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We are doing our best withing our limited resources to take youths off crime and give them avenue to excel in sports but we need government support and encouragement to move to the top” Mr. Tijani Fatai. C E O Oloke fc

One of the responsibilities of any government at all tiers is the deliberate efforts toward the developments of the youths and to bring out the potentials that lies within them either in academics, entertainments, sports or handcrafts.

Nigerian government at all level, no doubts have been found wanting and lacking on its responsibilities to bring about and harness the potentials that are abound on her youths, no wonder the restiveness in all parts of the country, a capable and willing but idle hands is surely a devil workshop.

One the notorious and hot spots areas in Lagos is Oshodi, a community in Oshodi/Isolo Local Government of Lagos state, south West, Nigeria. This community is to be blighted by criminal activity such as pick pocketing, bag snatching, drug abuses and other social vises hence, every governments of the day decides to treat the symtoms and not the sickness by continuous demolishing the markets, clear the slum area of the community, setting security agents against the youths to provide security and curb the ills.

These efforts have yielded little or no efforts as feelers have it that many commuters or travelers who have to traverse the community in the course of their journey have one or two bitter safety tales to narrate.

One the few areas that Nigerian youths have excel without assistance from the government is in the area of sports and entertainments.

There is considerable evidence of sport’s role in delivering a wide variety of benefits to individuals and communities, including personal gains and economic growths.
Sports  can help increase economic prosperity, provide employment opportunities and contribute towards raising aspirations and increasing skill levels.
Any government and or group of individuals that is genuinely concern and have a foreknowledge of what might become of a community like Oshodi and any other likes community will understand without doubt that we are actually sitting on a time bomb if the energy of these restless youths are not channel towards a responsible  and productive usage.
Coming in contact with a member of the community, a youth himself, a Sports enthusiast, Sports Promoter and Youths Developer and Visioneer who understand the potentials stacks in the  youths and otherwise implications if left untapped. The man who is spending his hard earn resources, energy and time to turn the tide.
Mr. Tijani Fatai, otherwise and popularly called OLOKE, the MD and CEO, Oloke FC says his aim for Sports Developments is to provide a structured framework for continued developments of sustainable sporting activities and opportunities for all people living within and outside Oshodi/Isolo Community in particular with the aim to contribute to the good health, safety of our communities and allow the youths to gain from the potential in sports for the economics sustainabilities of the youths.
“Our aim for sports is Socio-economy gain for the youths” We have a method of bringing about social change through the use of sports.
“We embark on programs like TABLE TENNIS, BOXING and of course FOOTBALL using all sports to help children and youths learn lifelong skills as an incentive for the children to improve their skills.
Sports is used as a tool to reach personal and community goals and let youths take a career in sports” Oloke narrated

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