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MEANT TO BE (episode 4 till the end) DOWNLOAD OUR APP NOW, TYPE DOPERCH.COM ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE “I know I’m taking a drastic step which I don’t want either. I love you mike and I have given you a beautiful daughter. She is just like you. Take care of her and tell her a story when she grows up that I loved her so much. Give her a Christian name,

MEANT TO BE (episode 4 till the end) DOWNLOAD OUR APP NOW, TYPE DOPERCH.COM ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE “I know I’m taking a drastic step which I don’t want either. I love you mike and I have given you a beautiful daughter. She is just like you. Take care of her and tell her a story when she grows up that I loved her so much. Give her a Christian name,

Meant to be 4
Download on play store
New world
Do you know what it feels to hold your own baby. Remember at the mall. I ran into him and left
immediately and then I held my daughter, amina was in my hands right infront of me, her mother. I
couldn’t hold back my tears. Mike kept staring at me.
He asked me what happened but I told him that I was missing Natasha. “I had never believed that
one day I would pretend to be someone else infront of him. I didn’t want to let go of amina but I
had no choice. I said bye to them.
I arrived home and aunt in the kitchen and I started helping.
“The other day you left your uncle in town, you looked nervous and when I asked about the baby
on the screen of your phone, You ignored the question, why dear? “Aunt asked and I almost
“Well aunt, that my stomach was aching and uncle was taking time and the baby is my………”
“Your cousin baby Rukayah, mother in-law called that her baby is beautiful and her husband is so
caring,”aunt interrupted.
“You like babies and I know you will be a good mother,”she added.
I felt like the ground should just open and swallow. Rukayah was my elder cousin.I gave her a faint
smile and went to my room.
I sent a text message to mike to know how he was but didn’t reply.
Aunt and uncle had made all the arrangements to go to Korea for my studies.
In two days time, I and jamilah were at the airport. We got on the plain.
I never thought that one day, I would go to Korea.
My mind switched to amina.
She was my everything and I gonna stay away for 5 years.
Once in Korea, we found people waiting for us. They took us to the apartment.
“Nana this is a new world and a new beginning, don’t make mistakes but one thing you have to do
is to have a face changed which is a first thing,”I thought to myself.
“You look lost sis, this is Korea not Zambia, so please not that face again,”Jami said and I nodded
in agreement to assure her that everything was fine.
“Then cheer up, aunt Cynthia(the owner of the apartment and the friend to uncle) is coming so
please not that face,”she said.
I decided to check on Mike on Skype and he was online. I send a text before video calling. I made
sure I wore my hijab.
We had a chat and the chat didn’t go well because he ignored some of my questions which meant,
he was avoiding me.
We started going to lectures on a Wednesday.
Life was so simple there. We got used in no time.
we made friends there.
Jami was over the moon.
A Months had passed. Mike kept on asking me to reveal my face but that was impossible to do.
At the university, there was a surgery, I went faced on Google and searched for medicine that can
make a persons face rough.
In the afternoon, I went and bought it. It was expensive. The medicine was said to be good for
stretch marks and not for pimples.
After taking a shower, I applied and it was itching badly. I developed pimples, and my face
became so ugly and rough.
“What happened Nana, your face looks disgusting, you need to see a doctor,” Mary(our new
friend) said.
Jami wasn’t around, she had gone to the campus.
When she came back, she looked scared.
She took pictures of me and forwarded them home. Everyone was sorry. When I went to the
hospital, I was told to used onion to apply on my face. But all I wanted was my face change.
I requested to have a surgery. I was a process on its own. Jami was against it but I went ahead
and changed my face. I gave the doctor Rukayahs photo.
“I should look a bit like her,”i said.
“You don’t choose the face but we suggest which face suits you.”he said.
I changed my face and looked a bit like my cousin. “Mmm you look like Rukayah, but I miss the
old you,” Jami said.
I took pictures of me and Jami and sent our home Zambia.
“Is Rukayah with you,”daddy asked.
“No bro, that’s Natasha, she changed her face because of what happened to her face.” Uncle
rahman said.
Everyone was like “what” in the family group.
I decided to send one to Mike, but I told him I had my face changed because of what happened.
He said nothing. And the next time I checked on him, he sent a message that he was getting
married and he was avoiding ladies.
I decided not to interfere in his affairs but all I wished was that he marries someone who will take
of amina.
From then, our communication ended like that. I kept on checking up on amina on Facebook, his
It was almost a year and it was amina’s birthday. He uploaded pictures of her and I downloaded
them all.
I went and bought a cake. Jami and Mary asked why a birthday cake and I just had to lie.
We took pictures and I uploaded.
I wanted to forget about everything but the more I tried the more I felt hurt.
“I love you Nana, this pregnancy is a symbol of our love,”I recalled everything that happened a
year ago.
“Nana, guess what, I have a boyfriend, Ramon. Say hi to him,” jami said.
“Just be careful and don’t make the same mistake I made,”I said.
“Mistake!! You are our family favorite and I don’t understand which mistake you made, did you
cheat on Hakeam?” She asked once Ramon had left. I ignored her question.
My mind was all set on amina. She had grown with my resemblance (old me) and her father’s
complexion. I had to work for her sake.
“You people, some people are heartless. How can some leave a child in the hospital after giving
birth and expect a father of the baby to take care,” Mary said.
She was reading on opera news, but it all felt as if she was telling me indirect. My tears escaped
from my eyes.
Mary was from Korea.
“I also wonder, that’s witchcraft, right nana” jami asked.


Meant to be 5

A lot has happened in the last five years. The last time I had a chat with mike was five years ago.
He stopped talking to me completely. Sometimes I thought he found out the truth and that’s why
he was doing that.
I always checked amina’s pictures on Facebook. She had grown just like the old me. She was so
“Don’t worry swt@, only two days remaining, I will be back to zambia. “I thought to myself.
I sat down on the floor staring at her pictures on my laptop.
“You have been staring at that picture for so long, a Wait a second, this baby resembles someone
and I have seen on your screen of your phone?”she asked.
“She is my daughter,” I said. Iye labeniko (just forget it), when did you give birth,jami said jokingly.
“The child is for Mike,”I said. “Mmmmm that Christian man, is he still alive, and lately I have not
head from him.”she added.
“Maybe he’s busy, I hope to see him one day, he’s a married man now.”I said.
“Are you jealous? But why does the child resemble the old you, but never mind, people
resemble,”jami said as she continued parking.
My heart skipped a bit and felt bad for hiding such a thing from the .
i was in dilemma because I didn’t know what to do.
After our last paper. Our air tickets were bought and all the documents required were ready.
We took a flight after some time. Hours later we were back to Zambia.
Zambia looked so different. At first I thought, we were lost but after seeing daddy waiting for us at
the airport then I believed it.
Daddy didn’t recognize me at first not until uncle reminded him that it was Nana not Rukayah.
We got our laggages from the plane to the car.
We arrived and found hakeam and usamah. The two had grown. Usamah was in grade 10.
Not to talk of hakeam. He didn’t recognize me.
“Where is Natasha?” He asked and everyone laughed. “How can you not recognize your future
wife. I guess its because she changed her face. But if you don’t like her new look then we will just
stop the engagemen,” daddy said.
“I love Nana a lot and its only the face that changed not her behavior,”he said.
We took our showers, Jami and I and after that, we had our food.
In the morning, daddy looked so excited, thought he seemed not to like my new me.
“I miss the old you, darling,”daddy said.
“Am sorry daddy that I had to do that, I had no other option, my face was scruffy and disgusting,
ask Jami,”I said. “Its okay, You are beautiful,”he said.
“Bro, after there graduation, jamilah and Nana have to be given away,”uncle Rahman said.
“Its up to the girls bro, how read they are, let’s not rush things, daddy responded.
“I felt like my boiling temperature rise. I knew mike had moved on but my amina still needed to
know her biological mom.
I had a lot to think of but nothing was helping.
I tried to Skype Mike but no response.
The a week on, I and daddy were on our way to lusaka. We decided to buy few stuffs to use on he
Daddy and I went into the supermarket. Daddy was in a hurry so he was in already.
From nowhere, a child bumped into me as she was running to only God knows. “Sorry!!” She said
and ran away. I didn’t see her face well. I bent down to pick up some stuffs and a man bent too.
We stood up both looking into each others eyes. I was so nervous, I didn’t expect to meet him so
“Sorry, my daughter is naught,”he said.
“You!!! We both said in an unison.
“You look nervous and your face looks family,”he said.
“Am na……….. Rukayah, And you are Mike right?” Yes.
“You are Nana’s cousin when did come back from korea?”he asked.
At that point I just wanted the ground to swallow right there.
I nodded in agreement.
“I came a week ago and how is amina?” I asked.
“Amina is fine and naught, there she is with mom,”he said pointing at them. He called out to her
and she came immediately.
“Apologize to aunt.”he told her.
“Sorry aunt, its all daddy’s fault that I ran into you, sorry,”she said.
“its okay dear, be careful next time,”I said. I kissed her forehead and she left immediately.
“She is beautiful, brave and clever, she has grown, am with daddy, see you around,”I said. Before
I could say another word daddy called me “Natasha”.
But I pretended not to be the one because they are a lot of natsha’s.
Mike just looked and left.
I got into the car and left for lusaka.
My heart was racing and I was sweating .
“Sweetheart, you are sweating, do You have fever?”daddy asked. I was quiet.
I was nervous about meeting amina and I kissed her. It felt so nice after such a long time. She
has grown into my old me. I thought I was never going to see her again.
We arrived in lusaka and went straight to chelstone to Rukayah’s place. She was surprised and
her husband was shocked.
I didn’t want to explain same things over and over. i made daddy do the explaining.
The next day, we went to mwanawasa hospital to take jami’s and my application to work there as
biomedicine doctors.
They told us to wait for a call. We decided to go and wait for a call in two days time in chelstone.


: Meant To Be 6
I was so tired coming from the hospital. I went straight to take a bath. After a warm shower, I got
my phone and logged in. I found a lot of pictures of amina on his timeline. I saved all the pictures.
Messages started popping in one after the other.
He was online so I replied to his “hi”.
And he responded to it immediately.
“What’s up Rukayah, you didn’t even tell me, You were back to Zambia, are we enemies?” He
“I thought it was not necessary to tell you since you said you were getting married, so I decided to
play it cool, by the way how is your fience or wife if at all you’re married?” I asked him.
“Am not married the one I wanted to marry after the death of amina’s mom raised her hand on my
daughter and it ended right there and then but the one I have is fine,”he responded.
“What……. raising a hand on my daughter? ”
“Wait what did you just say??…….. Your who?” He asked.
“Sorry it was typing error, mike, am just surprised how some people can be so weekend and raise
a hand on a child, I would have done the same, if I were you,”I tried to cover up the mess I almost
After chatting, i called jamilah to find out how everyone was doing.
“Everyone is fine and I miss you so much,”she said. “I miss you too,”I said.
We stayed in lusaka for two days. The applications were accepted and told us to report on
Monday morning.
We went to kabwe and daddy went back to kapiri mposhi.
My engagement was just around the corner.
“What bothered me most was the secret I was keeping from everyone..
Mike and I became good friend.
I was read for the outcome of my actions.
When Rukayah left for Korea I had no chance to execute my plan.
I had a lot of questions which needed answers from Rukayah.
“Why she never revealed her face before leaving for Korea and why she changed her face just a
month after she left zambia and why she refused to send me pictures of her before she changed
her face?” All those questions kept running in my head.
I had a feeling that she maybe Nana but I had no proof.
The first step I took was to stop talking to Rukayah. That way time would move fast.
Five years had elapsed. Amina bumped into her and I didn’t know who she was. My daughter
naughty, she just left.
I helped the lady to pick up the staffs, when we both stood, her face came and it was her.
I didnt know she was back.
Before she could go, someone called out Natasha and she turned to looked at the person. She
kept on talking to me about how brave amina was.
She left in a hurry. My suspicion were not true.
I decided for get about everything.
When I asked her why she didn’t say a word about her coming, she said it was not necessary.
I kept on wondering. I sat down with my daughter.
“Daddy that lady we met in town is friendly, I want to see and apologize or take me to her,”amina
“She was just a stranger huny, if we meet her again, You can apologize okay,” I told her.
“Daddy you always hid moms pictures, if she is not with you, why can’t you bring her, You always
tell me soon, she said.
Aunt came in.
“I guess you have father_daughter chat,”aunt said.
“Yes mom, huny go to your room, I will call you,”i told amina and she left.
Once with aunt.
“You look bothered Mike, did amina ask you about mom again?” Aunt asked and I nodded my
head in agreement
“Aunt you know me well, and that’s why girls take advantage of me, is it okay to forgive someone
who hurt you badly and made you loose hope?”I asked.
“Yes the bible tells us to forgive one another as many times as we can,”she responded.
“So aunt it was to happen that nana was alive and just lost her memory, would you forgive her?”I
“First she has to rote in jail for dumping amina in the hospital.”she said.
I had a long chat with aunt, she was like my mom.
I decided to befriend Rukayah to find more information about Nana, how she died and were she
was buried.
I didn’t have time left, my engagement with my girlfriend was nearby. On the other hand, Rukayah
was getting engaged.
One day, I called my girlfriend(Norah) and Rukayah to go out to have fun but she said she was in
lusaka working . I never thought, I was going to love again.
So we decided to go to chongwe on a weekend the four of us. Amina, Nora, Rukayah and I.
We went to the bridge, there is a nice place there.
We started playing and having fun. Whenever I got closer to Nora, Rukayah looked down.
She was fond of amina.
We started Playing blind fold. It was Rukayahs turn. I went behind her and got few of her hair and
put in the pocket. We continued playing.
We decided to order some food.
“Daddy I just want chips, sausage and salads,”amina said.
Rukayah ordered the same.
“Amina and Rukayah have the same taste and a lot in common as if there is a mother and a
daughter…….”Nora said.
“(Coughing)……… “Rukayah choked on the food. Spilling the juice on the dress.
“Sorry aunt be careful,”amina said.
“Sorry if I offended you Rukayah,”nora said.
“Nothing like that, am just thinking about something that’s,”she said.
After having fun. We spent the night at Rukayah’s place in cheltone.
The next day, I went to Universty Teaching Hospital. I had made an appointment for the DNA test
for the doctor who was going to south Africa in the evening.
“Results will be back in two weeks time, just be patient. Hope you are read for any results,”the
doctor said.
After some days, Rukayah got engaged to hakeam. It was an arranged marriage. So she didn’t
look happy.
Hours turned into days and days into weeks.
I received a call from the doctor in lusaka.
“The results are back, kindly come on friday,”he said and cut the call.
“On friday, I will have answers to my questions,”I thought.


Meant To Be 7

I had not told anyone, what my plan was. Despite mom warning me about odem’s family. I still
went ahead on befriending Rukayah.
After the call from the doctor, I was so devastated. “What if they results are positive the what?
And if they turn out negative, what happens next?” I started asking myself all those questions.
My phone vibrated, indicating a text message.
“Hey huny, would you mind escorting me to grandma, come with my daughter,”the text message
read. It was from Nora.
“Anything for you, just tell me the time, I will be there soon,”I replied.
I told aunt to prepare amina. We went in the to pick her up.
“Thanx for coming,”she said. We pecked and amina rushed to her.
“Aunt is the other aunt coming,”amina enquired about Rukayah.
“No, we are going somewhere but we ll see her later.”Nora said.
We got in the car and went straight to the restaurant to have something.
I saw the person who called Natasha’s name the other day. I decided to follow him. “Mike, where
to?” Nora asked.
“I will be back shortly,”I said.
I bumped into him purposely and made sure he stood still to look at me.
“Sorry uncle, I missed my step,”I said apologetically.
“Its fine, I have seen you somewhere, you were standing with Natasha last weekend at the more
and your daughter bumped into her,”he said.
“Well sir…… But I don’t recognize you,”I said pretentiously.
I didn’t need to ask questions anymore because I just heard him say Natasha.
I decided to go back to the restaurant. We hit the road to Nora’s mama.
We arrived home and found mama just sitting on the corridor.
“Nora, you are here and who are they,”she asked.
“This is my fiance, the father of my daughter, and this is my daughter amina,”Nora said.
“Oh so you are getting married at the same time with your cousin, you have never seen her before
even she doesn’t know, your father and her mother are just so foolish,”grandma said.
“At least let us in,”she said.
“Daddy, grandma looks upset, I want to go back,”amina complained.
“No huny, go say hello to her and give her a forehead kiss just like you always do to mom when
she comes,”I told and she nodded her heard in agreement.
She did exactly as told. “Sweet child, your mother is stupid, she couldn’t bring you when you were
just a baby, don’t be like her, your father looks responsible, be a good girl,”mama said.
We talked about so many things. i must confess that Nora’s mama was so sweet and charming.
She made sure we all laughed and amina looked so relaxed.
Nora prepared food and we ate it. It was so delicious. “You people will spend the night here, no
words,”grandma said.
“Yesssss……….,”amina screamed.
“We would like to stay but mom doesn’t know we are here, some other time mama, sorry,”I said.
“You can go daddy and mom, i will remain with granny please daddy,”she pleaded.
Amina knew very well that I can’t leave her alone for a day, so I decided to stay.
I had just known Nora for just 4 months and it felt as if I had known her for years.
We spent the night and grandma came with us since the engagement was in two days.
I took Nora home with her granny and we went home.
Everything was ready. Relatives from both sides came. “Am on my way to your house,”the
message read from Rukayah.
We have one important guest here, Nora’s aunt from Kapiri and her husband, her cousin is busy
with work, she will be here on the wedding day. Everyone clapped and cheered for her as they all
stood up.
“Wait a minute mike, she is a Muslim looking at what she’s wearing.”I heard my inner self speak.
She came in and the husband came in.
“Him, hope its not what I think, how is this possible, Nora and her, cousins, hope am not running
mad, but Nora is a Christian, how come,”I thought.
The man came to me. “We meet again, I now understand why you were talking to Nana last
time,”he said.
Before I could say a word, I saw Rukayah entering. She looked so shocked to see most of her
Her eyes were red. She congratulated me and she went to see her daddy.

Meant To Be 8

Finally I and Jami got our job at mwanawasa hospital. It felt good to be called Dr Natasha Odem.
The worst part was getting engaged to someone you don’t love.
I got engaged with a heavy heart.
Two weeks before. Mike took us out to chongwe.
We were the four of us.
It seemed mike had moved on. All I could see was love in his eyes for Nora. I was hurt by all of
that. I must say, I was jealous. Amina was fond of me and It felt so nice around her.
We had similarities that Nora even figured out.
Nora talked as if she knew something about me.
We had so much. When we were done, we went to chelstone to our place. It was on weekend so
Jami had gone to see her boyfriend.
We had our supper and little amina fell asleep instantly.
I gave them jami’s room and I took amina to my room.
The next morning, I woke up very early and prepared mike’s favorite food. After everyone had their
bath and breakfast.
The two were in a hurry so they left.
Mike invited me to attend his engagement. I decided to go. Daddy had also invited me go my
cousin’s engagement who I have never met before.
I decided to cancel daddy’s invitation and went to mike’s.
I arrived immediately after the celebration had started.
I entered in the hall. The first person I saw was daddy. I wanted to go straight to him but I had to
congratulate the couple..
If felt so awkward. Nora being my cousin. How was that possible? I had head a lot about her but
daddy and mom called her by a different name.
As the matter of fact, there was no running away from the reality.
“Now I will be exposed, I don’t have to stay here another second,”I thought.
I greated moms relatives and daddy. I pretended to be on a phone call and went out.
I came back and told Nora and Mike that something had come up.
“But Nora, uncle odem is here and I didn’t know that the cousin granny was talking about was you.
We need to talk, after am the one getting engaged so I suggest that you cancel everything and be
with us,”Nora said.
I had to convince her somehow not until she gave up.
I told everyone and left. I went to granny’s place. I found the house locked. I got the keys from the
usual place she kept them.
I got in and buried my head under the pillow. I cried myself to sleep.
I woke up in the morning and still mama was nowhere. I just left a note and left.
I took a bus to lusaka.
Two ours later, I was home. I sat in my room looking at mike’s pictures and amina. Tears filled my
eyes and couldn’t control myself.
“Natasha, you are crying?” Jami asked as sooner as she came in.
I went and hugged her.
“Tell me what happened at the party in kabwe.
I didn’t expect you to come back as early as 08am. Tell me Natasha, is it related to Mike and you
have his pictures with his daughter, are you hiding something, for Allah’s sake, he’s a
Christian?”she said.
“Yes I love mike jami, amina is my biological daughter, you won’t understand how it happened, just
do me a favor, don’t tell anyone,”i said.
“Wait a minute, is it the reason you changed your face and is it the reason you use Rukayah on
Facebook. And to put everything together, mike doesn’t know you are Natasha.”she said.
“Absolutely correct,”I responded.
“Natasha you are heartless and selfish, I have to tell daddy that his favourite niece has a shocking
revelation.”she said.
I pleaded not to do something stupid.
“Don’t you dare plead, it will have no effect on me, I can’t believe it, all these, Mike knows nothing
about you,”she said.
Jami called uncle. “Daddy am calling you to say that natasha is terribly sick, can you manage to
come with uncle?”she said and cut the call.

: Meant To Be 9
it was so shocking finding out that Rukayah and Norah were cousins. What surprised me most
was that she couldn’t stay for so long during my engagement. She gave an excuse that something
had come up. She left and the celebration went in full swing. After the engagement everyone left
and Norah was so happy.
The day to collect the DNA results had come finally. I went to Lusaka as told. I was so anxious.
Since mine was an appointment with the doctor, I didn’t take time to go in. we exchanged
greetings and he told me to take my seat. “Mr. Mike, are you ready for the results, are you
expecting negative or positive results?” doctor asked. “Am ready for any results, am doing all this
to know if my suspicious is correct or wrong,” I said and he just smiled handing me in the
envelope. “Here are your results mike.” He said. I got the envelope and unwrapped it. I hesitated
to unfold the letter.
“You look nervous, just relax or open it from home,” He said but I had already opened it and there
was no turning back. I ready the results and I felt as if one part of me was being taken away. I
didn’t want to show my weakness in front of the doctor. I just said bye and left immediately. I got
into my car and drove back to kabwe. I arrived and found Norah at home. She had cooked dinner
already. She pecked me and invited me to have supper. “Am not hungry darling, I have no
appetite just go on and eat,” I said. “but you left without eating and I doubt if you have eaten and
you didn’t tell me where you were going, tell me what’s wrong or bothering you, I have never seen
you like this before, please tell me,” she said.
“Relax Norah, nothing is wrong, you know me, I love you and if something is wrong or bothering I
would have told you already,” I assured her. She insisted that I eat; she refused to eat anything so
I decided to eat a little. “Now that you are back, am requesting you to take me home or I use your
car, granny wants to talk to me. Are you coming along or not,” she asked. “I will take you there
then I will go to aunts place to see amina,” I said. We got into the car and hit the road at once.
Within few minutes, we were at her granny’s place. I dint take time and left immediately after
greeting granny.
I went to aunt’s place and found her watching news at 08pm. Amina was asleep in aunt’s room. I
went there and kissed her forehead. “Finally I have found your mother but don’t worry, I won’t let
her bother you or take you away from me,” I said to myself. I went back to the living room were
aunt was watching news. “You have said a word since you came. You look frustrated, what’s
wrong?” she asked but I kept quiet thinking of what to say. “Mike are you with us, you mind is
somewhere?” she asked again. “Nothing mom, everything is fine, I just feel tired, goodnight mom,”
I said and she just responded.
The next day, I dialed Natasha’s number and she picked it immediately after the first ring. “hey
mike, what’s up, how is everyone and my cousin,” she said. “Don’t worry about them, everyone is
fine, I called you to tell you that I want to tell you something concerning your cousin norah, would
you please come to kabwe if at all you are not busy, its agent, failure to come, you will be in
trouble,” I tricked her. “Okay what time should I come?” she asked. I told her to come at 2pm or I
follow her to Lusaka. She agreed that I follow her to Lusaka. After talking to her, jamilah called. It
was so strange; jami had never talked to me on phone before. What was so agent that she finally
called me…? I hesitated to pick up the call till the call ended. She called again and that time
around I answered the call.
“Hey mike, can we meet tomorrow at 02pm, I have something important to tell and please don’t tell
anyone, It’s important that I tell you, lets meet at levy mall or manda hill.” She said and cut the call
without a responding to her. I sent her a text telling her that I had an appointment with Rukayah
and she was part of the appointment. “alright then I will tell you when we meet the three of us,”she
The day had come to meet Natasha and jamilah. I went to chelstone and picked them up. I drove
to chongwe. With me were the results for DNA. We arrived at the chongwe bridge and ordered
some food. After we had our food, Natasha wanted to find out why I called them there. Before I
could say a word, jami accidentally spilled juice on Natasha’s dress. “sorry rukayah, here is water,
go to the rest room and clean up or lets go I help you,” jami said. “its okay, I will manage,’ she said
and left.
Once we were alone jami told me that she spilled the juice on purpose so that rukayah can leave
in order to tell me why she called yesterday. “You must be wondering. I called to tell you that I
actually found amina’s mother and it will be had for you to believe me because I don’t have any
evidence against her,” she said. “I won’t believe your words jami, I can only believe when you
have evidence and tell me who she is, all I know is that amina’s mom is dead and it’s been five
years since she passed on,” I said. “Wow it’s good that at least jami knows the truth and that’s a
reason I called them both,” I said to myself. Jami couldn’t say the name after Natasha had arrived.
“Tell us what you wanted to say about Norah? Natasha asked. I said nothing instead I handed her
the DNA results. I told to tell me the meaning of the report and why she did what she did. “I only so
her tears coming out and she knew that my weakness was to see woman’s tears. Jami grabbed
the results and begun to read. “What, how did you do this and how will I believe that this is
Natasha’s hair? Jami asked. “But you just called her Natasha and I have no other option but to tell
you that the results are guanine,” I said. I dint want argue with anyone, jami talked a lot that she
didn’t even spare any word in her mouth. “Please am not here to argue but seems like you have
talk time in your mouth, keep on talking.” I said.
“Just stop it both of you, stop it!” Natasha screamed on top of her voice. “Yes the results are
correct, amina is my daughter and I always regret for abandoning her at the hospital, I was feel
guilty, and am ready for any punish but please don’t stop me from meeting her once in a while. My
face was changed because I didn’t want you know to know that I was alive but since it has
happened I don’ t deserve to live and now that my cousin is the mother of my amina, I don’t
deserve any of your forgiveness,’ she said. She got a 6 inch nail and was about to stab herself
when I held her before it could reach the stomach.

: Meant To Be 10
This world is full of disgrace and secret. I never imagined that my closest cousin had a child. I had
suspicions over her behavior but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Natasha shared everything with
since childhood but I never thought one day she was going to hid something. Before she wrote her
grade 12 her behavior changed so much. She was a modern girl despite being a Muslim but
suddenly she started wearing hijab almost every day, whenever she was going out. She started
wearing dresses.
I didn’t know what was behind her change of behavior. Even when we went to South Korea, she
had to change her face even when the face had just small black spots. All she could talk about
was Mike and his child. She had her pictures and the baby resembled her but I said nothing. When
I asked why she always looked at mike’s photos and his daughter but all she told me was that
mike was just a good friend. Mary had to comment on her resemblance the child but she just said
that people do resemble even when they have no blood relation. I didn’t say a word because I was
someone who never used to mind peoples business. One day she told amina was her child but I
thought it was a joke because we were joking when I asked her for the second time.
After completing our studies and came back to Zambia, Natasha was fond of amina. I had never
seen amina before but from the way she talked something seemed fishy. Despite everything,we
got jobs in no time at levy mwanawasa hospitals as biomedicine doctors. We settled in chelstone
and everything was perfect on my side. After some months Natasha got engaged to hakeam and I
never heard anything about amina and mike. Her room was decorated with their pictures. She
never allowed anyone in her room apart from me.
I really wanted to find out if my suspicions were correct. Mike’s engagement was around the
corner. We were invited but I never wanted to go there, I wanted nana to go alone. When I refused
to go,she refused but I had convince her to go and forget about the other engagement.
Finally time had come. I made sure to convince her one way or the other. She left for kabwe on
Wednesday since the engagement was on Thursday. The next day, Natasha cme back as early as
08am on Friday. She went to her room and buried her head under the pillow. I went to her and
asked her what happened at the ceremony. She said she couldn’t attend the ceremony because it
turned out that Norah was her cousin from her mom’s side. Nana’s mom was a Christian and got
coverted to muslim after marrying uncle.
“I love mike Jami and amina is my flesh and blood. Now hes marrying my cousin, I can’t take it
anymore,” she said. I was so shocked. I pretended to call daddy so that she can tell me
everything. I set my phone on record and she told me everything. When, how and where she
gave birth from? It was so shocking. On Saturday I called mike to meet me on Sunday 02pm
which he said he had an appointment with nana and i.
Sunday came. Mike came to pick us up and went straight to Chongwe Bridge. First we had funny
and after that we had our food. I had no chance to talk to mike but I had to spill juice on nana’s
dress so that she can go to the bathroom. She left and I told mike that I know amina’s mom but he
couldn’t believe me. When I wanted to mention Natasha came back. Mike went ahead and brought
out DNA report. He gave it to nana to tell us the meaning of that. It was evident clear that amina
was nana’s child. I was surprised that mike knew everything but I wanted nana to confess it
herself. So I had to defend her from what was on the paper.
Finally nana couldn’t bear to see as argue, so she had to stop us. She revealed everything and I
remained speechless. Mike turned to nana.she was about to stab herself but he stopped her
before she could reach the stomach. “I don’t want to live, let me die please,” she cried. “You won’t
die nana as long as i am alive, stop this foolish act of yours,” he said so furious. Nana stood up to
go and throw herselt into the mirror but the bartender caught her before she jumped. Mike followed
her and gave her a slap.
“I have never been hurt in my life like you have hurt me today. You have no right to take your life,
dying will not solve the problem, instead of being sorry for everything, you want to to take your life,
I hate you Natasha and remember one thing, I did all this to confirm if you are alive or dead, now I
know everything, I will never let you near amina ever again, Norah is now amina’s mom and you
are just an aunt to her, remember this,” mike said.
“please let no one know about this, mother will be heartbroken, and father will disown me,” she
pleaded. “stop it nana, you dag your on grave and you must lay in it,” I said. I was so hurt and I felt
so ashamed of myself for having such a cousin. Her appearance and behavior are totally parallel.
That’s why people say, “never judge the book by its cover.” Nana was a lion dressed in sheep
All of the sudden, nana felt unconscious and we had to rush her to chongwe hospital. They took
her in an emergency room. I didn’t know what to do but the doctor said she had lost
consciousness due to the over dose of medicine she took, its good we brought her on time
otherwise she would have died.


: Meant To Be 11

I couldn’t stand the shame of abandoning a child at the hospital. I had hurt jami and mike so much
and all I could think of was killing myself. I thought life was not worthy living.
Jamilah had tried to defend me even when she knew the truth. But it was time for everything to be
revealed. I thought mike would understand.
After knowing the whole truth, I had carried medicine. I couldn’t stab myself not even throwing
myself. I had no other choice than to take the medicine meant for people suffering from blood
pressure and others.
The next thing that I saw was that I was in the hospital, chongwe.
Jami was crying so much that mike was comforting her.
“Why did you do that Nana? What was the reason of wanting to kill yourself?she asked.
I just looked at her as tears escaped my eyes.
“Okay fine, don’t answer, if you’re scared of facing the family then let it but remember that amina
isn’t yours. I and mom natured her and you can’t be a good mom, for your own information, I won’t
tell anyone what happened and what you did but you will do it yourself,”mike said.
I tried to plead with him but all in vain. I was discharged and went back to chelstone.
Mike went back to kabwe the next day.
I was in shock that I didn’t even go for work neither did jami go.
I had no courage to face her but she was my cousin and nothing I would have done.
I became so ashamed of my actions. Jami couldn’t leave my sight thinking I would kill myself.
After a week I wrote a resignation letter to the chief director at mwanawasa hospital indicating that
I had to quit the job in 2 months time before my graduation in Korea.
A month had passed since everything happened, i had never gone to kabwe. Jami and mike
never disclosed anything because they wanted me to do it. My wedding was set in 7 weeks after
my graduation.
During the African freedom day, I decided to go to kabwe. “Never ever think of amina as your
daughter, you are an aunt to her and Nora is her mother,, am so ashamed to even call you my
cousin,” mike and jami’s words kept ringing in my head.
Tears filled my eyes. I had nothing to say or do. Half of me wanted me to tell at least my fiance
and the other party was stubborn. I laid on the bed as I looked at amina.
I checked for more pictures on Facebook and all I saw was just a post from mike.
“I can’t allow anyone to to separate amina from me, i would rather die,”it read.
“You look so sad nowadays and its been five weeks since you came, jami always comes
whenever she’s free,” aunt said.
“I resigned aunt and am quitting next month before our graduation aunt,”I said. My aunt looked
unconvinced. “Then there must be a reason behind your resignation, I know you very well
sweetheart, now tell me what led to the resignation?”she asked. My instinct wouldn’t allow me to
produce words when I open my mouth to speak.
“Stop crying nana, if you don’t wanna talk about fine then, You tell me when you feel like telling
me.”she said.
“Am sorry aunt, I wish I have the courage to say it,”I heard my inner self.
“Natasha daddy is calling you,” i heard usamah calling my name. I went there and uncle took me
into his room with aunt.
“There is a rumor that is going on in this town that a child was left after birth in the hospital by a
Muslim girl who was just 17 years by then 5 years ago and if we count the years, its telling us that
it was you but still I can’t understand how and it happened,” uncle rahman said.
“Natasha would you care to tell me why you started wearing hijab all of the sudden and why you
changed your face without giving us a concrete answer even when we told you not to, can you
explain to us? Aunt asked. At that point of time, I had no other to escape the question.

Meant To Be12
Aunt had asked so many questions at the same time and there was no way to escape her
I needed to spit it out and I was ready to pay for the crime I committed 6 years ago. How was I to
explain all or that to aunt and uncle?
“Do really wanna know why I changed my face despite you forbidding me?” I asked them and they
nodded their heads in agreement.
Tears filled my eyes.
I had to explain everything, how I met mike, got pregnant, gave birth leaving her in the hospital
with mike and his aunt. Going to Korea was never my dream but after giving birth and thought it
was the only way to run away from my past. I had lied to mike that I was dead using a different
number.” I narrated the whole story.
“Do you think I will believe your story, why don’t you start writing stories like this one you have just
narrated?”aunt said. Uncle Rahman stood up and stepped aside, looked at me and looked at
“Wait a minute, Mariam, I think she is telling the truth, remember when all the incidents were
happening, we weren’t home, we went to Tanzania, just recall,”uncle said. Aunt kept quite for a
moment and stood up giving me a slap.
“Is this how you will repay us Nana, I trusted you more than my own daughter, I believed that you
can never do anything wrong, I agree we are Muslims but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon
the baby, didn’t you feel any shame, that is witchcraft and murder, you don’t deserve to be home,
jail awaits you Nana, it was my mistake,”aunt said.
“Control your anger Mariam, let’s not make rush decisions in anger, calm down pliz,”uncle said.
Now everyone came in uncles room, Usamah and Adam(my young bro). “Mother stop it, what’s
going on, why are you slapping her so hard mom,” Usamah asked. Aunt couldn’t answer him.
Uncle held her and told me to leave the room which I did immediately. I went to my room got my
phone and went to town. I withdrew some money and went to Kapiri.
on my way, i sent a text to uncle not to worry about me.
I arrived home and I was greeted by a hot slap by daddy. “How could you betray us, how will we
tell hakeams family about everything, you are a disgrace to womanwood,” daddy said. “Stop it
bashi Nana(papa Natasha), whatever happened, happened and we can’t change the past. She
did what she thought was right and I will do what I think is right, Nora is now the mother to amina.
She is my daughter and I won’t let you ruin her life, clap for yourself Natasha,” mom said.
Everyone despised me. All my relatives found out the truth and only waiting for mike’s aunt. I was
ready for anything, I didn’t want to make mistakes anymore.
I locked myself in my room to sleep. I received a text from Adam. “Sorry sis, everyone is mad at
you and I can’t help you, uncle Rahman has told daddy everything, hope you are safe, I suggest
you go to kapiri,”it read.
“Thanx bro at least you understand me, tomorrow before anyone does, I will hand over myself to
some people, I deserve it all., bye bye, good night,”I replied.

Meant To Be 13
There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when you were happy with him or her.
If the truth was told instead of a lie,
Then the pain would go away sooner
And not hurt as much.
Agree that I was hurt, my friendship with Rukayah based on a lie. I had yearn for her whilst she
was right beside me all the of my step.
I didn’t want to revenge her because if I did there was not going to be different between her and
me. I didn’t want to be selfish by hiding the truth from Amina. She needed to know that her real
mother was her best friend Nana.
Its been a month since everything happened and my wedding was approaching. I had been trying
to be in contact with nana but her contact wasn’t going through.
I tried to contact Jami. Her phone rang and she picked on the third ring.
“what a pleasant surprise mike, hope everything is fine,”she said.
“Well yes….. All is well, i want to talk to Nana, her line isn’t going through, would kindly pass her
the phone”I requested.
“Well nana left lusaka three weeks ago and lost her phone, she is either in kabwe or kapiri, let me
send you Adams number, her brother,”she said and the call was cut. After few seconds the
message popped in and it was from Jam. She sent me his number and I called him to meet
outside their gate.
He came immediately. We went away from their gate and sat somewhere comfortable.
“You called me, what is it that you want, if its nana you are looking for, she left 2hrs ago,
everyone is angry with her, everyone knows the truth and before she does something stupid,
follow her and stop her and don’t forget that you are the reason she did what she did,” Adam said
and I had to agree with him.
I asked for the home address in kapiri and he wrote it down.
“One more thing,my father is a very short tempered man, becareful, if you don’t have mind, go with
your daughter, mother will be glad.”he said. “Thanx a lot adam,”I said and bid bye to him.
Amina was at aunts place as always. It was already 07pm. I went and picked her up. I just left a
note to aunt that she shouldn’t worry, I told her not to look for me because I was going to meet
amina’s mom. I made to her that she shouldn’t file a case against Natasha.
I got into the car with amina and hit the road to kapiri. Soon than later I reached kapiri and asked
for the direction to river side. I asked people where I can find Mr odem a Muslim family and I was
I opened the gate and went inside. Knocked on the door so many times.
The her mother opened the door for me.
“You, what are you doing here?” She asked but after seeing amina with me, she went straight and
hugged her. “You have your moms resemblance my dear,”she said letting us in. We sat in the
sitting room where her father was watching the movie.
I greeted him with respect but he preferred shaking hands. “What brings you at this time of the
night?” He asked.
“Well I brought your grand daughter and I wanna have a word with Natasha,”I said and her father
said nothing.
“Daddy you said that you were taking me to my mother, and why are you telling them that I’m their
granddaughter, grandmother is not here,”amina said.
I didn’t expect amina to react that way but I had no choice than to explain to her who those people
where. Nana’s mom showed me the way to her room and I went with amina. The door was locked
from the inside. Her mom knocked but she she didn’t open but when I said it was mike, she
opened immediately.
She came to me hugging me whilst crying in my mom. “Daddy is she the one?” Amina asked. It
seemed, nana didn’t notice amina and amina didn’t realize it was her best friend.
“Yes its me, Rukayah Natasha odem, your best friend okay”nana said as she embraced amina.
Nana couldn’t stop crying not until I told amina was to go and see her new granny.
She hesitated but left later on.
I locked the door and it was only nana and I. I asked her why she wanted to hand over herself to
the police.
“Am horrible and selfish, I didn’t think of amina not even a bit, am a bad mother and I don’t
deserve to be forgive, t best place for me is jail,”she said.
“Are you out of your mind? You will not go to jail and you will have the rights over amina, don’t
ever think of that, I understand why you did all that and I can tell that you have regretted your
actions and that’s what matters the most, stop crying,” i told her as I wiped off her tears. I don’t
how both lost it and ended up having unprotected sex.
“Am sorry, I didn’t plan for all this, am sorry,”I apologized. “Its okay, don’t tell anyone what just
happened not even your wife to be,” she said in a low tone.
Minutes later, I was given Adams room and amina in nana’s room.
The next day her father said nothing and her mom wanted amina to remain but I told them that I
needed to formalise things for them to call amina their own.
We left leaving nana in tears. I went straight to aunts place where I found Nora crying in aunts
“Why will my own cousin betray me like this, I love amina and I don’t want to loose her aunt,” Nora
cried. I didn’t want to give her so I had to tell her why I went to kapiri and how it went. I assured
her that soon she was going to be Mrs mwaba.
Aunt said nothing but only gave me an evil eye.
Amina slept in the car, so I decided to go back home and leave the two ladies to discuss

Meant To Be 14
It doesn’t matter who we are. We all have our successes and failures. We all make mistakes but
what really matters is how we move forward and how much we learn from them.
I was not a perfect person, I had made a lot of mistakes.
I really appreciated mike’s kindness for giving me a chance to see my daughter again and for
forgiving my mistake.
After talking to Adam on the phone, mike came home unexpected. He came with our amina.
Mom was happy to see her grand daughter.
I had no idea how we lost it and how everything happened. I hoped that I was not pregnant after
being with him that night.
Three weeks later my resignation letter was approved and I was glad.
I checked my email and the results were sent and the date of graduation and venue was indicated.
I had A+ and jami had A+ too.
I went to kabwe, aunt had cut all ties with me and she never talked to me ever since she found out
that I was a mother. She wished I was never her husbands niece. She refused uncle Rahman to
help me to go for graduation in Korea but uncle refused to accept whatever she said.
“Nana made a mistake and if you yourself had never made a mistake before then go ahead and
stop me but remember that you are just my wife and she is my niece, I can do absolutely anything
for her, her father my elder brother made me who I am today, so just stop your silly games,”uncle
said. “I think daddy is right mom, why can’t you forget the past and move forward, everyone has
forgiven her and who are we to criticize her?” Jami spoke her mind. “Its okay Jami, if aunt doesn’t
want uncle to help me, its okay, you will get my results when you go for graduation,”i said.
“I’m the eldest here and whatever I decide is what happens, nana will go for graduation and
whoever tries to stop her will be disowned,” uncle said and left to his room and aunt gave me an
evil look.
Uncle came Dapo told me to start preparing to leave. The journey was in three days. Since mike
brought amina, i always went to meet him at the same place we usually used to meet years back.
I sent him a text that I was going for graduation and he brought nana at home. “Wow someone is
getting married to someone but still inlove with someone else,” aunt said after seeing mike and
amina home.
“Don’t mind mom, mike its obvious she is not fine,” jami said.
“Stop it jami, she is your mom,”I told her and she kept quite.
Finally we were on the plane to Korea. We arrived there at aunt Cynthia’s place. We had our food
after freshening up. Then got ready for next event.
The graduation was in full swing. We had pictures and necessary things. I got my BA. I went to
easy myself on my way back, a familiar voice called me.
“Mother,” i turned only to see Amina. I didn’t know how she came. I asked who she was with only
to see Mike.
“Surprise Bana Amina(mama amina),” he said. I asked how they came and why.
“Amina wanted to be part of the celebration, when you were making arrangements, I had already
made ours, aunt doesn’t know that I am here but I just wanted to be part of your success,”he said.
I was so shocked.
We went back inside. “You know what, jami told me everything, when and where the graduation
was going to be held.”he said. We took more pictures and left.
Days later, I and Jami went back the way we came and mike and amina went back the way they
KoladeCollins: Meant To Be 15
Never be sad for what is over,just be glad that it was once yours.
I had always loved mike since we met along the road and gave me a lift. We fell inlove and I had
to accept his daughter. She resembled someone else but not her father. Her behavior was exactly
like him but some personality characteristics resembled my cousin, Rukayah.
I had no idea what was between the two but I had a feeling that there was something about
Rukayah. By then I had no idea that she was my cousin. I was introduced to her and she was
called nana, something came to my mind about the Nana. I didn’t she was nana mike’s ex. I was in
shock when mikes aunt called to tell me that my cousin nana was indeed amina’s and I wondered
how someone could stoop so low as to abandon the baby in the hospital. Despite all that I really
loved mike. Mike had to take amina to aunt in kabwe and I just had a bad feeling. “What if they
make up, what then?” I asked myself. Mikes aunt had to calm me down. Mike came and told me
not to worry.
I had come to love amina like my own. All I knew along was that Nana died a longtime but
Rukayah Turned out to be Nana.
During Nana’s graduation mike just vanished with amina I had no idea where he went, aunt had no
idea. H came back after 2 days saying he had an appointment.
nana’s wedding with hakeam was set on the same day as ours. I didn’t know if I was making the
right decision because jami had once told me that mike loved Natasha and he gets upset with her
and forgives her immediately. so why can’t you just quit the relationship.”jami once told me.
I was in my dressing room as the makeup artist was busy applying.
Tears filled my eyes. My make up was ruined.
“You are crying dear, be happy,”the matron said.
Being in love does not mean that someone is perfect, it simply means you accept them just the
way they are with all their failures and stupidities, cause we are not perfect either!
I was not ready to marry Nora either. But aunt had to force and that time I didn’t want to disobey
Luck enough hakeam had refused to marry Nana because of her past. Two days before the
wedding, nana called so that we talk. She was crying about be rejected but I didn’t know what to
do. At that moment she was complaining of dizziness. She stood up and vomited. I quickly took
her to the hospital and she was found 5 weeks pregnant. She told me not to tell Nora. She didn’t
want to stop my marriage.
On the day of my wedding, I was ready in the church. Nana was holding her whilst her uncle
brought her to handing her over to me.
We walked to the astle to make vows. We made the vows.
We were about to be pronounce as husband and wife when Nora screamed. I looked at nana and
her tears fell freely.
“Stop please, I can’t take it, am sorry for everything, I can’t marry him when I know he’s not meant
for me, please forgive,, nana should be the one to marry him, the two love each other and I can’t
just ruin two lives because of my selfishness. I know she has made mistakes but she deserves a
second chance,”Nora said and ran out of the church.
I thought it was a nightmare. I looked at nana she too stood up and followed after Nora.
The wedding was canceled. I went after the girls. Norah went and locked herself and nana was
outside calling her to open.
I decided to break in. She stood up and hugged Nana. “Am sorry Nana, jami made me realize my
mistake of wanting to take mike away from you. I know our family don’t approve of your
relationship but your pregnancy will surely convince then, the nurse who you went to for checkups
told me that nana was pregnant and I knew it was mike’s, so just tell everyone that you love each
other despite everything,”she said giving me a hug.
I thought I had lost everything. I was devasted but seems love gave another chance to learn from
my past.
Nora had to sacrifice her love. She went and told everyone that I was pregnant for mike again and
my family almost disowned me but uncle Rahman made them understand that religion is just a
doctrine on how each one believe in God.
Everyone accepted our relationship.
The wedding was set after giving birth.
Seven months on…..
I had no idea how I got to the hospital but when I woke up I was in the hospital labor room.
Besides was a baby boy. “Mama won’t leave you this time, she is capable of taking care of you,”I
said to my prince.
Mike and the rest of family members came in.
Mike asked uncle Rahman to name our boy and he was named Ibrahim, a Muslim name.
I was discharged.
When Ibrahim turned a month, our wedding was about to take place.
We were pronounced husband and wife in the church. Our wedding went in full swing. The first
night in the hotel before going to south Africa. “Its because of your love that we are together, I love
you so much bana Amina. Despite what we went through, we still made it, indeed
#we_are_meant_to_be_together. I love you and I will always love you,”he said. We kissed
passionately and everything happend and we made love.
Later on I got a job in lusaka at UTH. Mike, our children went to lusaka.
Nora got married to the fellow teacher after some years.
We received jami’s invitation to her wedding.
Ibrahim was just a year then.
We got ready and left for jami’s wedding. She too had contributed a lot to my marriage with mike. I
owe her a lot.


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