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My Icy Boss
Chapter 9 (There may be typographical errors ahead)

Miller’s POV
I started wondering how on earth someone could be
dead and alive at the same time.
“Brittany I thought you were dead.. God..why..why
are you just showing up now”
I was surprised at myself of all the things I could
say that was what I asked.
“Miller baby its a long story. Please you have to
listen to me.”
She pleaded and fell heavily on her seat sobbing.
“I thought you loved only Jack Montague and I was
never enough for you?” I clipped.
” no that’s not true Miller baby”
“Could you cut the baby damn it” I snapped.
She squirmed on her seat her head down.
“Take it easy on me Miller. I’m still your wife for
all I know and nothing can change that”.
She was now taking control of the situation.I feel
like strangling her right now
” not disputing the fact Brittany. But could you
leave my office already coz I have a lot of work to
do?” I ordered glaring at her.
Before she could protest I added “we can talk about
this over dinner”.
I saw a dazzling smile of hope on her face.
“Okay okay Miller” she scribbled something on a
piece of paper and placed it on my table.
“Please call me on that when you’re ready” she said
standing up.
“Okay. I’ll call” with that she left.
I wanted to dismiss her in a heart beat and I was
very careful in our conversation.
I didn’t want Karen to suspect anything but she
did becoz she badge in to my office immediately she
“Mr. Watson is everything okay” she asked
“Everything is okay Karen”
“She told me she’s family when she came in. ”
“You’ve never talked to me about your family but
that’s not important”.
“Is everything okay with your family?
“My God Karen, calm down everything is alright”
“she’s my cousin. She had a fight with her
boyfriend so she came to talk to me about it.
I lied giving her a weak smile.
” Oh that’s nice.” She remarked with a curt laugh
and I ignored that.
Okay so why is she…I cut her off.
“Karen could we stop talking about my cousin and
concentrate on work” I quipped.
“Alright boss. Your wish is always my command.”
She bowed playfully and left tlllhe office.
I heaved a sigh of relief. I regretted lying to
How will I tell Karen that Brittany is my fucking
I rested my head on my palms and thought about my
next line of action.
I lied to Karen again after work.I told her she
could not come over to my pent house tonight that I
had an important family meeting to attend.
I visited Brittany at her house instead.
I got there and the first person I met was her gold
digger uncle, Mr Jarrod.
We exchanged pleasantries and directed me to
Brittany’s bedroom.
I knocked and opened her bedroom door ad saw her
lying down with only a white and very transparent
I smirked. Is this to seduce me? I asked my sub
conscience. It didn’t respond.
She looked more beautiful now than when she came to
my house.
Well that sight had always turned me on when we
were together but not anymore.
I don’t feel a thing for her.I sat down on the edge
of her bed and went straight to the point.
” so Brittany why are we here? I started running my
hands on my temples.
Oh common sweetheart don’t be too hard. Aren’t you
gonna take something? She suggested in a low
seductive tone.
“You’ve always loved hard men Brittany? I scoffed.
I love the feel of her name on my tongue.
I saw something like a feel of guilt on her face
but it disappeared.
” but that’s not why we are here right?”. I arched
my eyebrow and she nodded in agreement.
“You know Miller I’m very sorry for everything that
It wasn’t intensional. I didn’t mean for it to
happen” she started with sobs.
“Brittany I need serious explanations why one time
you were dead and next thing you’re alive. Isn’t it
funny? I asked giving her the most deadly glare.
” Do you take my life to be some child’s toy? Oh
you can come in and go out as you please? ”
I asked with gritted teeth and folded my arms.
“Miller I’m sorry”
“Oh shut up. Really Brittany?” I thundered and
stood up abruptly pacing back and forth the room.
” Brittany first you cheated on me with Jack
Montague but I didn’t really care becos I had loved
“As if that wasn’t enough, you ran away with him. ”
“Upon all my pleadings. You left me that night.”
“Do you still remember how I held onto you that
night but you left me to some stupid love adventure
without giving me any explanations. ”
“Now you expect me, Miller Watson to take in a slut
as a wife.. really Brittany?
She made to touch me but I yanked my hand from her.
She broke down and cried.
“Miller I swear I didn’t know what I was doing” she
made to touch me again.
“Do you want me to continue this conversation
Brittany? ” I asked and she retreated immediately.
“Your cousin Leticia flooded pictures of your
funeral on my mail box”
“She even gave the address of the cemetery you were
“Of course I had wept for you Brittany. I even
visited your tomb but that was all lies.”
“In fact you’re the funniest person I’ve ever met”
” so the relationship with jack Montague is not
working, you run back to Miller Watson? ”
“Well I have a bad news for you Brittany. I’m in
love with someone else. ”
“Not just someone but very dear and special to me”
I stated firmly and watched her squirmed on her
“Well tell her to back off. I’m your wife for God
sake Miller Watson!”
Okay I think I’ve had it all “You know what I want
a divorce”
I blurted, her eyes widened in utmost shock at my
“Miller please don’t be brutal”
“The brutality is on your side”. I clipped.
” Miller please I know you still love me. I didn’t
leave you in the darkest moment of our lives.
I know it sounds stupid but I fell in love with
Jack Montague”
“He..he..” She stuttered choking her words.
“He didn’t love me. He was only using me. ”
“I realised that pretty late. That was why I
attempted suicide but my uncle and cousin helped
” that was why when I recovered I told Leticia to
write to you that I was dead.
“I didn’t see the need to live again. I didn’t know
how to face you but Leticia and my uncle encouraged
me to do that”
“Miller I’m deeply sorry from the depth of my heart
please fi.. I cut her off.
“Brittany I forgive you okay but we are no longer
an item and nothing can change that” I said with
finality in my voice.
” I’ll ask my lawyer to arrange the divorce papers
for signing tomorrow ”
With that I left the room. I didn’t want to listen
to her again.

My Icy Boss
Chapter 10
Brittany’s POV
I called and ran after him immediately he left my
“Miller dear I’m sorry.” I yelled
My God this is not Miller I married. Miller I know
would always listen to me.
What changed him?. I asked rhetorically.
I strolled helplessly to the sitting room and found
my Uncle looking at me weirdly.
I dropped heavily on the couch.
“God..god..god…what to do now?” I breathed
“Why not name an amount” my uncle said with a sly
I rolled my eyes ignoring his suggestion.
My uncle is a down to earth gold digger. He needs
to know that this time around its not about money.
“I don’t need his money. I need him” I said
blinking the tears that was threatening to come
“Oh cut the crap Brittany, we all know you were and
is still after his money” he stated slightly
I didn’t have the strength to argue with him, so I
just admitted to his statement.
“Uncle Jarrod that was in the past. I didn’t know
what I had until I lost it. Please just help me
talk to Miller. I really want him back”. I pleaded.
His face softened. ” I think Miller is in love with
someone else” he said thoughtful.
“Yes he told me that ”
“Of course that’s possible. what did you expect?
But then that’s his weak point”
“How is that?” I asked surprised.
“Just threaten to reveal your identity to the girl
in question and I bet you he’s gonna badge.”
“Clever idea” I remarked with a mischievous smirk
clapping my hands in glee.
Three weeks later
To win the war against Miller, I had to conduct a
background research on the girl he’s helplessly in
love with.
I was shocked when revealed it was that ever
innocent looking PA of his.
“Office romance. Quite interesting! I muttered
scrolling the pictures of her and him on my phone.
“How could you do this to me Karen Marshal”
“What did you do to him that made him changed and
hate me so much” I said amidst tears.
I would have crushed this bitch with just a click
of my finger but I can’t so that Miller’s
disposition towards me maybe without dent.
Well I can’t blame her or Miller either but my
stupid self for not being patience enough.
I ran away with that devil just becoz he was far
richer than Miller then who was only starting his
But look at Miller now the latest billionaire in Us
beating down Jack Montague by far.
I regretted the day I left his pent house.
The thought of losing Miller to another woman
killed me
I sat there on my bed allowing the tears to drop
freely down my bossom.
Just before I went to sleep, I called Miller trying
to book an appointment with him in his office the
next day.
But he disagreed stoutly stating I cannot see him
in his office again.
“You can’t see me in my office Brittany. I’ll see
you after work” he had rebuked.
I wasn’t surprised at his response as I knew the
game he was playing.
He doesn’t want the poor girl to suspect anything.
I thought aloud as I pulled my duvet over my body
and closed my eyes tightly wishing it was only a
Next day

I descended the stairs and found Miller Watson
seating on the couch looking breathtakingly
I smiled at him brightly but his face was that of
an unreadable expression. He looked pissed and
Immediately I sat down he blurted arrogantly “have
you made up your mind to sign the divorce papers
“Miller I’m your wife and I’ll ever remain your
wife” I said madly.
” for God sake Brittany what do you take me for? A
refuge dumb?
” I’ve told you repeatedly I can’t have you as a
wife again not after you’ve sold your body to Jack
Montague ”
“I don’t love you anymore, I love someone else
what’s so difficult there to underst… I cut him
” Karen Marshal, your PA ” I blurted giving him a
piercing gaze.
His eyes widen in shock ” don’t you dare hurt her
Brittany ” the look in his eyes showed he loves
this girl.
“Of course I won’t. I will only reveal my identity
to her. That’s harmless sweetheart” I scoffed.
You’ll do no such thing Brittany. I’m no longer
interested in this goddamn marriage.
” just sign the divorce papers and get outta my
life for good ” he yelled angrily.
” then watch me” I threatened.
“Name your amount, any amount and I’ll pay. I know
you’ve always loved money.”
I stood up and cat walked to his seat and lowered
my head till it got to the same position with his.
“No money this time Darling, but you. Everyone has
changed” I said stubbornly in his hearing and
walked to the mini bar area.
I poured vodka into a glass and walked back to him.
” fine let’s see who has the whip hand. In that
case you’ll remain my wife but of what use because
you’ll surely suffer Brittany ”
“I’ll make life hell for you trust me. I’ll will
all my property to someone else”
“Don’t even try getting money from me because it
will be both slow and difficult” he said in one
breath and headed to the door.
What a human being! I rushed and held his wrist. He
didn’t do anything. He only looked at me with hurt
in his eyes.
Yes I know I’ve caused him a lot but I’ve suffered
“Miller please don’t be too difficult for me. I
promise I won’t disclose anything ” I pleaded.
“Then sign the divorce papers ” he clipped and shut
the door almost hurting my hand.
Karen’s POV
I don’t understand Miller’s attitude towards me
lately but he seem disorganized and wouldn’t talk
to me about it.
He hardly concentrate at work. Whatever it is, I
would love to sort it out with him. I can’t survive
if I lose him.
He left today again without waiting for the closing
Its convincing something is wrong somewhere.
My phone buzzed snapping me outta my thought .
“PA to Mr Watson?” Came the voice of a female on
the other line
“Yes, how may I help you?” I asked professionally.
“Mr Watson had an accident and his in the emergency
unit. You’re are the only person we can call. Could
you come over to the hospital please?
“Yes yes” I retorted in a panic.
“Groovy Hospital then” she ended
“Damn it! I cuss. I left the office straight to the
I was directed to his private ward by a blonde
She explained he’d been transferred there and I
can see him.
I entered and saw him lying there with a bandage
wrapped around his head and a tube connected to his
mouth with the water from the drip tube dropping
I sat down on the chair close to the bed and took
his right hand in my palms.
“He’s wife is here” announced the nurse. That got
my attention as I looked up and saw the red headed
lady walked in with the doctor.
“Sorry ma’m we couldn’t reach you immediately so we
called his PA ” she explained nervously.
“It’s okay I’m here now” she said directing her
gaze towards me. My legs buckled. No this cant be
“Can you leave now miss PA. I’m here now, I’ll take
it from here”. She seethed.
“I..I..” She cut me off
“Get back to work. Isn’t that what you suppose to
do? She ordered.
“Okay ma’m” I fled the room. I swear it took me all
the courage in the world to act like nothing
I ran to my car and broke down crying my lungs
Then I dialled Cindy’s number and She picked at the
first ring.
“Cindy you know what?” I said trying to catch my
“What’s that baby and you’re panicking what’s
wrong?” She asked worriedly.
“Miller is married. He had an accident and his wife
showed up in the hospital”. I said in one breath.
“What!” She screamed on the phone.

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  1. I said it ..that the wife must have eloped with another guy.. Now Karen is really in trouble with Mr. handsome in a sick bed of which am suspecting wife to hand in

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