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Some of us delibrately keep some secrets from our partner because indeed, there are times when that is the exact thing you must do for the preservation of the relationship and the continuous reign of happiness and unity in the relationship.

Here is the thing about relationships; two people would come together with their numerous differences, issues, pasts, worries, demons, hopes, ambitions, beliefs and all that stuff.
They come together with these diverse elements of their life and personality and try to merge all into one unit that enables them function as one in the relationship.

At the same time, they are still separate individuals who would still need to retain their individuality. The retention of this individual personality is just as important to their togetherness.

In essence, what this means is that you don’t have to give it all up for the sake of a relationship. Just as you don’t need to relinquish all of your individuality for a relationship to work with your partner, you also don’t have to divulge everything, every detail, every secret to them.

They don’t need all that information and giving all of it in the name of openness is actually not too wise.

The main ingredients of secret is in knowing what to tell and what to withhold.

What’s to be necessarily told and what can be left out and no one would be hurt for not knowing.

As a matter of fact, it is actually better to keep something rather than tell your partner about them. When you open up on things like, you defeat the purpose of openness in the relationship.

What do you keep from your partner? Inconsequential things that have no bearing on whether the relationship will progress or not; things that do not affect the relationship in any way. Things like that are better kept than spilled out to your partner.

Your relationship really can do without all that unnecessary information being given out.

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  1. “A trelationship is when you can talk about anything and everything, no lies and no secrets”.

    When you can talk about anything and everything with your spouse, you will be confided in another person, male or female. That’s emotional infidelity. This is simply because as human beings we desire to share our deepest secrets with someone or confide on them our concerns or worries. Many affairs start as harmless buddy or led to blackmail by such friends when there is a falling out. Making are still licking their wounds.

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