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SWEET TORTURE 16, 17, 18, 19

SWEET TORTURE 16, 17, 18, 19

Sweet Torture Chapter 16
written by Godsmercy
Edwin’s POV

The car pulled up in the parking lot. I alighted and went straight to open the door for Delia to come
down. I tell you the world stopped as everyone gasped in utmost surprise.

I gave her a peck on the cheek and I heard “awwwn” from the crowd. These people can never
mind their business for once. I know they’re surprised after all that happened.

Okay now I remember I have to work tirelessly for her to improve on her performance. Even if it
means me dropping from my position. I need to work on her to come out probably the best.
We had a class test I told her almost everything since we sat together but I didn’t really mind
because I know she’s gonna change soon. You know that kind of feeling when you love someone
you don’t give a fuck about their weaknesses? Well that’s the spirit.
The scripts was distributed later. I scored 100% as usual while Delia scored 85%! wow from the
usual 25% to something higher. Good! But then why didn’t she do well during the lessons. May be
I was too hard on her. I was angry with myself as I remember how a jerk I was.
Delia’s POV
The bell jingled for dismissal time. We strolled down the hallway with everyone staring while Fleur
kept on asking questions like she was some prosecutor.
” so sweetheart tell me in detail how the hell it all started and as usual don’t leave out any detail, if
not I’ll break your arm and Edwin is not gonna do a fuck about it ” she warned pretending to be
angry but her expression was saying otherwise.

“Well nothing much though. He confessed his feelings last weekend. We’re practically staying in
their house”
” what? She screamed
” I thought you guys used to hate each other so who did the magic?”
I sighed ” I don’t know but that is it . You know I can’t help loving Edwin I’ve always loved him ”
” so you moved into their house?”

” yes baby. He’s father is my dad’s friend. The mum really likes me but there’s a girl his father
wants him to marry. Fleur I’m scared do you think this gonna cost my father’s relations with this
” this is so not good Delia. I don’t think your Dad would even allow that because I’m sure he
wouldn’t want problems with his friend”
“But I know it will pass” she said patting my back.

Edwin’s POV.

We got home Delia simply opened the door herself and walked straight in without a word. I
understand her but I hate it that I’m not free to do what I want.
I caught up with her on the hall way. I held her waist without giving her any room to protest I did
what I’ve been longing to do in school. I kissed her passionately but it didn’t last long.
We pulled away to meet Maria’s piercing gazed with tears dripping down her cheeks. She rushed
out, to my father’s study I guess. Fine let the war begin!
Sweet Torture Chapter 17
Written by Godsmercy Smart
Maria’s POV
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I was broken. He kissed her. He actually kissed that low
life bitch. Oh! So the trash is the person she’s in love with. I need to think fast. Soon I approached
the door to his father’s study. Lucky enough for me he is in.
I rushed to his side at once and broke down crying, trust me I’m dramatic.
” Dad Edwin is dating that low life bitch that stays with her Dad in this mansion can you imagine
that? I stated in between sobs.

” He’s taking me for granted right? When all I have done is to love him but he’s crazy in love with
that gold digger who’s only after your wealth”
” I’m sorry about this dear. That Delia girl must surely pay for this rubbish” he breathed tightly with
clenched jaw.

Good! Just the way I want it.
” I’ll just call Dad and tell him I’m tired already. I can’t do this anymore ”
” no dear don’t say that. I’ll handle this perfectly well ” he made me stand up and hugged me.
” Edwin will surely come to his senses okay” he stated soothingly. I muttered a “yes Dad”.

That bitch is surely gonna pay for this. No body messes with me and go free. I’ll make her life a
living fucking hell.
If I could do it to people who have names, Then what would make me spare a low life bitch. You
will see the devil in Maria. Its a promise! I made a sinister smile as I strolled down the hall way to
my apartment.
Mr Hawks’ POV

I don’t want problems with my best buddy. Back then in school, I can still remember how he stood
tall for me. He was everything a friend could ever ask for.

Though I’m more successful than him, I still hold him in high esteem. I’ll just pay for the house my
PA found and make sure they move out peacefully. I don’t want to destroy his daughter.

But if she wouldn’t budge, no one, I mean no one should blame me for my actions. This is about
my political career remember? It’s very very important.
Delia’s POV

Now I’m very certain my dad and I would be thrown out of this Manson. I’m very sorry Dad. All that
I’ve done is to cause you pain. I know I’m a disappointment okay? But its not my fault that I fell in
love with your friend’s son. I cried till I couldn’t cry anymore. I went to the bathroom and took a
very long shower of the century.

Hours later Edwin was in my room trying to make me prepare for the next class test. Your school
girl is learning fast. Winks. May be I’m not really dumb.

The romantic atmosphere practically increased my chances. The little peck on the lips, cheeks,
forehead and other places I wouldn’t want to mention was a booster. I think I’m not doing this for
myself anymore but to make him and Dad happy.
” babe I sense danger. We may be thrown out by your dad any moment from now. My father will
be very mad at me” I started sobbing.
He held my trembling figure and whispered

” no my dad can’t do such. I know how much he loves and respects your dad. He’ll look for a
better option. I know him. Just calm down sweetheart” he ended with a seductive grin.
His sexy voice sent shivers down my spine. Fuck this guy was created to be hot and handsome.
How I wish he’ll just kiss me right now. He doesn’t know how I long for his sexy red lips.

The next moment his lips crashed on mine. Perfect timing! The kiss started off slow and
passionate but as i started to kiss him back, he went crazy. He started kissing me hungrily,
begging for entrance but I wouldn’t give it to him.

As he started to kiss my neck, i gasped and he instantly took that to his advantage and went back
to my lips. His skillful tongue found its way into my mouth.
He pinned me to the wall as I unconsciously wrapped my legs round his waist. I hope my senses
is close by because i really need it now.
” what’s wrong baby? He breathed outrightly disappointed.

Sweet Torture Chapter 18
Delia’s POV Continues
“‘This is not right Edwin” I pulled away gasping for air.
” I totally understand you dear. May be your bedroom is not the best place to take your lessons.
We could do it in school if you want. But I don’t know how to control myself each time I’m with you”
he admitted searching my eyes.

“Yup…..” I said popping the P .
” that’s the best option sir. And you must try to control yourself when you’re around me ” I teased
him trying to arrange my messy clothes. His eyes was all over my body.

Once I sensed that, I suggested he leaves . I stood at the bathroom door pretending to go freshen
up. Then he was gone. He shouldn’t take the blame alone because I also wanted it anywhere.
Days later
My Dad and I moved out of the mansion to a nice and comfortable place. I’m in love with the
place, its glorious. Edwin’s father is such a good friend to my Dad.

Too bad I’m in love with his son and I didn’t like the look he gave me when we left the mansion.
I suspected him to be aware of the romance between his son and I. That devilish bitch must have
told him. But why is he nice? Edwin’s mum promised to always visit.

My boyfriend didn’t worry at all. He assured me of his frequent visits for my lessons and other
Maria’s POV
This is a welcome development. The gold digger is out. I must make good use of this opportunity. I
want him all to myself. I think I should seduce him to sleep with me if possible get pregnant for him
. Yes its that serious. Call me a slut if you like.
Mr Hawks’ POV
Now everything is settled. Edwin can now marry Maria. They’ll learn to love each other once they
get married. He’ll be out of high school in 3 months time. He should get married before he starts
the university. Yes! The would be senator Hawks!
Mrs Hawks POV
I hope that slut is not planning anything funny with my son now that Delia is out. I’m keeping eyes
on her. I consulted the security unit to make sure they monitor her every move in the mansion.
Delia is my son’s choice and that she’ll remain. I’ll make sure that happens even if it means
disobeying my husband. I can’t watch him mess my son’s life because of some fucking political
Edwin’s POV
That slutty bitch will definitely come up with some stupid ideas to trap me. I shouldn’t let my guards
down. I thought as I lay down on my bed.
Soon the door clicked open and snapped me outta my thought. Then came in a hot and sexy
Maria. Talk of the devil! she wore a revealing white night gown which only stopped at her mid
thigh. I saw ever…rrry thing I liked my lips. I swear it’s not my fault. She’s just too hot.

Then I forgot about all the promises I made to Delia.I’m sorry baby for disappointing you but I want
this right now. I grabbed her and started kissing her hungrily and aggressively as our moans filled
the room..
 Sweet Torture Chapter 19

Edwin’s POV Continues
I sprung up from bed. What? I felt a thud in my heart. Thank God it was only a dream. Such dream
better not repeat itself. Oh! so Maria is planning to seduce me to bed. Delia trust me I can’t fall for
that cheap whore.

Delia is really doing well in school. I must say I’m impressed. She scored 97% in the last class
test. The students and even the teacher couldn’t believe the transformation.
I can remember the principal had called me once and thanked me for working so hard to make her
improve. I only smiled at him. This isn’t the school’s responsibility anymore but mine.

That Maria bitch isn’t sharing the same class with us anywhere. She’s an art student while we
belong to the sciences. I tried my best to always avoid her in the house pretending to be very busy
with my books.

But I never missed a day of lessons with my sweet angel. I didn’t want to visit her very often
because I don’t know how her Dad would react.

I left the field grossly tired after the training session at the field. My eyes roamed for Delia, she isn’t
around. Maybe she’s in class. I thought as I gulped down the table water I was holding.

“Edwin baby please wait let’s talk please” I turned and saw Maria trying to catch her breath.
” really? Go ahead I’m listening ” I scoffed and looked around.
” thanks. Can we go somewhere tonight please just to have a drink nothing more” she pleaded
” are you seriously asking me on a date?” I asked slightly annoyed. Interesting! That dream thinks
it can manifest in real life.
” well I’m not interested and besides we’ll be starting exams in a month’s time” I objected
” is that it? But you always have time for Delia right? So how would we make a good couple if we
continue like this?

Did she just say a good couple? This girl can’t be serious.
” I’ve told you countless times that I’m not interested in that marriage thing. Why can’t you
understand and leave me the hell alone” I yelled as my voice echoed in the hallway.
” you’re kidding dear. Just have it in mind that you’re mine and mine alone. I don’t give a fuck
about how you feel. Usually I always get what I want sweetheart. Don’t mess with me I’m
dangerous! She let out a devilish laugh as she cat walked to her class.
Bitch!!! I muttered.
Maria’s POV
That son of a bitch thinks he can mess with me. I need to take care of that Delia. She disgust me. I
hate her with passion. No I think I should deal with her Dad first. Yes! I pulled my phone from my
purse and called one of my hitmen. There’s a new task dear.
Fleur’s POV
I strolled down to the garden area. I need fresh air. I sighted a blonde. Her back was facing me so
I had to walked to her but then I overheard everything she said. Oh its Maria.

” hi Maria ”
” Hi ” she responded almost jumping.
” you don’t have to look like that dear. We’re a team here. I overheard your call. We can get that
lowlife bitch down together”
“Why?” She asked surprised.
She took Edwin from me. She hadn’t allowed him to notice me for a second. Thanks to God I’m
now in relationship with the best guy ever. But I want her to pay for what she did to me” I
“Good then we’re a team” Maria smiled
“Yup. I know everything about her so just tell me what to do and I’ll do just that darling” Yea that’s
life sometimes.

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