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28-year-old Michelle De Feo who is currently battling lyme disease is doing the unusual to raise funds for her treatment. She is selling her nude photos to raise money.

She was diagnosed with Lyme disease two years ago, a condition caused when an infected tick bites someone.

“I knew something was wrong. I was getting so tired and so dozy to the point that I couldn’t stand up.

I would just be crying in the bathroom saying something isn’t right. We went private and they did lots of tests and blood tests and, in the end, they tested for Lyme disease.

We went to the GP with forms and basically they said we can’t treat it. The NHS says there’s nothing we can do except give you pain killers.’

For a year after the diagnosis, Michelle was given medication, a strict diet and a large amount of vitamins to help. It was really scary when I knew I had a diagnosis, my mental health was affected,” she explained. ‘It’s like you are grieving for your old life.’

Michelle who grew up in the countryside, surrounded by horses, dear and woodland believe she got the condition when she was bitten by a tick at some point before her symptoms started in September 2016.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” she said. “I was always looking after horses out in shorts and always in the barn. We used to get deers come up to the door too, we never touched them though. I just didn’t feel right at all. I was getting lethargic and feeling so tired and then I got a rash on my arm. I didn’t think anything of it until I got really bad. I felt like I had the flu and got really dozy. Then I was peeing out blood and that’s when I went to the walk-in centre for help.”

Unable to work fulltime because of her condition, she says she takes the photos when she feels strong and well enough. She takes several photos on such strong days and then uploads them gradually.

‘I can’t take them every day due to my health. It takes up to three hours to get a good set, so not too long. I have had friends help take them for me. ‘I post all sorts of photos. I used to do a bit of modelling of lingerie topless. It’s all quite tasteful stuff. I even post foot pictures and fetish stuff. I actually prefer doing fetish stuff because you can keep your clothes on.”

On how her family is reacting to her unconventional means of raising funds, she said:

“My dad found out and he was a little bit upset. He said he felt sad that I was doing it. My mum is alright with it. She said it’s kind of empowering if you are a woman in your situation. I’m going to get judged and my dad gets upset and other family members do. But if you were in my situation you would do anything.”

Deep down, Michelle does worry about what she is doing sometimes.

“I believe I shouldn’t be doing this, if I’m being honest,” she explained. “But I think it goes to show how desperate we are to get our lives in order and get the right treatment. ‘I need to spread awareness as I can and I believe others with Lyme should tell their stories too.”

Michelle is not the first to sell her nudes to raise funds as we reported the case of an instagram user who raised money for fire victims selling her nudes pictures online.

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