in……The ride back ti base was a quiet one as everyone
remained mute..
General POV
They all went back to base with Emily’s unconscious body, snake fumed with rage as he saw
Emily’s body…
This is short but i can’t post another episode today, its not my fault but bloody NEPA they ought to
give us light..


Assassination Games
Episode 28
“You were in charge of this mission and this happened”Snake said pointing to Med as he boiled
with rage
“Sorry Boss i gave directions she went with Blair”Med replied
“Who fired at you?he asked directing his gaze to Blair
“I couldn’t see who it was, i tried to cover Emily but unfortunately she got hit,Blair lied am sorry
Boss…she added in an innocent voice.
“So is the target down?
“Yes Boss i took him out”Blair replied while others were mute..
“Get back to your quarters, he ordered pouring himself a stiff whiskey…..
They all nod and strolled out of the quarters.
Minutes Later
Blair’s POV
I know Emily is not dead,she’s still alive, and its all because of Med why did he have to ruin my
plan,why did he have to mess it up for me,why did it have to be you Med, i blinked as so many
thoughts found their way into my mind, why didn’t he just let her die..”put your head down!!Carmen
exclaimed jolting me from my thoughts, i could feel her fingers flying down my hair.”Did you have
to startle me? I asked lowering my head so she could braid it at the back.”Tell me Blair did you
maim Emily”Carmen asked as i gasped wondering if she knew i did..”No i didn’t”i lied
“I know you did, stop lying”
“No am not” “yes you are…she replied shinning her eyes
“OK fine i did….i replied, i figured there’s no need to lie, she’ll still get the truth out of me..
“You what? She asked losing her grip from my hair..
“I just hit her,it was not that serious ..”How could you?”
“Look that was the only plan i could come up with,i didn’t want to loose that chance.
“Blair…. She called in a fierce voice.
“What, i rolled my eyes,Med messed up the whole plan,he went for her,don’t colour me bad, she’s
not dead is she?..
“Are you serious?she asked pushing my head forward, you know what,this is the height of it,i
never knew you could do such a thing…
“I know, i know, i just had to do it,not that i meant to but it was the only plan i could come up with…
“Fine but am no more part of this,count me out…
“Carmen you don’t mean that..
“I mean everything I’ve just said, i can’t feel any more worse than this,see you really need to quit
this contest you’re participating in,you won’t win stop fighting over someone that can’t be yours,
Med doesn’t love you and he never will,i mean he doesn’t even notice you,can’t you see nothing is
working, just let them be,stop forcing yourself into his life by hurting an innocent person,he’ll never
be yours….she sa


Assassination Games
Episode 29
She said as i felt like crying.
“I really hate it when you hit hard at me like that”
“Then quit prying into someone else life before you get hurt…she whispered and walked away not
turning back for a glance.
My eyes felt heavy with tears as Carmen words kept ringing in my head, i held back my tears as i
got on my feet”No way, i can never cry for a Man, though i cant help my feelings but am an
Assassin, a Murderess, i got a heart of a stone, so there’s no bloody reason why i should cry for a
man”i mumbled but my eyes failed me..”Oh hell am crying…i muttered as tears ran down my
check, i wiped my tears and bit my lips to muffle the cry as i strolled back into my
quarter,slamming the door behind me.
fast forward
(A week Later)
“Oh my God,i think she’s waking,she’s waking!!!Hannah voice blared the room as she saw Emily
eyelid blink severally,she was already surrounded by her Assassin crew including Blair
“Failed plan!!Blair mumbled rolling her eyes as Emily eyes flew open.Emily woke up shivering and
with a throbbing headache”who are you?she asked moving her eyes from one person to
another,everyone mouth dropped as she asked the puzzling question.
“Its me Hannah,don’t you remember me?Hannah asked..
“No”Emily replied shaking her head slowly,Hannah went further in telling her about the others but
Emily didn’t get it at all.”where am i?another question rolled from her mouth..
“Stop this prank you’re playing,you’re in base,this is your quarter..
“My quarter?Emily asked in confusion
“Yes,we are all assassins and we are your friends, don’t you remember me?Med asked as is heart
failed him,Emily didn’t reply she stared hard at him trying hard to recall his face..
“No need,i think she’s lost it”Logan replied shaking his head slowly,a smile flicked through Blair’s
face as she realized that Emily had lost her memory..”At least something worked”she mumbled.
“What ha…ppened? She stuttered
“You got hit”Blair quipped
“You’ve been out for over a week…
“A week?Emily gasped
“When you got hit,you fell and hit your head really hard on the floor”Blair lied
“What day is today?she asked again
“Its Monday”Carmen chipped making a mental calculation with her fingers.
Emily tried to sit up”Aaaaahhh”she winced in pain as a sharp pain short trough her head.
“Lay back..Med said pushing her head gently, back to the bed.


Assassination Games
Episode 30
Hannah stripped the plaster from the wound,she cleaned it with some spirit and proceeded to
dress it properly,Emily winced as pain short through her body and made an involuntary move to
withdraw her hand but stopped when Hannah fixed her a stern look and continued with the
dressing,she dressed the wound ignoring the audible wince of pain from Emily,she swabbed the
final cotton wool of spirit on the wound and spread an antibacterial cream over it,before wrapping it
up with a bandage.Emily tried to move her head but the pain got worse so she lay still trying to
recall where she had gone the day before and what she had done but she couldn’t remember
anything..Snake came in to check on Emily,he stopped and stared as his assassins as they
surround Emily,by this time Hannah had started to mop Emily’s face and neck with a damn cloth.
“Every body leave, she needs some fresh air”Snake Bellowed,they all turned and glance at
him,Hannah dropped the bowl of water nod and walked out of the room with the others…”who are
you?Emily squint trying to sit up..
“Are you serious?Snake asked looking around to as if to ascertain that she was the one that Emily
wss asking to, wait you’re asking me who i am, I’ll go on a limb and call you Cray..
Emily didn’t reply she kept mute as Snake spoke,the mere sight of him fazed her..”i need you
now”he groaned,Emily pupils dilated in fear as Snake drew close to her,he leaned over her and
pecked her on her forehead,on her cheek,and then he kissed her on her lips,pressing her left niple
with his hand.”Get off,get off…Emily yelled pushing him away with all her strength..”look woman
you’re my wife,and i can have you anytime i want,now you’ll choose to let me do my work
peacefully or i do it the rough way”….
“Wife?she asked raising a brow
“Are we married?
Snake frowned as he realized that Emily was not herself, he recoiled from her and stood on his
feet,the idea of losing her memory did not hit him…
“Emily have you been drinking lately, did my assassins give you a drink when you woke up?
“Then why do you sound strange,what’s wrong with you?”he asked in a stern voice,Emily didn’t
reply she only gazed at him,Snake wondered what kind of game Emily was playing,Emily avert his
gaze,he stretch out a hand and touched her neck”you’re burning up”he announced as the hotness
of her body hit her,I’ll call computer bride to attend to you”he mumbled and walked out of the


Assassination Games
Episode 31
Emily laid back as she tried to remember who she is,where she is and who the people around her
are but she couldn’t push it,each time she tried to remember a sharp pain struck her forehead…
(N/b:from this point you really need to read carefully cause am summarizing it)
Snake returned to the quarter with Hannah..”Go check that weird lady she’s burning up”Snake
said pointing at Emily.
“Boss for that part,i think there’s something you need to know”Hannah said with her head
down.”what is it?
“I think she’s lost her memory,she doesn’t remember anything..
“Shit..he cursed as he punched the wall with his knuckles..
“Is she going to be fine?he asked raising a brow
“I don’t know Boss but i pray she does” Hannah said moving close to Emily,she sat at the edge of
the bed and touched her neck..
“You’ll be fine okay….she said running her hand down Emily’s hair,to keep her relaxed,she dipped
a clothe into the bowl of water,brought it out and squeezed it,then she pressed it slowly against
Emily’s face,from her face down to her neck and to her face again,Snake shook his head and
walked out of the quarter,Hannah heaved a huge sigh of relief thinking that Snake was gone
meanwhile he stood in front of quarter resting his head on the door and thinking of what to do, for
the first time he was really devastated.
“Do you remember anything now? Hannah asked
“No…. Emily rolled her eyes.
“You need to remember something..
“I really tried but i cant just force it”Emily said wearily.”At least you should remember me”
“No i don’t,what were you to me?she asked
“Best friend”Hannah mumbled in anguish.”i don’t remember that”
“Okay what about Medwin,your Romeo don’t you remember him?Snake pressed harder to the
door as he heard the indistinct conversation from inside,so he could hear clearly.
“No …Emily mumbled,tell me about him.
“So don’t you remember anything about him,you both were in love,you used to tell me how much
you loved Med, how can you forget all that…..
Snake taught of going inside the quarter,he held the door knob and wanted to twist it open but
stopped to listen again..
“Don’t you remember the day you sneaked into his quarter to go see him,even if you didn’t tell me
what happened i know you guys made love”Hannah said gigling,as Emily smiled at her..
Snake mouth dropped as he continue to eavesdrop on the ladies conversation..

Episode 32
“He’s not been himself since then,he have been blaming himself for putting you with Blair”Hannah
went on, still pressing the moist clothe against Emily’s face.
“He do?”she asked scathingly
“Yes,he loves you i don’t know why you had to forget all that,even if you have to forget everything
you shouldn’t forget him.Snake clenched his fist in anger and his knuckles turned white.”so she’s
been cheating on me..he groaned in anger, just then his phone chirmed.
Hannah heard the ringtone of her Boss phone,from outside,she clasped a hand over her mouth
wondering if Snake had heard all that she had said. “Oh my God,that’s Boss phone ringing have
he been there all this time, oh my God,we are so dead…she mumbled in a muffled voice.
“What’s going on?Emily asked
“Sit up,I’m going to check if he’s at the door”Hannah whispered and tip toed towards the
door,Emily sat up clutching her left arm,she leaned her head against the wall and set her eyes on
Hannah as she tip toed towards the door…Snake tucked the phone in his pant pocket and walked
out if the hallway”I’m going to deal with those two love birds I’ll make life difficult for Emily,she’ll
regret ever cheating on me I’ll so deal with her but this is not the time, i just need to drink
something” he mumbled as he walked through the hallway.Hannah reached the door and peeped
through the key hole, she saw someone walking away but she couldn’t place who the person
was,so she open the door slightly and poked her head outside,she saw snake storming out of the
hallway. “Oh No,i cursed this,if i didn’t have forced her into remembering something,it wouldn’t
have gotten to Boss ear,now Emily’s life is in danger,i need to do something,maybe i have to tell
Med about this”Hannah mumbled scratching her head, with that she sliped out of the quarter, she
leaned flat on the wall to avoid being seen, and watch Snake walk out of sight,then she ran as fast
as her legs could carry her heading straight to Med’s quarter. She banged on the door immediately
she got there.
“Who might that be?”Logan asked as he heard the loud bang on the door.
“You go get the door..Med gestured with his fingers.”No you go”Logan declined.”you go”Med
“Okay we’ll get it together…Logan suggested and they both got up,walk to the door,turn the door
knob and opened the door….Logan sighed as he saw Hannah in a crouch, her hands were on her
“Hannah what is it,is anyone after you?Med asked looking around as if to….

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