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My Icy Boss
Chapter 2.
Karen’s POV Continues
“Out!” He thundered.
One thing about this cold bastard is you must obey
first and he loathes to repeat himself.
I made to leave but then he called back.
I turned sharply with hope.
“If you want to continue here, you can do so but
you’ll not receive your pay for the month”
he said sternly not losing concentration on his
“But Mr..”
“Are you questioning my authority M’s Marshal?”.
He snapped tightly. I nodded negatively.
My stomach growled. I felt embarrassed.
He looked up. His face softened but disappeared
“You can take the day off” he urged. And I left
with a word.
Really is that to compensate me for almost firing
me and cutting my pay? I hissed loudly. Devil!
“You can take the day off” I mimicked his baritone
What? He snapped. Oh my! he was here? I almost
“N..nothing Mr..Mr.. Watson ” I stuttered
sheepishly like a teenage school girl.
“I’ll leave now sir.” I picked my bag on the table
and fled the office.
I heaved a sigh of relief as I pressed on the
button of the elevator to the last floor.
“He didn’t hear me” I breathed.
Miller’s POV
I watched her leave as I ran my hand through my
thick lock hair.
I wasn’t sure of myself when I fired her. I can’t
stay a day without seeing her.
She’s so different from others and I’ve just
realized how attracted I am to this beauty
Her working here as my personal assistant is a
consolation to my soul. I get to see her everyday
It pains me to know she already has a boyfriend.
That son of a bitch can’t even take care of her.
She is so helpless and always fighting all alone.
I’m obsessed with this girl already.
Why didn’t I notice two years a go? Maybe I would
have had a chance.
She’ll never love me considering the numerous
flings I’ve had lately.
But then can I love again. I was hurt and I don’t
want anyone to break the cold wall I’ve built
around me.
Love makes me weak and I don’t want to be weak.
Karen’s POV
I came to work quiet early than everyone else
today. Yes because I came from the hospital.
I need to freshen up and everywhere is locked
except the boss’ bathroom.
As an employee and his assistant I have the right
to make use of his bathroom.
He’s not here yet. I think I can do that now.
I entered the bathroom. Wow breathtaking! I’m
entering it for the first time.
I turned on the shower and had a very long relaxed
Brilliant girl! I commended myself as I brought out
my extra clothes
I was still on my undies when the door clicked
Fuck! I winced trying to cover my half unclad
Miller’s POV
I didn’t sleep at home last night after a party at
my friend’s place last night.
He’d suggested I bath there. I rejected of I needed
a change of clothes
Can’t wear the same thing after taking a bath.
After all I have a closet full of clothes in my
I entered the office and made to the bathroom.
I opened the door and my eyes almost popped out of
its socket.
There was Karen in her half unclad glory .
“Sorry” I blurted and closed the door. Of course I
saw everything.
What the fuck! I felt my bulge beneath my trousers.
I should barge in and take her just now? . Lord I’m
dying down there.
No don’t mix business with pleasure remember? I
battled with my thought.
Then I made that bold step to the door and pulled
the door knob with a smirk.

My Icy Boss
Chapter 3
Miller’s POV Continues
She opened the door and came out leaving me
outrightly frustrated.
” look I’m sorry for bumping in on you and I.. I
tried to feign an apology
Then I noticed what she was wearing.
She was wearing a short sleeve back shirt that
popped out her breast.
Which looked gorgeous as always.
And her skirt wasn’t hiding any of her perfect
“Mr. Watson?” She yelled.
“Oh sorry. I was distracted.” I grinned.
Immediately Karen’s face became crimson red.
” You look beautiful Karen.”
“Thank you. You clean up good yourself.” She
” I should bring your coffee now Mr Watson”
I nooded and she left leaving me speechless.
I dragged my thought to the scene in the bathroom.
God I’m so not going to concentrate today.
I sat down imagining how it would have felt like if
I had took her right there in the bathroom.
Now enough Miller, Concentrate! My sub conscience
Business and no pleasure. Yes that’s my slogan.
I reminded myself.
Karen’s POV
Now I don’t know how I’m gonna act around him.
I blushed as I remembered how he came in on me
while undressed.
Slut! You have a boyfriend Karen remember? My sub
conscience pointed out. Yes, I nodded in defeat.
I placed the coffee on the metal table as I
inquired of the task for the day.
“Just make reservations at Blue Rock Hotel for my
meeting with Mr Doherty and ummh let me have
marketing plans of Monte Technologies.
I want to monitor their every move”.
“That’ll be all for now M’s Marshal”
He stated with a blank expression. Damn it’s very
difficult to understand this man.
I left to my seat thinking of all that transpired
in the bathroom once again.
Lord I’m I really gonna concentrate on work today?.
Hours later my boyfriend called to cancel the date
we were supposed to have tonight stating something
very important came up and as such couldn’t make
But then Mr control freak has cancelled his meeting
with Mr Doherty informing me to represent him as he
has another very important meeting to attend.
I left the office quite early for the meeting with
Mr Doherty.
After the meeting, I decided to stop at my
boyfriend’s apartment.
I heard moans coming in from the room as I
approached the door.
No this can’t be happening. Jeremy can’t cheat on
me nah…nah. I tried to calm myself.
But that wasn’t instead I got the shock of my
I didn’t care as I barge in and caught Jeremy and
his best friend Swanson making out. My world stop
“Jeremy?” I yelled madly
“Are you serious?” It wasn’t a question anywhere.
“Karen baby it’s not what you think okay?”
Let me explain. He rushed towards me with only his
“Oh is that why you cancelled the date?”
“No…no…that’s not it Karen”
“Jeremy you’re gay?”
“Babe … I cut the devil off before he utter a
“You’re such a pig Jery and you Swanson..” I
pointed at him. “You’re…”
I was short of words I ran out of the room utterly
I could hear him called after me but I ran to the
Out of his stupid fucking cursed life.
I ran rill my legs could no longer carry me.
I stopped at Club Lucifer. Yes let me waste myself
with some drinks.


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