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SWEET TORTURE 20, 21, 22, 23

SWEET TORTURE 20, 21, 22, 23

Sweet Torture Chapter 20
Story by Godsmercy Smart
Maria’s POV
I’m so happy, now I have a partner. That stupid bitch will be begging for her life soon but I’m not
sure she’ll have it because I have to clear all the obstacles to my marriage with Edwin.
I smiled to myself at the thought. When I want something I don’t really give a fuck about how its
affects others. I need this marriage.
I had bragged to my friends that I’ll get married soon. No I have to act fast. That lowlife can’t steal
what’s mine. I switched off the light as I cuddled my TeddyBear and went off to dreamland
The next morning I got to school. I sighted Delia and Edwin making out in his car. I almost ran
mad. What? Did I just see that? If this is a dream, then someone should better wake me up right
I was furious as hell. Shit….shit….shit. Someone is messing with what is mine and it’s even a
daughter of a nobody. Fine. I took out my phone and snapped them, his Dad must see this and if
he doesn’t act fast, No one can tell a devil what to do.
Delia’s POV
We walked hand in hand to the class room. Then I sighted my best friend but she isn’t alone. That
should be Maria. I walked up to them and greeted “hi” none of them answered.
Maria hissed loudly and murmured something I didn’t even hear. None of my business though. But
my blood ran cold when Fleur did the same. Wait is this a joke or what.
“Fleur ” I called out but she left without looking back.
” Is she alright? Edwin asked while observing my face
“I don’t know but whatever it is she’s never done that to me” I said amidst tears.
“Why is she with Maria? Are they conniving to hurt me or probably to take you away from me? I
asked looking up at Edwin who was confused as well.
“Nah dear no one can take me away from you. I’m here and I’ll always be here” I looked up at him
again with hope.
” you look cute when you cry baby” he smirked and I chuckled as we entered the classroom. I
don’t know what’s wrong with Fleur. Today is our last paper and as such no distractions.
Fleur’s POV
Once I submitted my paper I left the classroom. I have a meeting with Maria. I don’t want to have
any conversation with Delia anywhere. Once I stepped out, I saw maria leaning on her car
gesturing for me to come over .
Maria’s POV
“We need to take care of her father’s source of livelihood first. Then her academics and probably
kill her” I suggested without any pity. My heart is hardened like stone. Yes that’s how I was
brought up.
” but I want her to pass through some form of torture before I kill her” I added playing with the hem
of my gown. She nodded assuredly.
Fleur’s POV
God this is getting out of hand. I have to let Edwin’s mum know about this. How can this slut be so
desperate and wicked. Imagine planning to kill my sweet bestie. I must notify her of the recent
development once this fucking meeting is over.
If you must know I’m working hand in hand with Edwin’s mum. I knew what you were thinking. A
betrayer right? Nah not at all. It hurts me when I act like her enemy. But I’ll let her know soon why
I’m like this.
I received a mail from my private mail box. I couldn’t believe my eyes . I saw pictures of my son
making out with Delia. So this boy is playing smart with me.
I hope Maria hasn’t sent these pictures to her father again”””
And here I was thinking I have conquered. Well let’s see who has the wipe hand. She must leave
this town. I’ll take her far away to where she cannot see my son ever again. Then I called one of
my men.
“In my study now! I hit my fist on the table. Damn it!

Sweet Torture Chapter 21

Mr Hawks’ POV Continues
My right hand man rushed in within a second. By now I was pacing up and down my study room. I
don’t have time again. My son has to marry Chard’s daughter but at the same time I don’t want to
hurt Parks. This is crazy!
” ehmm.. Ethan.. Okay just wait outside” I stuttered completely helpless. Why is this boy making
things difficult for me? What’s there to get married to this girl and save me all this stress? I asked
no one in particular.
I picked my phone on the metal table and dialled my son’s number.
” I want to see Delia in my study now” I yelled into the phone. I ended the damn call without
waiting for his response.
Few minutes she was led in by one of my men. She looked nervous and tensed as hell. I ordered
her to sit down and she did.
” why don’t you want to leave my son alone Delia Parks? I asked impatiently. She shifted
uncomfortably in her chair
“Damn it! Don’t even try to play dumb with me little girl! I yelled as she jump on her seat.
Sir..I…I..we..we love each other a lot. That’s… That’s.. Why. she stuttered stupidly.
That would have been better if my political career wasn’t at stake here. I thought as I give her a
deadly stare.
” 10million dollars. Will that be enough for you to leave my son the hell alone?. I almost added you
” I can’t take it sir. No matter the amount. This is betrayal. Edwin can never do this to me” she
protested trembling probably at my eyes which was now red and dark.
“So you think i will allow some stupid teenage love to destroy a political career I have laboured for
years to build? I asked and started taking few steps towards her.
She sprung from her seat and started moving backward until she hit her back on the wall. It would
have been funny if the situation wasn’t so damnable for Parks’ daughter to think I would hit her.
“ sir”. She stuttered again
“Then what is it trying to do? She kept mute and dared not look up.
Damn it! Why is fate so unfair to me. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to hurt this girl. She
reminds me of my dead daughter.
I can imagine how Parks will feel if anything happens to his daughter. He’d told me a lot about her.
I know how I felt when I lost mine. Most of my political associates often teased that I’m not fit to do
politics because I’m soft.
“If you’re not taking the money, fine but I don’t want to see you anywhere close to my son. He’s
getting married in a month’s time and not to you. Now Just get out. Leave my presence! I ordered
as she fled the area.
Delia’s POV
Once I slide into the car I let the tears I didn’t know I was holding drop. Edwin hugged me wiping
my tears slowly. He stared into space for some seconds and then asked
” did he hurt you?
“Nope. He offered me 10 million dollars for me to break up with you”
He turned and faced me holding my hands he asked again
” Did you take it ?”
“Of course not. Common Why would you even think of a thing like that?” Suddenly He hugged
me so tighty that I almost could not breath.
“Babe I can’t breath” I managed to say. He pulled out immediately.
“I’m sorry sweetheart. Its just that I’m too excited. Thank you so much for not giving up on me. I
love you so much baby” he pecked my lips.
” I love you more”. I replied shyly and overwhelmed.
“But your dad is very mad at me and he also mentioned that your wedding is in a month’s time”
“That’s nothing to worry about. No one can force me to marry that devil. At least my mum is solidly
behind me”
“Relax babe but we have to make sure you’re okay. I can’t trust that beast. She’s desperate and
can do anything to get me” I stated suddenly remembering what transpired last night.
Edwin’s POV
Maria had tried a number of times to seduce me to bed but to no avail. She threatened to hurt
Delia last night when she was in my room. I didnt want to mention it to her. I’m scared, scared of
what may happen to my angel.
I haven’t played a game as dangerous as this before, so I don’t really know the nitty gritty
involved. But with Fleur’s help I think we can pull through. Trust me my mum is a wife of a
politician and I bet you she’s not a novice.

Sweet Torture Chapter 22

Not edited
Maria’s POV
I met Edwin’s father sitting in the terrace facing the swimming pool. He wore a white shorts and
blue T-shirt. He looked lost in thought and his face was unreadable.
Sometimes I’m scared of this man but the devil in me is a booster I swear. Well don’t blame me.
My parents are like that.
When he saw me his face softened. He stretched himself and ordered me to sit down. Yes
” I hope you know your wedding should be in a month’s time?
“Yes dad” with a nod
“Good. The truth is I’ve not been able to convince my son yet. He’s being difficult and Delia has
refused my offer. I don’t know what to do again. In fact I’m drained of all thoughts ”
“Dad allow me to come in to this. I promise you I can handle Delia”
“By hurting her? He asked confused.
“No, I can’t do that. I could framed her up with some guy or have her taken to another country
probably the Middle East” I suggested heroically.
“Just do what you think is best and don’t hurt her. Is that clear?”
Crystal Dad! I faked a smile.
“May I leave now Dad”. He nodded. I left without another word. What? Is this man serious?. I
should not hurt Delia. Really? Well watch me as I kill her and throw her stupid body to the
piranhas. Nonsense!
Ms Becca’s POV
What the hell! Delia is coming second after Edwin. this is unbelievable! Two people coming out the
best in my class. I’m so proud of Delia. Yes! I made a little dance in my office. I’ll be promoted!
Wooow! Not too loud anywhere
Who’s this Maria? Oh the fashionista. I chuckled. She’s third. From Camber’s class I guess.
Ah…Fleur is fifth. Thumbs up dear you’ve tried. I continued looking through the paper but was
interrupted by the intercom.
“Yes? I said into the other line
“In my office please” came the principal’s voice . Hope he’s okay. He sounded urgent. I rushed to
his office immediately.
“Please sit down M’s Becca” I sat down not shifting my gaze from him.
“Please we need to replace Delia’s position with someone else” he said in one breath.
“And why is that? I asked shocked
“You know Maria Chard the daughter of the former senator and national party chairman of the
Democratic Party? I nodded in agreement.
“Yes, she threatened to completely wipe our families if she doesn’t come second .
“But she doesn’t deserve it” I tried to defend.
“Do just that woman. Don’t try my patience. I don’t want to lose my family if you’re ready to lose
yours. We have only twenty four hours to do this. Reprint everything. New names on the prizes.
Notify the authorities concern” his faced flushed dark.
“Yes yes. I’ll do just that sir” as I rushed out of his office. God why are people so wicked. What an
enemy of progress
What the hell. No this is not happening. I must notify Edwin Hawks I heard he’s dating the girl. This
is evil. I don’t blame this man, he’s saving his life and that of his family.
That little bitch should not have her way in everything. Tomorrow is the award night. How do I get
to him. I finished scrubbing the toilet and headed out while pretending like I didn’t hear anything.
Who’s this bitch that’s terrorizing everyone?

Who’s Mrs Gilbert’s again

Sweet Torture Chapter 23
Mr’s Gilbert’s POV Continues
I left the administrative block lost in thought on how to get to Edwin. Then I spotted a brunette
walking towards a car. That should be Delia’s friend. I thought as I increased my pace.
Oh yes she is. Soon I caught up with her.
“Hey ” I called out to the brunette
“Hi ma’m. I’m Fleur and you are” she responded politely tilting her head to one side
“Mrs Gilbert” I retorted with a wide grin
“I have information for your friend and you must act as fast as you can” she was more curious
“Okay ma’m please go ahead” she folded her arms and listened attentively.
“I overheard your principal ordered her class teacher to change the result and replaced her with
one Maria Chard since she’s responsible for the compilation of all the results”
“What? Eyes widened
“Yes, she even threatened to wipe off their families if they failed to do so. Please help your friend.
She was suppose to come second and you know the prizes and honour that comes with such
“Thank you so much ma’m. I’ll let Edwin know about this. Who are you ma’m and why are you so
interested in helping out?”
“Don’t worry about that my child just go ahead and help your friend” I gave her a bright smile and
watched as she drove off.
Well was wondering why I’m so bothered about the whole thing? I was at my coffee shop opposite
the school when I noticed that devil stormed into the school compound.
Something is wrong. I thought. Then I left my coffee shop in the care of my son and rushed inside
the school compound pretending to be a cleaner
I saw her entered the principal’s office and I did same as I went straight to the toilet. She
threatened the man and walked out. I stayed there as I heard the man summoned Delia’s class
And then I heard the whole conversation. Wow this little devil never ceases to amaze me. Delia is
one of my favourite customers but that’s really not the reason. I think it’s time to carry out my
revenge on the family of the almighty Senator Chard after all they’ve put me through.
Fleur’s POV
What a good Samaritan! I breathed as i pulled up the car somewhere along the road. So good
people like her still exist. I dialled Edwin’s number and he picked at the second ring.
“What’s up babe” he sounded sleepy. I ignored that. This is more important than sleep.
“Something crazy is about to happen Edwin. Maria has threatened the principal and M’s Becca to
change the result. Delia was suppose to come second but she’ll be replaced with Maria”
“What the fuck! Are you fucking kidding me? Where is that devil? I hope she’s not trying to hurt my
I couldn’t answer all his questions at once. So I began to answer them one after the other but he
cut me off.
“You know what don’t worry. Thanks so much. Let me take it from here”
“All thanks to the good Samaritan” I replied
“Who is that” he asked
“Some stranger. A woman about your mum’s age”
“All right we will see later”
“Okay” and the beep goes.
Edwin’s POV
A mixture of joy and anger. Happy that Delia has made her Dad proud. Angry that some devil
somewhere is fighting that success.
I told my mum about it and she reacted speedily. She called the principal and told him to go ahead
with the right result assuring him and all his staff unflinching security.
I dared not go to my dad in times like this you’ll see hell let loose. I just love my mum. I called
Delia to confirmed if she’s gotten her tomorrow’s outfit and then called Fleur to thank her once
Next Day
Maria’s POV
Tonight is the award night. I can’t keep calm. I’ll be called out to the podium with Edwin. Yes! that’s
how it’ll be on our wedding day. I chuckled as I put all my things in order. The make up artist is
already in the house. Let me freshen up.
You’ll sit and watch me on the podium with Edwin Hawks tonight Delia. I let out a hoarse laugh in
the bathroom as I put on the shower.


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