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Kemi was said to have been impregnated by a man, who died a few months into their relationship and she later met Paul iwapele and a relationship started

Mr paul who promised to take care of her and the pregnancy, which was four months old at the time.

Kemi later gave birth to the child while living with him however, Paul defiled the three-year-old girl and the mother on Sunday, demanded justice for her daughter.

The 35-year-old said she became suspicious after observing her child touch Iwapele in a strange way, adding that she later discovered that he had been sleeping with her.

The Beninoise said the suspect, when confronted, denied the allegation.

“I was bathing my daughter when she started telling my husband to look at her private parts.

She even went ahead to touch him in his dick and told me that my husband usually put his hands in her private parts as well.

I became curious and asked why she would be making such statements to him.

She usually complained of pain when I bathed her and when I checked her private parts, I discovered that they had peeled. She was also running a temperature; she complained of stomach ache and her stomach was swollen.

“When I took her to a hospital, I was told that she would undergo an operation, but I refused to go back because I was scared. I went to meet my pastor and he told me that someone had been sexually molesting my daughter.

“I don’t go out; I am always indoor. So, I don’t know how someone would do such a thing without my knowledge. I asked him, but he denied until we went to a Muslim cleric’s place, where he was challenged until he confessed to the crime.

“I want the government to make him face the full wrath of the law because I have been told that people who sleep with minors do it for ritual purposes.”

Iwapele, the husband confessed to the crime, saying since January 2020, he had had carnal knowledge of the victim four times.


He said, “I have been having sex with her since January and for only four times. I don’t know what used to make me do it; I just know that at midnight something strange do happened to me and it just happens.

“When I discovered that her private parts were peeling, I had to stop and it was around that period that people got to know about it and started beating me.”

The Deputy Commander, Onyabo Vigilante Group, Olanrewaju Olabinjo, said Iwapele also confessed to the crime when his men interrogated him.

He, however, said Iwapele had been handed over to the police for further investigation.

Olabinjo said, “I was on the field when I received a call from one of my officers that a woman who reported a case of rape was at my office.

“I rushed down to the office and met the woman. When she explained how everything happened, I told my officers to apprehend the man and during interrogation, he confessed that he perpetrated the crime on four different occasions.


“The family of the suspect came to my office for the matter to be settled, but I drove them away because we don’t compromise.”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said the suspect was in custody.

He added that the victim had been taken to the Mirabel Centre of the Lagos State Universty Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, for further tests and treatment.

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