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SWEET TORTURE 4, 5, 6, 7

SWEET TORTURE 4, 5, 6, 7

Chapter 4
Edwin’s POV continues
I think I’ve lost my appetite. I sprung from my seat and strolled out. I think I have fever and a slight
headache. But why do I feel guilty? I hope I’m not feeling this way because of that dumb ass. She
deserved the treatment she got from me . I kept talking to myself until I reached the parking lot.
Then I spotted someone crying. It was Delia. Immediately she saw me she mounted her bicycle
and she was gone. I somewhat had the urge to apologize to her but she’s gone already. I’ve
changed my mind. A person of my status cannot apologize to such a low life with a misplaced
priority, but why was she crying? Why was she going, break is over; she suppose to be in class.
So why are you here, aren’t you supposed to be in class as well or do you really have fever? My
sub conscience questioned. I simply nodded to my self defeated as I slide into my car and drove
off. I think I’m like this because of that dumb bitch. I need to calm my nerves at home.
Delia’s POV
I didn’t know why but I just started crying when Fleur left for class. I had told her I have a little
headache and needed to go home, I felt so embarrassed when he came in on me sniffing and
cleaning my eyes. Damn me and my sensitive feelings. So once I sighted that monster from my
bicycle mirror, I mounted my beloved bicycle and left.
I got home, lucky enough for me my Dad wasn’t home so I won’t have to answer questions. I
ascended the stairs to my room. Thank God I’ve already had lunch. I took two aspirin tablets from
the drawer and gulped down with water. That should handle the headache.
I stripped out of my school uniform and lay down heavily on the bed with only my pant and bra. I
was too tired to freshen up. Yah scold me if you like. I dragged my thought to what happened in
school. Its high time I concentrated on my studies and forget about that genius monster. I thought.
I didn’t even tell you that my chances of staying in this school is very low because of my poor
performance. I must be better. With a heavy sigh, I drifted off to sleep

Sweet Torture Chapter 5
By Godsmercy
Delia’s POV continues
3 hours Later
I woke up feeling much better. Good! that aspirin has done a good job. I freshened up, wore my
blue crop top and a pink trouser, put on my pink slippers and hailed a cab to dad’s restaurant. I
paid the cab man and went inside. I waved at my Dad who was busy serving and went straight to
the kitchen.
“Hey Katya” I said to the cook on duty. She only responded with a nod and smiled. Katya is a
woman in her mid fifties, she’s a Russian and has been working for my Dad for more than ten
years now.
“Is there something to eat? I’m dead beat”
” yup…please serve yourself Delia ” she retorted with heavy Russian accent still giving me that
smile. I served myself and next moment I was done.
“Thanks Katya” I said satisfactorily.
” Don’t mention it dear” she responded sharply .
Soon it was closing time, my Dad and I washed the few dishes that was left. There was an
awkward silence in the room. A million thoughts was just rushing in my head. My Dad must have
noticed a change in my mood because he asked
” Delia are you all right ?”
” sure Dad” I replied with a nod.
Then he began
” Your principal called today”
Oh God…take my soul. The love letter mess has got to my Dad. I’m so dead right now, my Dad
will be so disappointed in me. This is not a girl he’s laboured to raise all these years.
” uhmm…Dad..about- I stuttered and he cut me off
” so he complained that you’re doing very badly in school especially in mathematics and English
studies. He said your written grammar is very poor. I’m still wondering why you should have a
problem with your own language Delia. He said you may not graduate with the pace you’re going”
he paused and studied my face.
Damn it! This man doesn’t know how excited I am right now. Though its a bad news but it isn’t as
bad as that love letter mess would have been.
” Dad I’ve been trying but my dull brain doesn’t allow it to work but I really want to go to school” I
pouted trying to hide my excitement.
” yea I know and im totally on your side but please don’t say you’re dull. You should know that i
love you so much and want the best for you. School may completely not be your thing so if you
find it difficult to deal with, you should consider learning a trade. You and I know that I can’t afford
that school, if the scholarship is withdrawn, you’re out. You have to work harder to make your Dad
proud sweetheart ”
All this while I’ve been staring at the zinc. I felt really bad. I looked up to him and protested mildly.
” Dad I promise to be better for my future and for you!” I made a military like bow and we burst out
laughing loudly. He may laugh but I know he’s damn serious. He hugged me tightly and kissed my
forehead repeatedly. Soon we closed the doors and the windows and strolled down the street
looking for the next available cab to go home.
Sweet Torture Chapter 6
Edwin’s POV
The car pulled up on the parking lot. I alighted. Everyone gasped on seeing me, I smirked as I
waved to some of my classmates. I managed to smile at some of those bitches who were busy
drooling over me as if seeing me for the first time. You don’t have to be so hard sometimes, you
Yes, I know I’m hot, handsome, intelligent and rich, so everyone have always wanted to be like
Edwin Hawks and I love it. I couldn’t sight that dumb ass anywhere, maybe she’s in class. Why do
I even bother about her presence.
But then I watched that low life bitch walk pass me without even looking at my direction. What! Did
that dumb ass just passed without greeting me? It pissed the life out of me. As I was strolling to
the class room. I thought of the many things I could do to make her regret her stupid actions.
Delia’s POV
I alighted from my bicycle and saw the students giggling uncontrollably. I was wondering what the
excitement was all about. Then I noticed it was because of that jerk.
With tightened jaw, I braced myself and walked pass him without looking at his direction.
Nonsense. Who the hell does he think he is. Gone are the days when I used to drool over him.
I was about entering my class when Ms Becca informed me that the principal wants to see me in
his office.
My heart jumped to my chest. Has that monster ordered the principal to remove me already?. I
heard his father has been appointed Education Minister, so he surely has the whip hand. All the
staff always run around when he gives orders including the principal. Oh god… I’m I really going to
I knocked and heard a “come in” from within the office. With hesitation, I entered. Our principal Mr
Lambert was leaning on his office desk.
” good morning sir ” I greeted nervously.
“Morning Ms Parks, please sit down” he pointed to the arm chair in front of his office desk. Feeling
nervous, I sat on the edge of my seat. I didn’t know what to expect. He sat down and adjusted his
The door opened and genius monster walked in. What! I gasped. I hope is not what I’m thinking.
He sat down and concentrated his gaze on the principal. I dared not look at his direction.
“Ms Parks” the principal started.
“Your performance is alarmingly poor. And from the look of things you may not graduate or maybe
asked to withdraw from the school. You should have understood the fact that you’re a scholarship
student. So mind telling me why is that?”
“I – I – I – uhm..I don’t know what to say but I’ve been trying my best sir. I promise to be better” I
stuttered trying to control tears from coming out.
“That’s enough. We’re pairing you with Mr. Hawks here. He’s the best we’ve ever produced and I
believe he will at least help you to earn more than a point. This is your last chance Ms Parks and
don’t misuse this opportunity” he then looked at Edwin and I bet he was more than shocked.
Edwin’s POV
When the principal said the school was going to pair me with miss dumb ass, I was more than
pissed. At least they should have asked me first before such decision is taken. But then I
remembered I was looking for such an opportunity to get back at her. Good! I thought. I gave him
a fake smile.
“I think I’ll take it sir. She’s such a mess and needs to be cleaned” I concluded as I gave her a
piercing gaze.
“Good, please arrange everything” thank you for offering to help out”
“Don’t mention it sir” I gave him another fake smile.
“Please you may go to your class now” the principal stated.
We stood up and left.
Sweet Torture Chapter 7
Delia’s POV
We left the principal’s office with that jerk walking like he was flying. I only trailed behind him
thinking about the pairing thing.
The school bell jingled for dismissal time. I left the class to the parking lot. Fleur had gone already.
Her parents have their wedding anniversary party. She had to go early so she could help with the
I got to the parking lot and saw that monster leaning on his car with his ever stupid smirk. Does he
ever get tired of smirking at all? I hissed loudly and was about to mount my bicycle when he yelled
“Hey dumb ass meet me here today by 4pm for your lessons. If you’re one minute late, I’m out” he
“Patronising asshole” I muttered. Before I could form a sentence, he entered his car and drove off.
What an attitude!
I approached our street and saw a thick smoke coming out from a particular building.I Started
coughing as I rode faster.
“Oh my! Our house has been gutted by fire”. I uttered as I got closer to the building.
So it was our house I was seeing from a far. I saw my Dad outside with some fire service
I rushed and hugged him tightly. I would have run mad if anything had happened to him. He said
he had no explanations as to what caused the fire.
The fire service managed to put it out. A lot of things were destroyed and a few things were left.
We were advised to vacate the building immediately for fear of collapse.
Mr Parks Church’s POV
This is absolutely shocking. The house that I’ve lived for years and have had a lot of memories
with it was now destroyed by fire I do not know how it came about. But I have to be strong for my
little angel.
She’s the reason why I live each day since I lost my wife. When I was told we need to vacate the
building, I was broken. The cost of new accommodation and all that.

I have little savings from my restaurant business. We can’t logde in a hotel for long, I’ll surely run
bankrupt. But then we have to try.
“Dad, what do we do now, where are we gonna stay? She asked as she snapped me outta my

” it okay if we lodge in a hotel for now? I asked with a grin.
“Do you think you can afford that Dad?”

“Yes for now, I’ll look for somewhere comfortable where we can move in”

“Okay Daddy” she retorted with a nod. I gave her a weak smile, as we entered the building to see
what we can take with us.
Delia’s POV
I felt terrible for what has befallen us. I really pity my Dad. Now he’s really gonna spend a lot of
cash for our accommodation. I hope it doesn’t affect his business. I don’t want to be a burden to
We packed the little that remained. Most of my clothes and that of my Dad’s was gone. We
managed to see some of my mum’s pictures and few important things. We hailed a cab to Hotel
Macgregor. We’ve lost almost everything!
Soon we were at the hotel. My Dad did most of the talking to the ladies at the reception and we got
our room key. Its a small room though. It has a bathroom and a toilet and also a king-size bed. Its
comfortable! Its a little awkward to share the same room with Dad. Winks. Stupid me. Now don’t
scold me we’ve been sleeping in separate rooms since I was born.
Minutes later my Dad placed an order for our lunch. We can’t go to our restaurant now. He entered
the bathroom to freshen up. I sat there on the kingsize bed thinking about the whole incident. How
the hell did fire enter our house? I questioned my thought.

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