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Pls hid my ID
My marriage is 2yrs plus ..though hubby and I are living in different state currently because of so many reasons….

He has been cheating on me while we were living together under same roof even with his family, it got so toxic that he had to move me and my child to another close by state…and he cheats with different girls we argue and fight over it and he didn’t stop…not until last year ending he told me he has a stable girlfriend that he is trying to change from sleeping with different girls.


..I was happy but with mixed feelings…later on, he told me that he is in love with the girl and she loves him too ..

meanwhile this girl in question is my ex colleague in the place where I worked before i got transferred to another state am financially independent..he still takes care of me and my child…

before I know it, my husband became obsessed with the girl to the point of sleeping in her house… talking about marrying her…

we are igbos Enugu for that matter Christians but my husband started advocating for polygamy so that he can marry her.

..he told me to be friendly with her and accept her as the love of his life

I was hurt, bitter and frustrated but I played along welcomed her and made her feel like the queen of his life because I don’t want trouble with him…

he tells me everything he does with her even how he sexs her…

whenever they have problem he would call me to beg her.. which I would do…he claims he loves me but also love her equally and she too balance as his wife

My heart has been wounded I asked for a divorce he got scared and said he can’t loose me and he won’t let her go…the love I had for him depreciated

Last December I met a young doctor during the period that my husband and his mistress were very open about their relationship that my family and other friends are asking me what is going on but I still played along so that there would be peace..

he buys things for me and her equally yet I still kept mute but it hurts so badly..

So this doctor was always there for me I started talking to him about my problems and I felt better…

with time we started hanging out and he fell for me …I pity him because I can’t be with him but he is so crazy about me..

.he treats me and my child well.. He introduces me to his family and friends…I don’t know how to control him because I am still married and my husband has refused divorce…but I know I would be happy with this guy

I married an Nsukka man so adultery is not ever going to happen…but during val we both got drunk,

Why I was angry was because my husband took his mistress to a romantic trip in another state …he didn’t care about me and she was flaunting the pix on social media)

We kissed and I gave the doctor a blow job…
Now am feeling so guilty about what I did..

.I feel so disgusted…pls what should I do…he makes me really happy but I can’t be with him…

secondly Enugu ppl is blow job considered adultery would the gods make me mad if I don’t tell my husband that I kissed another man

Am just caged in deep mess…I dated my husband for 2years before we married both legally and traditional and church wedding we did all.


.I got to find out that he has been asking this his mistress out while we were dating but she refused only for her to accept him since February 2019 because she celebrated their first anniversary on Val day…

I don’t know how he turned into what he is right now…and I don’t want to start having affairs outside my marriage because am not sure if I love the doctor or just using him to forget my sorrow..

I don’t understand why the poor boy has to fall for a married woman thou am just 24 and still very hot u wouldn’t believe I’ve given birth..

.how do i stop this mess?

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