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light and darkness 12
Wages of sin is death

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like no one is with you, especially the loved ones
are not there when you need them the most.
They say blood is thick than water indeed.
I could see mom yearning for her daughter who was in front of her. I really wanted to reveal my
identity but that was going to cost mom a lot from what daddy explained about the brotherhood
thing. Hilda may have forgotten about me but I never stopped loving her not even once my
circumstances were beyond my limits.
Musonda and Monica were in a bad state because Hilda’s greed.
The day to be sacrificed had come. We were taken to musa village as per ritual. Our hands were
tied up. We couldn’t escape anywhere. “This how my fate is, being sacrificed by your own mother,
I wish there can be a miracle,”I thought to myself. We were about about 48 girls of almost the
same age who where supposed to be sacrificed.
“Before we continue with the sacrificial, we need to remind ourselves that breaking of the rules of
brotherhood cost life, and by the time we finish this we shall have a grand part to celebrate the
lives of these kids, remember our god is greater than their God”he said.
“My God is more power than your God, am not scared of your god who kills the body but not the
soul but the God that I serve kills both the soul and the body.”I said and everyone started giving
me a devilish laughter.
“Did you have to answer them back?Monica asked and I nodded my head in agreement.
A lot of girls were crying and looking at me in disbelief. Others were cursing and sobbing.
I couldn’t cry any more.
Their master says a recited a lot of words and members responded in unison form. They were
read to kill us when a familiar voice was heard.
“Only God has the right to take life,”he said. It was daddy with some of the priests and sisters from
my place.
I called out on him and immediately Hilda recognized daddy. “Mark,progress, how could I not
recognize my own flesh and blood”she said but before she could come near me she was told that
it was to late to do all that because she chose money over family. And immediately there and then
lightening struck her to dead because she broke the rule of sleeping with uncle sampa. A moment
later uncle sampa was killed because his offence was same as Hilda.
I shouted for daddy to help Hilda get up but daddy could do anything and that’s how I lost my
mother because of her greediness and selfish.
Time flies a lot. When I thought of what I had gone through I never wished any thing bad to
anyone not even my greatest enemy. I had gone for my studies leaving my daughter in the
church’s hands.
I used to come from time to time to see her. Progress had advised me many times to marry. But I
thought most girl where greed.
I had just remained with two days when I read received a text from sister Rose telling me that
progress went missing and there was rumour that there were kidnappers in kasama.
I went on net and the news was everywhere that Mark’s daughter went missing. I had remained
with last paper but I had to leave everything behind because I knew who were behind the
kidnapping, the brotherhood. I didn’t even inform anyone in Zambia. The next day, they just saw
me at the parish.
“You didn’t tell us you were coming,”the parish priest said.
“I know we failed you Mark,we couldn’t take care of progress and now she is missing,”sister Rose
cried. I had to calm them down and stop blaming themselves.
I had to narrate everything to them that every after ten years virgins are sacrificed and I just forgot
to mention this last time. They are sacrificed in an open area in the evening.
I told them to organize priest, pastors and church revelernt to go and end their sacrificial.
We prepared everything though everyone was scared.
The ritual was at 9pm so we went at 7pm. I knew the place very well though I never visited it
physically but spiritually.
Time has arrived. They were about to strike my daughter when I intervened with my other
superiors. I had a vision about what Hilda did with sampa and the consequences. She had
consequences which cost her death.
I didn’t wish for her to die but I wished that she could see her daughter proper. Sampa too was
A battle begun between the light and the darkness. They believed in the devil and we believed in
the almighty.
I got my anointed oil and holy water and sprinkled on the strings of the tied child.
“No one is greater than my God, these children are mine and iam taking them. The have to
die!!!!!!!!!”the master shouted as he tried to strike thunder on the girls.
“These children belongs to the almighty and no one will take them away from God, I declare and
degree that no weapon formed against these innocent child shall proper,”I said and my colleagues
started praying as I went to untie the children.
Some of the devil worshippers came to our side and repented but there master was stubborn. I
prayed and I felt the holy spirit in me.
It took us almost to hours to defeat them till they were burnt and disappeared.
We called the police station and the next thing we heard was that the detective was fired and the
mp was found dead in her room as well as honourable sampa kabwe.
The church sent the bus from chengelo nursing to pickup the girls . The girls were taken to the
parish and the next morning they were taken to their places.
Progress never left my sight. We went to her mother’s funeral the next day. Her body was taken to
her village in nakonde for burial. Most people didn’t know who kidnapped the girls and who killed
Hilda. Others thought it was natural. Those who repented were fired from there positions and had
nothing. They had to start life afresh.
After the burial,we went back to kasama where I was given a house by one of the children who
were kidnapped for appreciation for serving there daughter. I stayed a year in kasama and went
back to England to write my papers that I missed before being ordened as an Anglican priest.
I and progress went to nakonde and picked Nancy(Hilda’s young sister) to stay in kasama with her
I helped her to go back to school despite her age and I finally had my life back on track. I made
sure my family and relatives were my priority.
I then located to Kitwe as an Anglican priest. Progress went to copperbelt university to do
engineering after she gave up on being a sister.
I never got married again and I didn’t want to hinder my daughter’s happiness.
Years passed and she graduated with a BA in engineering and later on got engaged.then we lived
happy as father and daughter.
People use what they have to get what they want.

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  1. Thank you this Short but an interesting story…its pays to serve God deligently.

    • More pls

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