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They say, behind every man’s success is a woman. But here is a twist.
I woke up early morning to go to the rest room when i saw a light on wall.
I didnt know what to do and what it was all about. I tried to open the door but in vain then i heard a
voice from above.


“The door will only open when you decide to listen to Mark, leave that life of darkness and do what
is right, remember i created the universe, i can give and take,”I heard the voice.


Just leave me alone you unfaithful God, i have found a true God who has given me money, power,
and wealth that i yearned all my life,” I said.


“Huny who are you talking to, you look tensed.”Hilda said.

Like i said behind every mans success is a woman but here is a twist. A woman is willing to do
anything just for money even if its bringing her husband down just to get what she wants.


Light and darkness never meet remember.
light and darkness 1
They say when you wanna achieve something, you have to set a goal and work extra hard to get
what you want. I had completed my grade 12 at one of the schools in nakonde.

I had failed completely, all I wanted was to be a catholic priest but that changed. Looking at my
poor background, it was had to raise money. I used to do piece work from one house to another.
Being the only child who was just an orphan. My uncles suggested that I marry.


I used to live in nakonde and my bride was from there too. I married Hilda and had what we call
ukukaka icupo(marriage band) something like that. Hilda was just a grade 9 drop out who dreamt
of living in luxury. Despite marrying her, I always wished that I can serve God in one way or the other.


Through working in peoples gardens, the little money I had, I used half and served half. When I
had about k800,i gave k500 to Hilda to start up a business of selling tomato, onion, vetables and
other food staffs. She didn’t like the idea of doing that but I had to advise her and encourage her.


I made sure I gave her whatever she asked for. I had come to love her and it didn’t matter if she
loved me back.
I kept on serving money with the piecework I was doing but to Hilda, it was time wasting. She
wanted fast money. She wanted luxury life.


“You know what mark, I would prefer you go to Tanzania and seek for wealth from the witch
doctor, I’m your wife and I wouldn’t want to see you suffer like this, take my advice and do what I
just told you,”she once told me. “May God forgive Hilda, that’s witchcraft and ritualism, it costs
someone’s life even putting our lives in danger, never should you say that again,”I told her politely.


I didn’t know why she thought like that. I have heard so much about blood money in nakonde and I
was told most of the people who own the shops were ritualist.
I couldn’t believe my wife would suggest such a thing. I had once told her that if she never loved
me, she could just go and marry a rich person as she dreamt.


I sat down on our small mattress which was just on the ground. We lived in a two roomed house
very far from the town. All my mates were working. Others joined politics and a lot were in lusaka
studying and there I was struggling to feed my wife.
it became more difficult when Hilda became pregnant. She couldn’t do anything at home all in the
name of pregnancy.


She kept on telling me to go to Tanzania in tunduma which was just few kilometers from Zambia.
I did want to quarrel with her but I had to find ways of raising the money to buy baby stuffs.
I really wanted to do something in life that will make God proud but my wife never believed in all
that. She never believed in miracles.
A month before she could put to birth, I had decided to surprise her with gifts using the money I
had served.


I decided to go to the town and do one or two things.
I went into the shop and got a lot of things not knowing I had left the money. “Sir I just forgot the
money, kindly help me to keep these things,


I will come and collect them tomorrow,”i pleaded to
the shopkeeper but he refused. “You are wasting time I need to attend to other customers,”he
I had to explain that it was my wife’s suprise but he couldn’t listen.
On my way out, I bumped into a man. When I looked up to see who it was,


I was shocked to find
that my former classmate in grade 12 was right infront of me. He used to fail as well but I
wondered how he looked good and wealthy.
I told him my problem and he gave me k2000 which I went and bought those things. He also gave
me his business card. I bought a green berry (zamtel phone) and simcard. I also bought a small
itel phone for my wife.


I went home and Hilda felt so happy and I wished she kept on smiling. I told her about the money
and who I met. She encouraged that I should see him.
After two days I called him. We met in town and later on took me to his father’s house. He had belt
a house for his parents.


“Mark if you want money, I will not give it to you but I will show you how to make money and
wealth, it seemed the God you serve is not helping you but I will show you a true God who will
give you absolutely anything that you desire and give you your status and high position in the government only when you do exactly what my lord tells you to do, if you are ready,


i take you there tomorrow,” sampa said.
“Are you talking about ritualism, blood money, no way, I can’t do that sampa,” I told him. He told
me to go home and think of everything and ask your wife’s opinion.
I left without a word. It seemed everyone was obsessed with money.


I went back home which took me an hour to reach home. I found Hilda had cooked food already
and was all smiling.
“Am only hoping for a positive news honey, so how did it go?” She asked after I had my supper.


I told her everything and she told me to accept the offer but I refused. She threatened to kill herself
and our unborn baby. I told her to calm down and hear me out.
I knew she wouldn’t kill herself but I had to keep quite without supporting her suggestion.


light and Darkness 2

Keeping quite when a lady is talking is the only medicine to avoid quarrelling. In as much Hilda
wanted money so much, i disliked her suggestion.
Days passed without calling Sampa. My wife kept on pressuring me to call him. I agreed with a
heavy heart and decided to call him.
I went to town and met him at a restaurant. “I can assure you that all will be fine and you don’t
have to worry about anything, as soon as you are given a task just complete it.”he said.


He told me that we had to leave for tunduma in a day time by train.
After the discussion, we got in the car and went to my place. Hilda’s face was glowing with
happiness as if she just won bet.
Sampa looked at our small house nodding his head more like disappointed with us.
I introduced him to my wife who was heavily pregnant. I told my wife everything and she started
packing my clothes. I didn’t have much to park.


I put my small suitcase in the car.
“Mark just do exactly what you are told, all the best,”Hilda said.
We left and went to Tazara station to wait for the train. The train was late. When the train arrived,
we got in. Tunduma isn’t far from nakonde. In no time, we were in tunduma, Tanzania. In the
morning, Sampa led the way to the shrine. It so scary. There was different kind of sound in the
forest. If it was not Tanzania you may think you’re at the graveyard in the night. But it was


We reached at the shrine and Sampa told me to take of my shoes which I did. Then we made
ourselves comfortable. There was no one but a moment later a man appeared infront of us.
“You!! “I asked because the person who was there happened to be one of the powerful pastors in
“Don’t be afraid my son, i know you seek for wealth and I shall grant you what you seek for.”
“In order to join brotherhood, you have to kill one of your unborn baby and you have to sacrifice
your wife’s womb. That means you will only have one child,”the man said.
“what! I can’t do that, that’s so impossible, Is there any other way?” I asked. “The other way is you
have to sacrifice your wife and save the children. Your wife is carrying twins, a boy and a girl,”he


I refused to do that and was about to leave when Sampa stopped. “If you step up here without
anything, there are consequences, either you die or you go mad,”he said. That time around there
was no turning back. I loved my wife, so I decided to kill my unborn son and take away my wife’s
womb. All this was to happen during labor.


“You have made a good decision and whatever you saw here, do not tell anyone, only your wife
since she’s aware,”they warned me.
Everything with the which doctor was done and only executing it. “You will be welcomed to
brotherhood during the sacrifice, we have to meet in daa_res_alaam with the rest of the
members.”he said.
The next day we went back to Tanzania. I told my wife everything and she was glad but despite
doing all that, I was not happy with everything but did it for the sake of my wife and my family.
The negative part was that my wife wanted to sacrifice a daughter.
As we were waiting, the day had finally arrived. I took my wife to the clinic nearby. It took time to
give birth.


I slept on the reception.
“I heard Sampa calling, I was in a mansion, it was so dark, I heard a cry of a child calling me not to
leave him, but I had to leave,, the door opened and lights were on, at the middle was my pregnant
wife laying helpless.
I looked around and the people I saw most of them were ministers, counselors, pastors and all
those with high position.


I watched those people cut my wife and removed a baby boy, cut his neck and gave me blood to
drink which I did. “You are now a member, in half a year you will have a big shop in kasama and in
one year time, you will be called to stand for elections as a counselor in one of the districts in
northern province,once more, welcome,”the master said. He told me to go and when I left,” I woke
up from the dream and the doctor was standing right infront of me. “Are you Mr silavwe mark,


congrats, your wife just gave birth to twins a boy and a girl though we lost a boy due to
complications that your wife had, and am sorry that she will never be able to concieve again, just
be strong man huh,” the doctor said and left.
“What I killed my son, I had a dream but it was really happening.
I broke down into tears, I was not strong like a man should. I didn’t like anything that was
happening. But I had to accept everything.
After she was discharged. She shed crocodile tears and went to bury our stillborn son.
I decided to name my daughter progress.


Light and darkness 3
Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst
habit you could possibly have.
Everyone might think I married my husband for money,, no. I agree that I had dreams of living in
luxury insipite of being a grade 9 dropout.


I was not sorry for myself for loosing my woman and a son but what hurt me most was that I
wanted a baby boy alive but Mark didn’t let that happen.
Its been 5 months since I gave birth to progress. She was just like her father. Mark loved her so
much. According to what he was told.
Mark received a letter from kasama telling him to shift in a month time. Everything was prepared.
The house two vehicles 2 shops and a position to contest for counselor.


“Oh my gosh, i told you that all will be fine. We have everything we need, money, wealth, status
and a child,”I told him.
“I bet you were right sweetie, but before we go, we have to say bye to our relatives,”he said.
I was so happy with everything. In no time, we arrived in kasama. Since we used a train, we
arrived around 03am. We found people waiting for us. They took us to a mansion in mukulumpe
near Kasama boys.
The house was so big. Everything was there.


This house belongs to you Mr and Mrs silavwe, here are the keys,if you need anything, you can
just make a call.”one of the men said.
They shook hands and I went to sleep.
Early morning, mark woke and woke me up. “I have to go to the bank, the driver is waiting for
me,”he said and left.
The place was new everything was new to me.


Inside that house was a small room which was ever locked only my husband was aloud in.
When he came back, he brought out k10 000. “This is for you and progress. Buy clothes, have fun
and make sure that you tell the driver to take you around, I need to go to the shops and see how
things are moving, take care, love you,”he said handing me the bunches of money.


The driver(Bwalya) took us around the town and we also went as far as Tazara market and
chikumanino market.
We came back and mark was not home yet.
“I can’t believe, its happening huny,”I thought to myself. “All thanks to my womb and your late twin
bro,”I told progress who was just smiling in her baby court.
After some minutes, I went to prepare some food for my husband. I didn’t want to look back at the
poverty we experienced once. It was too much to bear. I never believed in God because if he was
a true God, he wouldn’t have abandoned us. They say the devil you know is better than the angel
you don’t know.
Before going to sleep, mark always went to that secret room. Only he knew what was there but all
I knew and concerned about was that we had money.


During the elections for the counselor, mark won and had a title as a counselor. We never ran out
of money. We made sure no one in the village suspected anything.
I was the counselor and 5 years had elapsed. According to the rules of the brotherhood, every
after 5years. Every member had to be given a new post and in order to do so, each member had
to sacrifice and he had to be given a task according to how worth the position was.
My next post was to stand as an MP.
As usual, we met as brothers in Tanzania. Each one was given what to sacrifice.


“Sampa, your have to sleep with your sister in-law and sacrifice her virginity. She will never get
married. If she does then you will be in trouble,”the master told my friend.
“And you Mark, you will have to sleep with a virgin and sacrifice her, if you face to, remember the
consequences,”he said. “But were will I find a virgin nowadays my Lord?” I asked.
“Just do as I said or else you may die. You only have two weeks to give your sacrifice,”he said.
I told my wife and she said that was simple to do. So I had to hire the thugs to kidnap any girl
below the age of 18.


Everything was going as planned. But the girl they kidnapped was from one of my wife’s friends.
They brought her in unconscious. Laid her on the bed. I went went back to my room.
I woke up early morning to go to the rest room when i saw a light on wall.
I didnt know what to do and what it was all about. I tried to open the door but in vain then i heard a
voice from above.
“The door will only open when you decide to listen to me Mark, leave that life of darkness and do
what is right, remember i created the universe, i can give and take,”I heard the voice.


“Just leave me alone you unfaithful God, i have found a true God who has given me money,
power, and wealth that i yearned all my life,” I said.
“Huny who are you talking to, you look tensed?” I didn’t respond to her.
The door opened and I went in and saw the same thing I saw in the room.
“Your decided to listen to your mind not your heart, in darkness everything you get, you have to
pay through blood sacrificial. But in the light of God, you have all you need with blood shed, leave
that girl alone and return to one and true God,”the words kept on coming from the light.


I couldn’t even easy myself. I went out and told my wife. Progress was already prepared for
“Huny, where was God when you and I struggled just to have two meals a day. Where was God
when he took away, your parents leaving you an orphan, why didn’t he give us what we yearned
when we you prayed to him, definitely he is not as powerful as your God huny, dont listen to him.


Do as asked by your master, remember you only have two days to make the sacrifice, that girl
must die today. She is still unconscious,”Hilda said.
I sat down and remembered how I suffered all my life and now that i was enjoying that life, there
was no turning back.


Light and darkness 4
When your mind is made up with a drastic decision then try to listen from the heart.
I hard suffered all my life and there was no way of turning back. I had everything I needed. Money,
wealth., wife and my beautiful daughter.
In the evening before meeting the brotherhood, I went to to the girl I kidnapped.


I started
undressing up when the light appeared again on the wall. “I will not leave you alone, its never too
late to turn back to the Lord your God. Stop what you are doing and go to the carpel and repent for
everything.” I heard the same voice. “Remember I have given you everything don’t listen to that
fake God, just do as asked as she is still unconscious,”I heard a different voice. Two different
voices spoke at the same time. One was telling me not to do it and the other was telling me to do
it. I became confused not until I shouted no. The kidnappers were waiting for the money and my
wife was waiting for the good news. “Mark follow your heart and not your mind,”I heard my inner


Everyone came in, I told the kidnapper to take away the girl to were they got her from. “But Mark
you know we have to do this,”Hilda said but I just gave her an eye. The girl gained consciousness
and they took her back dumping her by the gate of her house.
Few minutes we all met as brotherhood. Sampa was making a sacrifice. He managed to do the
sacrifice with the post of a District Commissioner. “How many are ready to do the sacrifice
tonight,”the master asked and everyone said yes but I said nothing. “Mark its you we are waiting
for,”the master said.
“I can’t do this anymore, I will not sacrifice anyone and I don’t wish to be the MP or which ever
post, I have found the true God. The God who never shed blood to get what you want.


He is the
God who forgives and has pit for his child, iam leaving the brotherhood right now and don’t you
dare stop me,”i told them.
“Remember the consequences mark, everything you have shall be taken away from you and you
shall die a painful death,”the master said.
I left the brotherhood and got everything in the secret room and took them outside.


I put the on the
ground, got kerosene and sprinkled it on those things and started burning them.
“Mark stop it, am not ready to go back to poverty, you have to go back to brotherhood and become
an MP,” Hilda said. Because of the Noise, Progress woke up and came out. “Daddy what are you
burning and why is mom talking about brotherhood? What does she mean by that?”Progress
asked. “I will explain everything to you hun, remember you have to go to school tomorrow
morning, go back to sleep,”I said.
Everything was burnt to ashes. The fun part was that, I knew all the secrets in the brotherhood and
that’s a reason I was given a warning.


I went back into the house and went to see Progress, she was not sleeping instead, I found her
kneeling down with folded hands praying to God. I kissed her forehead and waited for her to
“Daddy, you are here?” She asked.
“Yes hun, daddy will spend the night in your room if you don’t mind,”I said and she just smiled.
I put her to sleep and I slept too.
In the morning, I drove to St Johns Cathedral to meet the Priest. I found one and went to make a
confession. He gave me an announced oil and holy water to sprinkle in the house and especially
the evil room which was no longer a secret room.
I went back home and found Sampa at home.


I asked what he came to do when we shared nothing in common.
“Am here to give you a piece of advise. We saw everything you did, but we are not going to rest
not until you face the consequences of what you have done.”he said.
“One minute Sampa, you and I both know that the brotherhood is nothing but a useless court
which believes in shedding blood, but get one thing clear, as long as the God I serve is the one
that created your master and us, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, so if you have
nothing to say, kindly leave this house,”I told him.


“Mark you shall regret this, the war has just begun,”he said. “Sure the war has begun between the
sheep and the goat, which is the light and the darkness.”I said and he left in anger.
“I overheard everything, Sampa was right, just go back to brotherhood and I don’t want to go to
poverty,”Hilda said.


“What you have to understand is, the next thing I will be told to sacrifice is you or progress and I
love you both, just believe in God,”I told her but she was not ready to listen. she kept on cursing
on God. She even wished that Sampa was her husband.
In the afternoon, I wanted to go to my office. Before I could get into the car, the car started
burning. I used the other car and went to the office, upon arrival the manager had only to tell me
that my license for importing goods was canceled and the shops were closed. I didn’t say a word
because I knew it was the work of the devil.
I left immediately and picked up progress from school in Mulenga hills at Natasha private school.
We passed through shoprite and bought some staffs.


“Daddy, may I sing for you a song?” She asked and I told her to go ahead. Progress started
singing “tata nimwe mumpela lyonse munshiku shamweo Wandi nshakabulilwe nelyo kamo
ngamuli naine, (My God gives me everything in my daily life, I will never lack anything as long he
is with me).”
We reached home safely. My wife couldn’t even welcome me. “My enermies are at work, they
have decided to turn my own husband against me,”she said.
“Mom what are you talking about?”progress asked. “Just shut up before I slap you,”she
responded. Progress left quietly with tears in her eyes. “Weather you like it or not, you must go
back to brotherhood,”she said.


I just looked at her and told her that She should repent as well.
I went to progress room and we started reading the Bible. Progress went straight to temptation of
Jesus. She read the whole scripture and turned to me.
“Daddy, this is just to taste your faith, mom hates me as if I was not from her womb, you should
overcome everything daddy, don’t listen to mom,”she said. I asked her who told her all of that.


“Our teacher is a pastor, he always tells us to pray every time and always to believe in God and to
study the Bible,”she said.
Days turned into weeks. My marriage was falling apart. My wife had gone to nakonde to see
mother in-law. She came back and the house was hell. After putting progress to sleep. I went in
the living room. I started hearing sounds behind the TV. I went to check and a snake came out
spitting out its saliva in my eyes and disappeared.


I called for help but I couldn’t see anymore and
became blind. Progress came and helped me to my room and went back to sleep.
“This is just the beginning mark, you disobeyed me and these are the consequences. You will
remain blind till your last breath,”i heard the masters voice.
“Nothing like that will happen, I shall see soon for the God I serve is more power than your so
called god.”I said.
“You see you life now, I told and don’t ask for anything, you are now mad, talking to yourself, what
a shame, you are useless hun,”Hilda said.
“Daddy, I will sleep here since mom can’t take care of me,”progress said.


Light and darkness 5

“Never believe on the kinds deeds by an enemy because… No matter how they seem innocent,
they are nothing than a trash piece of paper.
I had tested money and well and the title of being a wife’s counselor. Since Mark decided to refuse
the post of an MP, I couldn’t just watch him taking me back to poverty.
Progress was another problem. Despite being a 5 years kid, she behaved like an adult. I didn’t
what to do with her anymore. I couldn’t hurt her or do anything because she was my blood.


On one hand Mark went blind after refusing to sacrifice Nancy. He was warned and had to quit
brotherhood for good.
Since it was his decision to leave brotherhood, whatever happened to him was not my business
after all he had a daughter to take care of him. I knew that whatever happened was the result of
his actions towards the brotherhood and I didn’t want to interfere.
The next day, Sampa came to warn him about everything but he was adamant to listen.


“Sampa I wouldn’t want our friendship to end so kindly leave this house,”mark told him. “This
house belongs to us and we will decide what to be done with it Mark, you see your life, you are
now blind that you can’t even see,”Sampa said. I thought after hearing from sampa’s words my
husband was going to change his mind but he kept on mentioning God he has never seen.


I tried to pump some sense in him but to no avail. He couldn’t even move when progress isn’t
around. So progress stopped going to school to attend to her father’s needs and I must say she
too was reaping what her father sow.
Days have passed still in the same situation so I decided to let him be. He dared sent a 5 years
old child to call the priest which she did. I don’t how she got there and came back.
She took them to the room where he was. I couldn’t hear anything. Minutes later, they left.


In the evening, he woke up walked to the passage calling out on progress an crying. He was more
like having a sorrowful prayer.
I checked on him and his princess was there to help him stand up since he fell down from the

“Progress you here, I heard the Lords voice telling me to stand up and open my eyes,”he said.
Progress just looked at him and tears escaped her eyes.
I didn’t what happened because I was tired of their drama and decided to go to bed.
In the morning I just saw him taking progress to school. He was able to see. The next day I went to
the village to see mom and my young sister.
When you read the story of Job in the bible. He was tested so many times and never gave up.
I was also tested and it was the devils work.


My wife told me to give up on my God. “Just forget about God and go back hun,”she told me.
“I will not back down from God my dear wife, I suggest you follow what I’m doing, the devil had
managed to make me blind and I assure you that God will give me back my sight,”I said.
I didn’t want to argue so I gave up. What hurt me most was that Hilda couldn’t even help me with
anything and let my daughter do everything and she was just five years 6 months.


After somedays, I called the gateman and progress. I told him to help progress get on a taxi to
church and come back with a priest which he did.
In the evening, my eyes were paining and I could feel it. I felt so rejected and abandoned. I cried
so much calling out my name. I cursed myself and prayed for a miracle.
I became powerless such that I fell on the stairs.
I was blind but I could see the light on the wall.


“Iam the lord your God, stand up and open your eyes child,”I heard the voice. Progress helped me
to stand up. I gained strength and opened my eyes. It felt as if something cover my eyes and was
“Can you see me daddy?” She asked and I hugged her. I went back to progress room and the
next day I took her back to school and apologized for everything for keeping my daughter away
from school.
I came back and Hilda told me she was going to the village to see her people. When she left, I felt


I decided to see the priest once again. We prayed and since I was in shortage of finances, he told
me that my daughter was going to be sponsored by the church.
I was happy because my daughters well being and education was more important than mine. I
knew my days were numbered in that house and I wished it was soon.
After meeting the priest, I was advised to take progress to the orphanage which is sponsored by
the catholic church for the time being, so that my daughter don’t witness what was happening
between Hilda and I.
I picked up from school and went and packed her clothes. Instead of taking her to the orphanage,
the revelant sisters took her in the conivent to stay with her.


I promised to be seeing her everyday whenever I had a chance.
“Progress is fortunate to have a father like you Mr silavwe.” Sister Rose said. I hugged progress
and kissed her forehead and left. I told them not to tell anyone that she is my daughter because a
lot of people were after my life.


Few days later, m wife came back form the village. She asked about progress. “Progress is in
lusaka at the orphanage, I took her yesterday by bus,”I said. “We are alive, and I will not allow you
take her to the orphanage.”she screamed.
I made sure she didn’t have access to progress not until she decides to be a good mom.


You can call me selfish but my daughters future was important and I didn’t want to ruin her just like I ruined
mine. I always went to see her at school and at the conivent.

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  1. If God be for you, who can be against you??? No one. Mark,may your faith in God see you through all temptations

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