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Episode 19
Emily pov
Today is the best day of my life here, finally I found someone who love me..
Someone that care, someone that I could turn to for protection, someone that made me feel
important… I can’t believe Med was also in love with me all this while, where did I even get the
courage to do that, and my heart was racing out of my chest when I told him about my feelings,
seriously I didn’t expect that kiss from him though I wanted it but I taught he’ll yell at me, glare
daggers or better turn rude once more but everything turned out right, I just hope this my love
episode will last long… I heard a gentle rap on my door so I strutled to check who it was, I twist the
door open and saw Hannah standing there and grinning at me…
“Hey” I said
“Hello…she greeted Poppin her head into my room…
“Am alone come in already….I said pulling her inside.
“So how did it go?….tell me everything, I want to hear all about it…she giggled sitting on the bed. I
explained everything to her she chucked but I could see the look of surprise in her face….
“Wow! he kissed you, I thought he was a kinda hard ass…
“I would say tough tackles but I guess every tackles can be melted, am so happy…..
“I’m happy for you too, finally you got what you wanted but we must not let Boss know about it…
“What are you two not planning to tell me…. someone said coming into my room, we both turn to
see who it was….
“Oh no… Hannah squirmed as she saw snake saunting into my room..
“Don’t worry I’ll handle it…..I whispered.
“Tell me am listening…he said..
“Uhhmm it’s nothing, it’s just, you know, it’s just……..
“Girls stuff….. Hannah chipped in
“Yes girls stuff….I agreed nodding
“I see…so you’re keeping secrets right….he said nodding slightly..
“No…I shook my head swallowing hard..
“Doing some shaddy things right..
“No…I shook my head again
“You think you’re smart right…
“Then what? He asked
“Am not keeping secrets, am not doing anything shaddy either, but you won’t believe me cause
you never liked me….I said in my own defense
“Where is that coming from huh? From your new friends right(Turns to Hannah) leave us….he
“Yes Boss… she replied and rushed out. “what now?..I asked averting his gaze thinking he was
about to get down with me..
“Emily dear….he called and I rolled my eyes ….
“Don’t ever think that okay, I love you..
“And am shocked…
“You don’t need to be dear
Assasination Games
Sub:Dangerous Love


Episode 20
Quater Finale
Emily’s pov
“You don’t need to be dear and if i find out that you’re keeping secrets or doing anything shady
you’ll get it really bad from me, I’ll knock you straight down…..he bawled and walked out.
Phew….that was a close one.
Blair’s pov
Its been two weeks and some days we’ve been spying and snooping on them but nothing seems
to be working, I’m vying for his attention but he seems not to notice me or maybe he doesn’t even
know that I’m yearning for him but for the records am never gonna give up snooping, i must dig
deep into it …i know something fishy is going on and i must find out what it is……..
..Medwin pov
I know everything was just so fast but i couldn’t help it, her words triggered my hidden feelings, but
come to think of it that deep mouth kiss was hot and her lips were as soft as that of a new born,
and the looks her eyes emitted i knew she wanted me badly……
” so you actually gave her a gum, have been wanting to ask you but it keeps escaping my
mind..Logan said jolting me from my thoughts..
Since when did you become Mr nice, she must have made quiet an impression to you and i don’t
get it, you guys are really close this days, tell me am i missing something ? He asked sitting next
to me….
“Oh shut up, you talk to much…. I dismissed with a jab oh his rib..
” Are you having some hots for Boss wife, tell me cause am in a mood for juicy gist……..he
pressed on with his annoying questions…
“Why are you always like this?..i question
” How?.. He asked
“Why can’t you ever be serious in your life, i pray those lips won’t get you into trouble …..
” i get it, i shouldn’t have said it that way but you know i was just kidding, C’mon man you take
things too personal….he frowned..
“And you talk a little too crazy…
” yeah and that’s why I’m asking if there’s anything going on between the both of you…
“Are we still on this? I asked raising a brow…
” yeah i need to know…..
“Well nothing is going on….i lied
” Now i know what your face looks like when you’re lying…..
“Okay fine we’re together, she love me and i love her back…
” what are you crazy, do you wanna die now….he yelled..
“Can you please not yell…..
” okay how long have this been going on? He asked in a low tune..
“For a while but we just made it known today….
” Are you sure of what you’re getting into?
“Of course am sure, at firsti thought i was infatuated……
” of course you’re infatuated….he snapped….


Assasination Games
Episode 21
By Author Anna
Medwin’s pov
“No am not…..i replied with a frown
” Look this is way too dangerous, she’s not the only girl here, don’t you think there’s a way you
could just forget about her, see you could actually get another girl here, go cut off all ties, stop
trying to get yourself killed…
“You don’t just get it….
” i get everything that you’re in love with her and what, get yourself killed….
“I love this girl…..
” yeah you love the girl i know….
“No matter what you say, i love this girl….
” still…..
“You can’t change my mind, actually you can’t…. I said shaking my head..
” yeah but…
“Can’t you just let her be, i love her, you can’t Change my mind i love her….
” No pro, you’re my man, do what you want, i got your back….
“How about my front?…i asked raising a brow
” i still got you, lover boy, lover boy….he teased and i chuckled…
*Fast forward*
Two weeks later…
Emily’s pov
Med asked me to visit him in his quarters so Hannah helped me slip my way there….
Standing in front of the room, my hand froze on mid air as i wanted to knock, i summoned courage
and tap the door, Med answered and i guess by his facial expression he was surprise to see me…
“Oh my Goodness cupcake! He squirmed opening the door wider for me to get in…
” How are you? I asked airkissing him..
“I didn’t know you’ll show up…
” But i promised you, i will….
“I thought you were just kidding, look at you, looking so golden….he said checking me out..
” ehemmm….someone coughed and i turn to the direction were the sound came from, it was
Logan he had coughed to make his prescence known i guess..
“Hi…i waved
” Ummmh, i see you’re the one that have been giving my friend sleepless night right…he said
staring at me while i averted his gaze..
“That’s right Medwin quipped in.
“Get away….i said playfully.
” please sit…Med said pointing to the bed and i sat down.
“Hemm Med you know that i was on my way to the training space right…I’ll get up then, Emily just
make yourself comfortable okay….
” okay I’ll try…i replied.
“Okay see you…
” Alright thank you…
“Bye then…he said and walked out..
” i like your quarter its nice…i said checking out the room..
“Thank you, i love you, you’re so beautiful… He teased and i blushed.
” Stop it…i said gigling.
“No its for real, i mean it, its true….. I blushed again
” stop it, stop it please, you’re making me blush…
“No for real you’re so beautiful, i mean you’re beautiful in the morning, beautiful at noon, beautiful
at night, you know most time i want to stay awake and watch you sleep…he cooed and i couldn’t
help gigling..
General pov
All this while she have been tugging at her hair, so that now most of it had fallen in loose curls
unto her shoulders, and more than ever Medwin wanted to touch her, he threw his arm over her
” i like your hair, it smells nice…he said kissing her lightly on her cheek…
“Thank you…she said returning his kiss.
” Take me out of here, it wont be long before everyone find out about us, Emily said with rising
panic in her voice, please i want to be with you take me out of here..
“I will and you’ll be free, then we’ll be together and I’ll make love to you every morning and every
evening..he smiled and kissed her on the lips..
She returned the kiss hungrily and smiled back..
” And what happens in the afternoons in between?..she asked still smiling..
She was in love with him and he could see it, how could she refuse him?
“I will kiss you in the afternoons? He teased kissing her again on the lips and tickling her breast
with deft finger..
” just kisses? She asked relishing every moment..
“And much more…he replied still teasing..
” show me please… She begged.
“And you promise to be strong till i take you out of here?..he asked kissing her again and again,
deep passionate kisses that treatened to take her breath away….


Assassination Games

Sub: Dangerous Love

Episode 22
Anna writes
General POV
Emily did not reply, her mind was not with her anymore. Her body and soul were responding not to
the words he was saying but to the signals emmited by his fingers, he rubbed the now rigid breast
and felt them grow harder,her breathing became louder but he did not stop, without another word
he undid her button watching with delight as her breast jumped free of its cage,he kissed her on
the breast,belly button and on the lips,they kissed deeply,kisses borne out of genuine desire by
two people for each other. He kissed her again on the breast and sucked on the nipple and she
moaned,with his mouth still on her breast,he removed her pant(trouser)and kissed her on the neck
and again on her lips,she was completely lost by the time Medwin removed his short…
“Carmen!!come out, training starts in about thirty minutes,you know it’s a long walk from our
quarters to the training space,we need to get there first,who knows those two might be there
already,what are you still doing in there?.. Blair said half yelling….
“Am almost done…… Carmen yelled from inside the bathroom
“I’m going,meet me when you’re done….
“I’m out, I’m here…. Carmen yelled dashing out of the bathroom…
“Did you wash your hands?…. Blair asked checking her out..
“Can we go now or do we have time for interviews…… Carmen said raising a brow..
“Come on let’s go..Blair said dragging her along..
The CIA’s had just informed us on the new target” Bruce said taking a seat across snakes desk…
“And who is that, do the LOA’s know about it? Snake asked
“Yeah they do, Frust Brian,a very hardened man….
“Hard or no hard there’s nothing my assassin’s can’t handle, how much is for the game??
“Five million already in our account,to balance three when he’s out……
“Then get our assassin’s ready….snake said nodding greedily..
“Yes Boss….Bruce nod and walked out of the room…
“I love you….Med said..
“I love more…. Emily replied throwing her arm around him for a hug,their embrace was long and
“Let’s go for training now before the others suspect anything….. Emily suggested as they
disengaged from their hug…
“Yeah,you go first I’ll be right behind you….. he replied giving her a peck on the cheek…
“Okay, I’ll do just that….. Emily replied and smile at him before throtling out of the quarter,she
hurried out of the alley that led her out of Med’s quarter and bumped into Blair and Carmen on
reaching the hallway….
“Hey look were you’re going… Carmen said getting up…
“I’m so sorry,I didn’t see you there………… Emily said rubbing her palms and trying to hide the grin
she had on when Blair fell..
“You came right into us….Blair barked
“I said am sorry…….
“And we’re you coming from,if I may ask? Blair said crossing her arms and peering dubiously at


Assassination Games
Dangerous love
Episode 23
General pov conts
“You have no right,you have no fucken right to stand before me and question me…..Emily Bawled
with sudden anger rising in her……
“Am just asking a question…Blair shrugged.
“And you got your answer,cause the next time you try that you’ll realize that i can be a pretty
fucken tough person to deal with….Emily flared and walked away pushing with her shoulder…
“I see she’s getting stronger…..Blair said rubbing her shoulder which was hurting…
“You see why i told you i did’nt want to get involve, you better stop meddling in what she does,
now what are we going to do? Carmen asked…
“Corner Med of course, am sure she came out of his quarters……Blair said Scathingly….
“I don’t think so, and its not our business if she comes out there or not…..Carmen shrugged..
“I know but we need to do anything possible to get ahead of them and you know she’s…….Blair
didn’t complete her statement when Med walked out of the alley rubbing his temples….
“Speaking of the devil….Carmen whispered as she caught sight of him..”what are you planning to
do? She asked…
“Just watch me….. Blair grin and hurried over to Medwin…
“He…….y…..she squirmed standing in front of him probably obstructing him from going further…
“What is the meaning of this, why are u in my way? He asked raising a brow.
“Give me just five sec before you chew me up……Blair said with a mischievous smile dangling by
the corner of her lips….
“Talk am listening…….he beckoned with his hand and Blair sighed tugging on her hair….
“I know you and Boss wife are playing some pranks…she said scathingly. “What!!!!Med exclaim
biting his lips…”okay, she told me,don’t worry my lips are sealed….Blair lied while Camen watch in
“I don’t know what you’re talking about….Med said darting his eyes from her..
“Listen we might not get along easily but its not hard to find out….
“So what do you imply?…Med asked.
“That you guys are not just training there’s more to it..
“Are you blind or are you being lied to, can’t you see we’re just friends……
“There’s no denying it, admit it…..Blair pressed on..
“Look if you’re done with your nonsense I’ll be happy if you excuse me its been a long day….Med
said and start taking strides……
“It won’t be nice if Boss hears about it, Blair threatened to his back and he stopped at his track and
turn to her…..
oh mehn…
shit am not happy

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