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Love & Adventures 13

Love & Adventures 13

Love & Adventure 13

The girls’ population were more than the boys. They couldn’t move or say anything after they were
told to pull off their shirts.


They could see the boys already without shirt wearing only singlets and
their red trousers.
“Pull off your shirts!” Ruddy shouted again.


Regina first pulled her white longsleeve shirt off leaving only her red skirt and bra which pumped
her voluptuous breasts upward.


She gently handed the shirt to him while Ruddy gave it to Henry
who started joining it with others in form of a rope. Seeing that, other girls began to pull off too.


Joyce looked at Jerry and saw him staring at her, so she shyly hid behind a fellow girl. She came out with her shirt in her hand then handed it to Ruddy after taking a glance at Jerry again.


She was left with her red skirt and white bra which also had black colour. Her breasts fully saturated in it.
Mary was the last person who began to unbutton her shirt gradually.


She occasionally glanced at
Henry who didn’t show any concern tying the shirts one by one. After she pulled if off, she walked to Ruddy and handed it to him but he suddenly lust after her body:


There were fairy hair that lined up from inside her skirt up to her stomach. Even without her pink bra, her breasts would still be
standing upright and one can deduce that its nibbles had not yet fully formed.


Henry took a glance at her after tying all the shirt then lowered the rope off the cliff. “Not yet
enough” he looked at Ruddy. “I guess we men gonna pull off our trousers”


The men did as he said wearing only their boxers. The shape of their dicks could be visualized
through them. After tying and lowering for the thirt time, it wasn’t yet enough, then they all looked
at the girls again.


“Don’t even say it” Mary warned even before Ruddy said anything.
“What do you mean? You have to pull off your skirts for us to get out of here! Or do you prefer
going back to the lion?”


“There is no way we gonna strip naked here!”
“But we are naked!”
“You are men!”
“What difference does it make?”


“Woah woah woah” Danny, a male student interrupted them standing between the boys and the
girls. He had a small body stature and was extremely funny.


He was actually the one who
suggested that Mary should drink the river water and say how many cups that would clear her eyes from blinded love. He looked at the girls and said, “Alright, if you don’t want to pull off your
skirts, donate your bras and pants coz they are even more like a rope than the skirts.


Hope I’m
making sense”
The male students smiled while some giggled but the girls were mean except Regina who laughed
aloud. “Very soon we will donate our pussy too” she said causing more laughter among the
students thus making them feel less worried about their situation.


“Fine” Henry began. “If you girls don’t want to pull of your skirts, you’ll have to jump from where the
rope ends”
“Yes, we shall jump” the girls said


Henry looked for the nearest strong tree and tie the rope there
The bus driver led the police to the place he dropped the students-the entrance of the forest.


“This is the place, officer”
“Okay” the commander in chief looked at his men. “Go into this forest, search every corner and
don’t come out without the children” he commanded.


The students had climbed down the cliff safely. They were seen trying to put on their rumpled
clothes but not all received theirs because it cut from the middle after the last person climbed
down thus making him fall and sustained injury. Though the only people who didn’t receive their
shirt were five boys but all had their trousers.


“I guess we should all rest here” Ruddy suggested and they sat down on rocks.
“Somebody should tell us a story” Regina broke the silence. “Or better still Mary should continue
the one she encountered with Miss Vivian”
“I’m not saying anything”


Mary threw off her face.
“Are you shy to tell us your dirty act with her?”
“For your information, i never did anything with her”
“How do we know that you’re telling the tru..”
“Enough!” Henry interrupted Regina looking into her eyes.


“Mary rejected Miss Vivian but you
accepted her and made love to her on her birthday, and that’s probably why the lion left you
unharmed because you are directly or indirectly connected to the goddess of this forest. True or


Everybody became amazed at Henry’s speech even Regina herself. Mary looked at her.
“Did you do it?”
“I didn’t do anything. I guess I’ll better go look for some fruit coz I’m starving” Regina left the place.


“Better don’t eat a forbidding fruit added to the one you’ve eaten already!” Danny shouted standing
up too. “I’m also starving” he added.


Other students departed to look for something to eat except Mary and Henry who stared at each

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