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Love & Adventure 16

Love & Adventure 16

(SS3 Students Excursion)
Episode 16
Jerry supported his broken leg with the walking stick given to him as all matched forward like the
people of Israelite walking in the wilderness, but Joyce never departed from him.


Suddenly, Jerry stopped and began to pant. The white shirt tied on his head had been engulfed by blood already.
“Jerry?” Joyce stopped too while others continued walking without knowing they had stopped.


“Joyce.. i.. i don’t think i can make it alive from here” Jerry swallowed hard painfully.
“Why are you talking like this?”
“You don’t understand” he took a deep breath. “My head.. my head aches seriously”


Hearing that, tears engulfed in Joyce’s eyes. However, other students hand noticed them still
behind, so they all stopped looking at them.
“Jerry, nothing will happen to you”
“Please, tell my parents that..”


“I’m telling nobody anything!” Joyce interrupted finally letting the tears drop. “You’ll tell your
parents anything you wonna tell them by yourself, okay? Let’s go” she placed one of his hands on
her shoulder as a support then they began to walk again.


5:00PM AT D.G.A
The sun had set when the police arrived at the school without the students. Many parents were
still there especially Mrs Angela Steve,


Henry’s mother who sat on the ground shedding tears. By
mere looking at her one can tell that she was very sick. Immediately the police arrived, she rushed
up likewise other teachers and parents. The principal came out.


“Officer, any news?”
“We couldn’t find them”
“Heeeehh!” parents shouted while Mrs Angela fell down losing her breath. Seeing that, sir Best
rushed her and was taken to the hospital immediately.


A black Camry car was spotted coming from afar-those were Mr. And Mrs. Fred, Jerry’s parents.
They weren’t poor neither were they too rich. After they drew near, the wife jumped out.


“Where is my son!” she wanted to hold the principal’s shirt but some policemen prevented her.
“You must provide my son oh!” she cried.


Sandra and Glory seated in the living room sadly with their legs crossed. Both remained silence
until Sandra said, “Vivian really fucked up.


How could she be so stupid! Now look at the calamity
she brought upon those children coz none of them will come out from that forest alive unless the
girl she had sex with”


“What’s the difference” Glory began. “The girl is dead already whether she comes out alive or not
because her destiny had been taken. She will not get married, she will suffer and remain wretched
until she dies.


So what difference does it make?” she concluded.
The student had to spend the night again. There was already a burning fire at the centre of all.


Ruddy cornered Mary.
“Why are you making me jealous?”
“Excuse me?”
Ruddy lowered his voice. “Mary you should know i love you. I always feel jealous whenever i see
you with Henry.


Please, understand how much i love you”
“Ruddy, this is not the right time for..”
“I know but you have to know”
“I’m sorry, Ruddy, I’m not interested in your love”
“I see, it’s because of Henry” he became angry.


“If i don’t have you, no one will” he concluded
seriously. Just then rain began to fall. The boys without cloth suffered the most especially Henry
coz they were bitten by insect and felt the cold weather seriously.


Rain beat off the fire thereby making everywhere dark. Though they could still see each other.
Some stood up until the rain stopped after which Regina adjusted out of sight to rings her cloth.


After she pull off her skirt and shirt, Hannah arrived and did the said finding themselves attractive
“Regina, i feel like doing it again. I don’t have feelings for men again”


“Likewise me and guess it’s even better that way”
“Yes, it feels amazing and prevent unwanted pregnancy”
Hannah gently unbutton her bra sucking her nipples while Regina stimulated her clit through her


As they were making out, another girl who wanted to rings her cloth caught them and
informed others. All stood up except Jerry looking at the two girls.
“Why are you all looking at us!” Regina began. “Fine, it’s obvious to you now that we are lesbians!”


“Miss Vivian taught you, right?” Henry asked calmly.
“Yes, and that’s why Hannah and i didn’t die and can’t die here”
“I see” Henry went back to his position.


All the students began their hopeless journey again. It became clear to them why Regina and
Hannah didn’t die and who they were.


Some girls contemplated to join them while some swore to
die in the forest than to have sex with their fellow girl.
Nevertheless, they found themselves at the river where Miss Vivian thought them aquatic habitat.


“Is this not the river i told Mary to drink?” Danny asked.
“Yes, it is” Ruddy replied. “So we have been walking in circle”

Hearing the word ‘circle’ Henry remembered the song of the bird and began to make meaning out
of it..

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