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(SS3 Students Excursion)
Episode 7

Henry marked the colour of the birthday card Regina put into her dairy through the window. He never made any move coz he promise himself not to bug anybody about Miss Vivian suspicious
character after they condemned him in the classroom the previous day.


Outside, near the assembly ground, Mary sat on a log of wood that was used as a demarcation
between the interior and exterior part of the ground. She could see junior students playing around
the football field while some rode bicycle around it. Suddenly, Joyce appeared before her.

“Babe, what? You are so quiet” she sat beside her after she refused to respond. “You hardly stay
alone except something is bothering you”
“Henry has refused to give me his attention” Mary replied.


“Babe, when did this one start?”
“Joyce, you don’t understand! My heart nearly beat off my chest anytime i see him. All i need now
is his attention. Is that too much to asked? I went to him few minutes ago but he didn’t even look at
me not to talk of giving me his full attention.


It breaks my heart and weakens my body. That’s how i
feel right now”
“This is serious oh” Joyce became surprise. From what she heard, it indicated that Mary was
madly inlove with Henry. “But, Babe, you know Henry to be..”.

“Yes, i know, he’s quiet, he doesn’t mingle with girls, bla bla bla” Mary interrupted then stood up
dusting her butt. Just then, Ruddy arrived but she walk passed him even before he said a word.
“What’s wrong with her?” he asked Joyce who also stood up…


“I guess you should asked her yourself” she replied and walked out too.
The force in which Mary entered the classroom drew everybody’s attention even Henry who
adjusted his eyeglasses looking at her as she shuffled her bag. .


She brought out the birthday card
given to her the previous day by Miss Vivian. Seeing the same colour of card and seeing Mary tear
it, Henry collected more data and recorded it on his observation book.


Henry hung his school bag. He met Regina at the entrance then both began to walk in union as if
they planned to go together not knowing that Henry wanted to collect more data from her.


“Why weren’t you in school yesterday?”
“I went to a program with my parents” Regina glanced at him coz she never thought Henry could
be interactive in such a slow walk with any person especially a girl. “Any problem?”


“No” he shruggled his shoulder, pushed in his eyeglasses with a finger and place the hand in his
pocket. “You know about our new Biology teacher, right?”
“Yeah, i heard what happened between both of you yesterday” Regina stopped then face him..


Meanwhile, Mary and Joyce had sighted them from another angle and Mary couldn’t help it but to
get real jealous. “I guess it’s because she’s the head-girl”


“Babe, calm down, i can see you being so jealous already. You don’t even know what they are
saying. For Henry to be in that position with a girl, there must be something important he wants to
get from her not the other way round” Joyce said then both remained quiet.
Mary couldn’t stand it, so she began to go home.


Nevertheless, Regina continued looking at Henry, “Listen, you shouldn’t have reacted like that with
Miss Vivian. Going to excursion to any forest is a great idea that will help us the students”


Henry remained quiet but began to walk again followed by Regina. “Will you be going anywhere
“Someone invited me to her birthday?”
“I see. Bye” Henry concluded and walked out.

Regina reasoned his question for a while without having a clue why he asked that. “Could it be
that he knows where I’m going tonight with Miss Vivian?” she thought.


There were many girls dancing and drinking in the sitting room. Sandra wasn’t an exception. They
all wore mini skirts and dressed like prostitutes which they were. By slightly bending downward,


one could see their inner wears. A music blast out from a Home Theater DVD.
Miss Vivian glanced at her wrist watch occasionally and looking at the door with ears wide open
for the alarm door.


She was the only girl that dressed decently in a long handless gown that can
slightly expose her breasts if drag down. Suddenly, the alarm sounded and she opened it to lead
Regina in. She looked more mature and attractive than in a school uniform.
“Welcome, dear”
“Thank you”


Regina didn’t see any masculine in the room but didn’t bother because she knew why she came.
She saw what she expected.
An introduction was made by Miss Vivian thereby causing a loud excitement in the room. Regina
drank and danced feeling a bit inferior until Miss Vivian led her into one of the bedrooms.


She closed the door behind her and gently began to kissed her sitting on the edge of the bed with her.
Regina quit the kiss. “I don’t know how to do it, Miss”
“It’s simple, just touch me where you would like to be touched too. It’s the best feelings ever” Miss
Vivian took off her gown..


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