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Love & adventures 18

Love & adventures 18

(SS3 Students Excursion)
Episode 18
By B Daniel
There was a high cliff at the place where Henry and Ruddy wanted to fight.


No student among the
remaining fourteen had a single strength in him or her because close to seventy-two hours none of
them had eaten anything.


Therefore no one was ready to separate the fight between Henry and
Already, Ruddy had torn Mary’s cloth pushing her on the ground to flip her skirt up but Henry
arrived with the last strength in him.


Immediately he kicked him with his leg, Ruddy grabbed it and
pushed it with a force thus making Henry fall disgraceful on the ground.
Ruddy stood up facing him.


“Do you wonna fight? Ehn!” he moved to meet him on the ground but
Henry stood up, blocked his punch then finally kicked him down too.
“Stop! stop!! stop!!!”


Mary came in between them. “Just stop this nonsense! What has come over
both of you?! Why must you fight now that we are safe? Listen to the cars, just few meters away
for us to..”


Ruddy interrupted her by pushing her away still moving to Henry for a fight. Seeing that, others
moved closer to hold him but before they drew near, he had already pushed Henry off the cliff.


“Jesus!!” Mary shouted running towards the spot he fell but Ruddy held her on the throat
positioning her by the edge of the cliff.
“Leave her alone!” Joyce also wanted to run to safe her friend but Ruddy’s voice put her to a stop.


“Don’t you dare come near me or she will also go down the cliff to join her boyfriend in hell”
“Ruddy, you’ve caused enough harm already. Just pull her down” Danny said.


Mary had began to lose her breath. Suddenly, the atmosphere became cloudy thereby
making the sun to go down. All the students look up to know what was happening.


As their faces
lingered, thunder strock and rain began to fall heavily. Sooner did they all hear the groaning of a
wolf and directed their eyes there to see it standing on a rock.


“Oh, my God!” Danny exclaimed.
When the wolf started pursuing them, nobody reminded Ruddy to release Mary as all ran with their
last strength.


Unfortunately for Ruddy, he slipped, fell and became a lunch for the wolf but that
didn’t make other students to stop running until they finally got to the main road panting and
gasping under the rain.


Their population became twelve.
Mary broke down in cry wanting to go back to the forest but Joyce held her back.
“What are you doing? I can’t let you go back there”
“No, i can’t go home without Henry” Mary cried.


“There is nothing you can do to help him. The forest is evil!”
Mary fell on the grasses crying while everybody remained quiet and happily allowing the rain beat


Cars sped on the highway without any of them stopping to know why they were there.
As the quietness lingered, Regina said, “Two guys fighting because of a girl and died in the cause.
Now you all have seen why is better to be a lesbian”


“Just shut your mouth!” Joyce rebuked her. Just then, a bus stopped at the spot. The driver was a
young man wearing a red T-shirt. Before he could ask them anything, other students began to beg
him to take them home.


“Why are you students here looking like this?”
“It’s a long story, just take us to Divine Glorious Academy” one of the female students said.
“Oh, are you the SS3 students who went for excursion?”


“Yes!” all replied at the same time.
“The news is all over the place. Come in!”
The students humped inside the bus except Joyce who begged Mary for them to follow them.


They finally entered hesitantly and the bus sped off straight to DGA

Back to the forest, at the river, Jerry swam out lying face up at the bank of the river and breathing
hastily. His head ached and couldn’t bear the pains of the broken leg.


Henry’s shirt was still tied
round his head. His stomach was as flat as a blade due to lack of food. He struggled to stand up
limping towards the same spot Henry stood looking at the sun. Though there was no more sunlight
but he also looked up remembering what Henry said.


“The sun rises from due East and set at due
West” he began to limp toward West. After limping for a moment, he began to gallop. He suddenly
stopped, pulled his shirt, tied it on his leg to enable him run.


Though he was heading to the right
direction but slightly missed road thus heading down to the base of the cliff where Henry fell down.


However, Henry who landed on the branch of a tree, climbed down after several minutes of
staying there and both of them met at the base of the cliff. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes!

They ran and hugged each other happily.
“I’m so happy to see you, Jerry” Henry released him.


“What really happened?”
“It’s a long story” Jerry replied. “Where are others and what are you doing here all alone?”
“It’s a long story too bro” Henry replied and hugged him again..


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