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My Icy Boss Chapter 13

Karen’s P.O.V Continues
She fell down and I saw a lady smirking
Who the hell is she and why did she hit her like
“Hey I’m Juliette and you’re?” She said stretching
her hand for a handshake.
“Karen”. I responded shaking her hands.
“Let’s call the nurses, this witch may die here”
she gestured to the telephone.
I was totally confused. I called the nurses and few
minutes later she was carried to the emergency
ward. I guess.
Miller was watching us a gaped. I know he’s as
confused as I am.
“Who are you?”. I asked the brunette before me.
“We’ll talk about that later” she retorted with an
annoying smirk.
I don’t like the red headed witch but the last
thing I can never wish for her is dead.
“Miller i’ll be back okay? Let’s take care of this”
I said.
“Karen be very careful” he warned and I nodded.
We strolled down the hallway to the emergency ward.
We met one of the nurses and she directed us to
where she was admitted.
Not the emergency ward as I had guess.
She was the only one in the room but still
“Why did you do this?” I asked Juliette all of a
“She stole Jack Montague from me” she replied
blinking tears.
“You’re boyfriend?” I asked.
“My fiancé. We were supposed to get married in two
months time but she ran away with him”
“Although I’ve found someone better than him. I
want her to suffer like I did.” She seethed.
“And you why were you fighting with her?” She
arched her brow.
“She attacked me for dating her husband but she….
” she cut me off.
“Don’t worry dear, I know the story. I’m always
watching her every move” she said touching the
small of my back.
“Too late for her now and too bad Miller Watson I
know will never take her back” she said grinning
from ear to ear looking at Brittany with clenched
I nodded and swallowed hard. I doubt this brunette.
We left the room and parted in the hallway.
Juliette’s P.O.V
“Partially fulfilled” I muttered. Thank God I
followed that bitch right from the parking lot.
I was mad when I saw her attacking an innocent
I so hate her right now and wish she doesn’t
survive whatever she’s going through right now.
Yes, I know you’re saying I’m wicked but I almost
lost my life because of her.
Because I tried aborting my little Lilian all
because that bastard ran away with her.
“Now I have hope with my husband who doesn’t really
give a damn about my fucking past.”
I slide into my Ferrari and drove off. Will check
back on that witch later.
I played “who run the world” by Beyonce as I
increased my speed. Who cares!
A week later
Miller’s P.O.V
I’m now discharged so I can now take care of the
matters on ground.
Brittany is still hospitalized. Don’t blame me for
not being sympathetic about her condition.
I hate her for making me hurt Karen so much.
Suddenly the doctor informed me on phone to be in
the hospital urgently.
I got to the hospital and was taken to Brittany’s
She had requested to see me and here I am.
She looked really sick. when she saw me, she smiled
weakly and I reciprocated her smile.
I sat on the bedand held her hand. I really feel
for her now that I’ve seen her.
She’s hurt me but I wouldn’t want her dead.
“How are you now Brittany?” I asked.
“Better now that you’re here but I need to see
Karen” she said pleadingly.
“What about her? I arched my brow.
“Please call her to come. I need to talk to her”
she pleaded again with teary eyes.
“Okay. Hold on” I dialed Karen’s number and she
answered at the second ring.
“Karen come around to the hospital Brittany wants
to see you. It’s important ” I said in one breathe.
“Okay” was the only thing she said.
Minutes later Karen came in.
“Karen, I want you to forgive me and know that I
don’t have anything against you okay?”
“You can go ahead with Miller” when she said that
tears dripped down her eyes.
“Please take good care of him” she held her hand
and smiled brightly.
“Miller I want you to know that no matter what
happens that I’ll still love you” she stated and
looked at me.
I nodded ” and I forgive you Brittany. I’ve always
said that” I uttered.
“Thanks so much Brittany. I pray you recover
quickly” Karen finally spoke.
“Don’t worry about me” Brittany replied.
Then the door click opened and the brunette I saw
the other day came in.
Juliette’s P.O.V
I entered Brittany’s ward and was surprised to see
Karen and Miller.
I got close to them and met Brittany’s gaze.
“Oh you’re here Juliette” she whispered.
“After years of running away with my fiance ” I
“I’m so sorry Juliette for all the pains I’ve
caused you. Jack Montague never loved me. He was
only using me”
“Oh! I see” was the only thing I said.
“And Sorry for hitting you Brittany”
“It was you and not Karen?” She asked surprised.
“Yes” we answered in unison. She sighed softly.
“I deserve it but that’s not what caused the
fainting. Its just that I have a weak heart after
my suicide mission”
“Sorry about your weak heart Brittany.” I said
“Don’t feel sorry for me. If i hadn’t attacked
Karen may be I would have lived longer”
We all looked at ourselves shocked.
“What did the doctor say?. Miller asked her.
“Never mind Miller. I’m happy now, I’ve found
peace” she said.
Then she closed her eyes still smiling and gave up
the ghost.
What do you think about this chapter??

My Icy Boss
Chapter 14 (Not edited)

Miller’s POV
I was shocked at Karen’s reaction at Brittany’s
She cried for her like she’d known her for ages.
Any other girl would have been happy that she died
but that’s not the case with Karen.
She’s always different that’s why I like her.
I’m sorry I couldn’t weep for her twice.
I did that when she faked her death, not again.
Juliette left stating she can’t stand the sight.
Her body was taken to the cemetery for cremation.
We left in my car to the cemetery and all I did was
thanked God for my freedom.
The cremation rites was performed with her uncle
and cousin present.
Karen was still sobbing when we got to my pent
I was pissed at her actions but then I let it
“Miller I’m sorry for your wife’s dead?” She
suddenly blurted putting down her glass of water.
Is she being serious right now? I swallowed my last
chunk of pizza.
“Thanks Karen. And I don’t want you to talk about
her anymore ”
I said soothingly and carefully not to annoy her.
She nodded and I sighed softly.
“Thank you for understanding with me” I said and
reached out my hand to her.
She took it and I pulled her up. We were so close
and I could feel her sweet breath brushing my
“Karen I want you to know that I love you soo much
and that I’ll always chose you” I said and she
blushed crimson.
“And I love you too Miller.” She replied shyly and
that turned me on.
I carried her bridal style to the master’s bedroom.
When I placed her on the bed, she held to my neck .
“What? I asked trying not to look pleased.
She winked when she noticed I was only pretending
and I chuckled
Then our lips met doing what they had longed to do
for days now.
Minutes later we pulled away pleasantly exhausted.
We cuddled and drifted off to dreamland.

A month’s later

Karen’s P.O.V
Cindy had invited me to the fun park earlier in the
day, she said she’s organising a party for the less
Well she never ceases to amaze me, that girl.
I wore my flowery red blouse and a white jean
She said it’s only a small party, so I don’t need
to look too flashy. I cautioned myselft.
Just then Miller’s call came in.
“Hey babe.” I said into the phone
“What’s up?”. He replied.
“Off to a partyyy” I said playfully singing the
last word.
“What? Where? And I’m not invited?”
“Oh so sorry dear” I placed my hand on my forehead.
” Cindy invited me, maybe its girls stuff” I tried
to explain.
“No way. I’m in. Will pick you right now, I’m on my
way” he said hurriedly.
“But babe…” He hung up.
I laughed at his action. God how I love this man.
Miller’s P.O.V
Although We had fun at the party, I didn’t feel
I noticed a group of four people staring at me all
the time.
Who the hell are they and why fuck are they looking
at me like that?
“I think we should leave Karen” I suggested and
stood up.
“Why now? We haven’t even talked to Cindy yet. I
mean she’s still busy” she stated looking up at me.
“I know but we can always see her at her place
baby” I tried to convince her not shifting my gaze
from them.
They stood up all smiles and were walking up to me
now. I looked away.
“Babe..” Karen started and was cut off
“Miller” said the man in his early fifties while
the woman I believe should be in her late forties
smiled nervously.
I arched my brow. “Yes, how may I help you” I
clipped tightly.
Then I looked closely at them and my blood ran
My parents? I said under my breath. What are they
doing here?
Then my memory flashed back to my unfortunate
I remembered all that they’d made me pass through,
I clenched my fist.
“What do you want?” I finally spoke.
“Your forgiveness son” my mum announced.
Just when I thought I had delt with the devil, now
is the deep blue sea.
No way this is happening and I can never ever
forgive them.
“I’m out of here” I said to Karen and walked away
like I was flying.
“Miller Wait. what’s going on?” I heard her asked
me as I slide into my car.
Karen’s P.O.V
Why is he acting like that? I turned and looked at
the people he left behind.
They looked wretched and helpless.
“Sir, ma’m is anything the matter.? I asked looking
at them in turns and the two girls with them.
“We are his parents. If you could help us talk to
him please do I beg of you my daughter” his father
“O..O…OK” I stuttered. “We can go to his pent
house right now but I need to see my friend first”
I said
“Pent house?” They chorused
“Yep, any problem with that?” I asked.
“Not all” his mother replied happily.
I guess they are shocked that their son is that
rich to own a pent House.
After I spoke to Cindy, we left in a cab. Of course
that angry son of a bitch left in his car.
Well, if I must walk with him, I need to understand
him and why he reacted that way.
But why did his own parents sought for his
forgiveness? I thought as the cab pulled up in
front of his pent house.

My Icy Boss
Chapter 15

Karen’s POV continues
We stepped into Miller’s pent house and took the
elevator to the sitting room.
“Karen what do you think you’re doing” he asked
thunderously from the mini bar.
He scared me. I didn’t know he was there.
I drew closer to him and her ordered me to stop.
“Dont you dare come close to me” he clipped and I
I thought I knew this man but I was mistaken.
“Why did you bring them to my house?” He asked
standing up towering over me.
I took few steps backward scared. He noticed that
and moved back a little brushing his thick lock
“Talk Karen” he said tightly.
“I thought I could bring them here since they
didn’t know how to find you. I’m sorry” I said
looking down.
He walked to the elevator.
“Make them sit down, let’s talk in my room” he
gestured his head to the elevator.
I obliged and beacon them to have their seats.
“Karen I don’t want you to get involved in this” he
started once we stepped into his room.
“I’m sorry Miller but I think you have to listen to
them.” I suggested.
“Karen do you know what I passed through in their
“They made me go through hell.Those motherfuckers
were drug addict”
“They never cared a rap about me. Karen I
suffered”. He broke down and wept. I patted his
I’ve never seen him so emotional. I really feel for
him. This is really hard.
“So you ran away?” I managed to ask him.
“A couple found me on the streets and took me to an
orphanage but I escaped, I couldn’t cope with life
at the orphanage. ”
“It wasn’t easy living all out on my own. I did a
lot of dirty things to survive”
“It was hell getting to the position I am today. So
I build an ice wall around myself but you broke
that wall when you came into my life, not even
Brittany could.”
He said and smiled lightly but it didn’t reach his
I blushed a little playing with my fingers.
“Is that why you were icy?” I enthused and he
“You’ve changed that Karen ” he said.
“Miller please try and reconsider your parents. I
know its hard but I know you can do that for me.” I
pouted making a puppy face.
“Karen you think its easy”
“I know but you’re a strong man always taking
strong decisions ” I pressed further.
“Fine, you win” he said with resignation in his
voice and stood up.
He walked to the evelator leaving me behind. Is he
for real?
I ran and caught up with him before he pressed the
We stepped out of the elevator and their parents
stood on their feet.
“You may sit down please” he said and swallowed
hard looking at me. I nodded and he started.
“Dad, mom who are these with you?”
“Your sisters” his mom replied.
Miller’s POV
“Dad, mom who are these with you? I asked
“Your sisters ” my mom replied.
They looked alike, twins to be precise. I walked to
them and hugged them.
I’ve never been this emotional in my life.
“I…I forgive you dad. Same with you mom” I stated
We hugged and wept. We pulled away and I looked
them very closely. They looked wretched.
“I’ve never seen you cry so hard Dad” that came
from Laura my kid sister.
We all laughed. ” me too” I supported. We laughed
“So my daughter what did you do to him that made
him change his mind so quickly” my mom asked Karen
standing akimbo.
“Yes because our sins was uncountable” my father
There was another round of laughter in the room.
“Nothing” she replied suddenly feeling shy and I
chuckled at her sudden change of behaviour.
“So where are the kids?” My mom asked.
I… I said arching my brow.
“We are n… I cut in before Karen could complete
her sentence.
“Yet married” I completed the sentence shocking
She gave me a are-you-kidding-me look and I gave
her a will-talk-later look.
Yes! And I’ll be a flower girl for the first time ”
Laura-Ann my other kid sis said and jumped around
the room.
I rolled my eyes. Get use to them Miller.
“Shall we have dinner please I’m famished”.
I announced heading to the dinning.
The dinner was served by the maids.
We ate in silence and I suddenly felt nervous and
Karen must have noticed because she asked.” are you
okay Miller ?”
Everyone looked in my direction.
“Yes I’m good.” I replied under my breath.
I want to ask her a question but I’m scared of her
I finally blurted shocking myself, Karen and

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  1. Will you marry me,Karen? Thats the question Miller is scared to ask.

    Am not so happy Brittany died,she should have lived see her husband married Karen.

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