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(SS3 Students Excursion)
Episode 10

Due to the romantic posture found between Henry and Mary, Ruddy became jealous while some
students especially the females giggled and wished they were the one in such posture in the
hands of a handsome student like Henry. Miss Vivian also smiled but waited for them to disengage


Henry straightened Mary up in a way she stood very close facing and looking into his eyes but he
adjusted backward and said with a very low voice, “Be careful next time”
Mary’s heart nearly beat off her chest as she tried to balance at the river bank. She just wished
Henry told her how much he loves her and kiss her before pulling her up but those were mere
wishes that never came to pass, thus, making her forget why she came out there at the first place.

Miss Vivian
noticed it and said, “We are waiting for you Jacob”
“Sorry, Miss, what am i doing here? I mean what was your question?” Mary asked then all the
students began to laugh at her.


“You are there to drink the water and the question is; how many cups will clear your eyes from
blinded love!” a male student shouted from behind thereby causing more laughter. Even Henry
couldn’t help it but to smile. Mary looked at him feeling happy that he finally smiled at the joke but
didn’t show it still feeling the love and tension within her.


“Jacob, pull yourself together” Miss Vivian began as the noise gradually died down. “I told you to
observe the aquatic habitat before you and tell us the differences between it and terrestrial habitat”
Mary looked at the water. “Umm.. the difference between them.. uh.. It’s obvious”


“What made them obvious?” a female student asked from behind giggling along with others.
“Umm.. the temperature of the aquatic environment is different from the terrestrial, so the aquatic
organisms have features which enable them adapt to the temperature of the water than terrestrial


“Excellent!” Miss Vivian exclaimed entering into the water which began to change to dirty colour
while Mary returned to her position. Miss Vivian came out. “What do you observe now?”


“The transparency of the water has reduced” Ruddy answered.
“Yes, it can also be called the turbidity of water. An instrument used in measuring the turbidity is
called what?”

“Secchi disk” Henry answered immediately but with a low voice. Though every heard him as all
were busy jolting it down. Miss Vivian looked at him for a moment and admired his intelligence…


She averted her eyes to other students seeing how handsome, beautiful, serious and happy they
were, so she began to have a change of mind about her mission.
“Miss, you’re lust” Henry brought her back to senses.


“I’m sorry, as i was saying, secchi disk was created in the year 1865 by Angelo Secchi using a
plain white circular disk..”

The students left the river to the other part of the forest. There were tall scattered trees
everywhere with shrubs at the base. Distant chanting of different animals were heard from every
angle of the forest.


All the eyes of the students were fixed upward admiring God’s wonderful
creatures. Joyce moved closer to Jerry and said, “This is marvelous!”
“Yeah, i love it” he replied happily.
“You love it?”


“What else do you love?”
“Excuse me?”
“I mean who else do you love?”
“Yes” Joyce became emotional staring at him.


Only then did Jerry notice her seeing the most
beautiful part of her thereby beginning to develop feelings for her. He saw some particles of dry
leaves on her face then began to dust them out gently.


Joyce couldn’t believe it!. Before he said a
word, Miss Vivian interrupted the romantic moment.
“This is a typical example of a terrestrial habitat; tall trees, broad leaves, etc


. I want to ask a
question; animals in water are called aquatic animals, the ones on land are called terrestrial
animals, what do you call the ones that live in the trees?”


Everywhere became quiet again for a while before Regina said, “Arboreal animals”
“Yes, arboreal animals are creatures who spend the majority of their lives in trees. They eat, sleep
and play in the tree canopy”


“Like that monkey over there” a male student pointed at a monkey in one of the trees. “Miss, the
Monkey is already falling inlove with you” he added then everybody laughed including miss Vivian
who found the students funny and loved them the more.


“I’ll be right back” she went out of sight while the students admired the monkey.

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Miss Vivian called Glory secretly on the phone again and said, “I don’t think i can do this again”


“You should see these children, Glory. I can’t bring myself to harm any of them anymore”
“Listen Vivian, you have to finish what you’ve started or none of you, i repeat, none of you will
come out there alive!” Glory hung up the call. Immediately Vivian turned, she saw Henry standing
before her, so she became shocked..

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  1. Miss Vivian is Evil, Thank God she is coming back to her senses and thinking of not hurting d children. God please help those innocent children

  2. Henry the genius

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