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MEANT TO BE 2, 3 “I know I’m taking a drastic step which I don’t want either. I love you mike and I have given you a beautiful daughter. She is just like you. Take care of her and tell her a story when she grows up that I loved her so much. Give her a Christian name,

MEANT TO BE 2, 3 “I know I’m taking a drastic step which I don’t want either. I love you mike and I have given you a beautiful daughter. She is just like you. Take care of her and tell her a story when she grows up that I loved her so much. Give her a Christian name,


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Step taken
The next thing I saw after the black out was that I was in the hospital labor room.
“Its time for her to open her legs just like she opened them to that man. She has to push, it
seems the baby is coming,”I heard a nurse.
My bag was in too and I was in so much pain.
“Its coming..,”I screamed.
“I felt as if I wanted to go to the toilets but nothing like that was happening. “These are just pains
and most pregnant women do that when its time to deliver,” another nurse said.
After some hours of trial, I finally manage to push with all my strength. I heard its cry and felt
powerless. It was a baby girl. After some time, mike came and looked the baby.
“Thanx sweetheart, I owe you big time. I have called aunt and she is coming here,”he said.
I looked at him and asked him how long she was going to take.
“It will takes 30 minutes for her to come, just relax,”he said.
I was not read to face her. I told him to pass me my phone.
I sent a text to one of the taxi drivers I knew to come and wait for me outside the hospital.
I needed to act fast before his aunt would arrive. Once he left the room to the toilets.
I stood up feeling a bit powerless and got my hijab(black dresses that Muslim girls wear) and wore
it. Then I took my specs and put them on and left a not.
I was taking a drastic step but I had no other option than leaving her with her father mike. My little
princess was cute and I didn’t want leave her but my circumstances were beyond my control.
I was set to go. I pecked my little one and she so innocent.
“Mummy loves you a lot but for now, You will be daddy’s girl, be obedient and please forgive
mummy when she comes back to see you,, i love you and your daddy,,, bye,” I said and left,
leaving a note besides her.
I walked slowly passing through the passage. I saw mike coming with his aunt and I hid walked
passed through them. They didn’t recognize me because in the passage, there was another
Muslim family coming out from the next door.
I went outside and found the taxi not there. I walked slowly on the road and I chance a taxi and
went straight to Hakeam’s place.
I reached his gate and removed my hijab before calling on the phone. I went in crying. I went in
and mike started calling and texting but I ignored him.
I took a long cold shower. I carried myself out in the bathroom. Leaving a little one was so selfish
of me. I didn’t think of her and mike but about myself.
I regretted doing that and I thought I could just go back to the hospital but the step was taken
“You don’t look like yourself, where are you coming from, this time of the night,” hakeam asked.
“went to see a friend and her boyfriend came so I had to leave then on my way people started
chasing me, so I decided to come here,”I lied but Hakeam wasn’t convinced.
The next morning, I went home though jamilah was surprised to see me so early. I had to cook up
a story. I told her not to ask to many questions.
I got a phone an sent him a message.
“Hi mike. Nana was found on the road half dead and she is in the hospital in Kapiri. She was
taken last night and am writing to almost every contact of her phone, put her in prayers so that
Allah can heal her,” t message read.
Tears starting escaping my eyes. I tried to hold back but ended up crying.
Usamah came to ask what was wrong but I just hugged him.
“Nana stop crying, are you missing mom and daddy too?” He asked and just nodded my head in
I went to my room to wait for his reply.
My phone vibrated indicating a message.
I opened it to read.
“Who are you, and please tell me which hospital, I will go there tomorrow right now I can’t leave
my daughter alone, and thanx for letting me know,” it read and my heart skipped.
I need to stop him from going there. “what will happen then? but I clearly indicated in the note
that he shouldn’t look for me.” I thought to myself.
I ignored his message and I went on Fb and deactivated my account.
I stopped wearing western clothes and started wearing my hijab which was a surprise to my
I didn’t want him to see my face. I went to the market and bought a small item s11 phone and new
Everything was new.
After some minutes, I sent him a text saying we lost Nana. He tried all he could but I kept on lying
to him one lie after the other.
I threw the sim cards in the pit latrin. “Natasha, its your new beginning. “Be simple and be who
you are,” I spoke within me.
Few days aunt Ratifah and uncle Rahman came back from Tanzania.
Aunt was shocked to why I started wearing hijab all of the sudden because I liked western clothes.
“Am completing school and I want to be responsible,” I would say.
After writing my exams. I went to Kapiri to my parents.
I arrived and found daddy at work and mom home. My young brother Adam still at School.
“you have lost weight darling Nana, what happened?” mom asked after giving me a long tight hug.
“its because of the exams mother,” I said.
We went inside and I stopped wearing my hijab. My mind was on my little presence. My parents
had put trust in me and the betrayal was just too much.
I decided to open up a new account on Facebook with a different name (Rukayah Odem) and I set a profile picture in my hijab. Only eyes where showing. I sent mike a friend request and he
accepted immediately.
I went to his timeline, only to find pictures of my daughter and his aunt holding her. On the photo
he wrote, “mom and my princess Amina, she is my everything, love her a lot,” it read.
“Amina, why my religion after indicating in a note, which I directly said, the name should be a
Christian, did he really love me that much?” I kept asking myself.
I scrolled down and saw pictures of me which we took on my birthday.
I just went and commented, “cute baby.”
I wanted to initiate a chat with him but I had no courage. From the look of things he didn’t move
on like I thought he would. Him and I weren’t meant to be together because of our differences in
I lay down on the bed as i downloaded my pictures from his timeline and my Amina’s pictures.
I really wanted to see my daughter but how was I supposed to do it when I had messed up
I left my phone and went to have my supper. Daddy was so excited.
I stayed for two months and my daughter was 3 months. After receiving my grade 12 results, I
went back to kabwe and started my usual routine of wearing hijab.
“Congrats darling, you have 7 points and I still have my promise, get read, in 3 weeks time, you
will leave Zambia for 5 years.”uncle Rahman said.
Jami was excited but not me. “How was I gonna leave my child behind. At least I should see her
once,”I thought.
I logged in and initiated a chat with him. I always checked his timeline to see how Amina was
doing. And I must say there was progress.
I had a chat with him for few minutes before I was called to go to town with uncle. I took my hijab
and wore. We left leaving my phone.
When we reached the mall, I was busy running and bumped into someone, I had my specs on. I
knelt down to pick up his broken pieces of a phone. He knelt too.
We stood up together as I said sorry to him. H kept looking at me but I ran away. I went and hid. I
saw him going until he got a baby from someone. The baby was just smiling. It was her.
I left the mall and went home leaving uncle. I found auntie with my phone. It rang and my heart skipped



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You can’t undo the past to prevent the present.
I was just preparing myself for work. I was working in the ministry of agriculture under Food
reserved agency (F. R. A). I had a meeting with my some clients.
I received a call from my girlfriend and she sounded so worried and low.
“Come and pick me up after classes,”she said.
“Okay sweetheart, I will be there,”I replied and cut the call.
At work, my heart was not at peace, something told me that there was fire on the mountain.
“Why did she sound like that?”I asked myself.
After the meeting I had, I went to pick her up and found that she had started off going home by
foot. I drove faster as faster as I could and pick her up.
I took her home and she was crying. You know as a gentle man, you have to calm her down and
wait for her to open up.
She calmed down and I had to let her rest in my alms so that I could feel my heartbeat.
“Now tell me, what’s hiting you up and please Nana?” I asked her once she stopped crying.
She told me that she missed her period and thought she may be pregnant. Nana was 17 and I was
25 years. I loved and people would think I was just playing with her. Despite having different
religions, i was read for anything, absolutely anything.
“I prayed and hoped that she was not pregnant though I was read for anything. I told her that we
would go to the clinic for checkups and she agreed.
After the checkups, she was indeed pregnant.
“My aunt will sure kill me, I just have to abort,”she said but I stopped her.
I knew we had made a mistake but I knew, we were going to to overcome it.
She pleaded that I shouldn’t disclose it till she was ready to spit it out. I just got told aunt and my
brother. They knew her that she was my girlfriend. She wanted to meet her but I stopped her.
Time clicked so fast that it was time to deliver. She had not told anyone and her belly wasn’t
showing that much.
A week before her exams.
She wrote a text saying she was coming to deliver from my place.. In the evening, she came. I
prepared her supper and she started complaining of dizziness and stomach ache.
The next thing I saw was that, she was down and had collapsed. I rushed to the hospital and I
was told she needed to go in labor. She was taken to labor room. Hours later, she delivered a
baby girl and I saw her. I called and she was on her way coming.
I left the baby to easy myself and too pick up aunt. When we went inside were Nana and our
princess were lying, she was not there. The baby was crying and besides was a note.
Aunt got the note and unwrapped it to read.
“I know I’m taking a drastic step which I don’t want either. I love you mike and I have given you a
beautiful daughter. She is just like you. Take care of her and tell her a story when she grows up
that I loved her so much. Give her a Christian name, either gift or Given. I have nothing to say but
always remember that I love you,,, I wish and hope you will find someone who will accept you and
my daughter. Am gone for good, don’t try to look for after reading this, by then You won’t find me
and if you try, i will be gone. ” the note read.
My aunt broke down in tears,. She suggested we report her to place but I refused. “You are so
blind darling that you can’t even see anything wrong of what she has done,”aunt said.
I just kept quiet thinking of the solution.
I went outside to check then I saw someone entering the car wearing hijab. I tried to stop the car
but it left fast.
My heart was broken, i didn’t why she did all that. May be she didn’t trust me enough. I called and
sent messages but to no avail.
I told aunt not to worry but she told me that I was the one to be worried. The next morning I
received a text from her but someone wrote using her, saying Nana was in an accident
After some days, nana was pronounced dead. I wanted to go but the cousin couldn’t reply.
Loosing Nana was so heartbreaking. I named our princess using Nana’s religion. I called my
princess amina.
She used to stay with aunt and I always passed by to see how she was doing.
I kept talking to her cousin Rukayah who liked wearing hijab. We bacame friends and she was
quite interesting.
Rukayah was going to Korea in 3 weeks time and she really wanted to meet amina. Rukayah
didn’t know that amina was Nana’s and played it cool.
i had seen her picture showing only the eyes.
In town, I bumped into a Muslim. She bent down to pick my pieces of phone. When she stood up,
her eyes looked like Rukayah, the girl looked at me and ran away. I wanted to stop her but I
If she was Rukayah, she would have stopped.
I went home and planned to ask her.
I went online and she was too. I asked her but she refused.
A day before going to Korea. She I called to meet her. I went with amina and my sister. I ordered
drinks and she got amina. She looked at her and tears escaped her eyes. “She is beautiful.”she
I had to ask her why she had tears but she said she missed her cousin after seeing me. We had a
chat and she was fond of my daughter. Sometimes I thought, we had connections but not
possible. She couldn’t reveal her face even when we met. Her hijab covered her leaving only eyes.
I must say her eyes were just like Nana and the voice a bit.
After meeting Rukayah, I even missed nana. Everything reminded me of her. But onething I
needed to find out was to why she stopped me from going to the funeral. Sometimes I thought
she was alive somewhere far.
“May be I hurt her,” I would say.
I needed to see Rukayahs whole face and know her impersonal.

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