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BROKEN SOUL: 7, 8, 9 @doperch

BROKEN SOUL: 7, 8, 9 @doperch

Chapter 7
Ada was discharged from the hospital the following day. Michael took her home to his
constentation, his parents were already at their house waiting for him . He froze in fear when he
saw his father staring at him angrily.
“what did you do to my daughter in-law? ”
His father asked angrily. He loves Ada so much that he wouldn’t bear to see any harm come to
” take it easy on him honey… ”
His mother interfered.
” stay out of it woman… Am talking to my son.. ”
He barked at her and she shuts her mouth instantly.
” Dad let me explain… She got the attack because of the smoke that she inhaled ”
He said calmly.
” And what else… don’t ever think of lying to me ”
He said glaring at him. Ada was quiet all these while observing everything.
” Dad it’s okay.. It’s not his fault.. I was cooking and so I felled asleep and the food got burnt ”
Ada said excluding the slap part, she doesn’t want Michael to feel bad.
” Alright, please Ada take good care of your self and the child… I don’t want to hear stories that
will break my heart.. Don’t stress your self. ”
He said Kindly patting her shoulders.
” I will be fine Dad ”
She let out a warm in smile.
” of you say so, I will be on my way now. I have important meeting to attend, always be a good
wife to that brat ”
He said and left with his wife.
Michael heaved a sigh of relief.
” finally, he has left ”
He said and Ada chuckled, trying her best not to laugh.
” what’s funny? ”
He asked with a puzzled face.
” nothing.. Let me go and rest, Am tired ”
” suit your self ”
He said non-challantly.
That night, he tossed on his bed as sleep preluded him. He sat down on his bed and took out his
phone under his pillow. He looked at the pictures they took on their wedding day and the ones he
took secretly when Ada was in the hospital. He couldn’t stop admiring the pictures. Ada is
beautiful he admits but these feelings he’s having for her these days is driving him crazy. He
craves to see her, hold her and be with her all times. Something he has never felt for cynthia. He
placed his phone on his heart and closed her eyes but her image kept popping in his head. When
he couldn’t take it anymore, he wore his shirt and slipper, opened the door and went downstairs
to her room just to see her. He regretted his actions towards her. He knocked on her door and
without waiting for her response, he pushed the door open.
Continuation of chapter 7
He knocked on her door and without waiting for her response, pushed the door open and saw her
dressing – she just came out from the bathroom. She quickly Covered herself with a towel.
“what do you want? ”
Ada asked embarrassed obvious of the fact that he has seen her naked.
” don’t pretend that I haven’t seen you naked before ”
He said staring naughtily at her.
” that has not answered my question. What for you want in my room? ”
She half-yelled at him
” you!.. I want you ”
He smiled licking him lips. He’s really crazy – attitude of attitude of a play-boy
” you must be joking.. Leave my room now.. As you can see I want to dress”
She glared at him
“what difference does it make if I stay here… Am your husband. Adaolisa don’t be selfish. Now
tell me.. ”
He moved closer to her till they could feel their breathes on each other. Ada’s heart nearly beat off
her chest.
” is it a crime for you to dress before me? ”
He asked naughtily
” yes… I mean no.. Yes.. Just leave me alone Michael.. You can’t just come.. ”
Oh no!!!!
What she’s saying is no longer making sense to him. All his attention was focused on her lips. He
just wants to know how it tastes like and without warning, he grabbed her waist and shut her up
with a kiss
The fire of emotion was ignited in him and he made up his mind to love her forever. He kissed her
passionately with his whole body and soul. Ada was greatly surprised, some part of her wanted
the kiss while some don’t but her heart took control of her and she gave in to him. He kissed her
like there’s no Tomorrow. Then it Suddenly dawned on her and she pushed him away
remembering the rape incident. .
“just leave.. ”
She said quietly
” Ada please.. Don’t you.. ”
” I said that you should leave me alone ”
She yelled at him.
Without another word, Michael opened the door and left feeling so sad and unhappy. Adaolisa
broke down in tears
No matter how hard she tries to forget about the rape, It’s still hunting her.


Chapter 8
“congrats Ada, you’re pregnant with twins.. I mean quadruplet ”
The doctor said with smiles. Ada couldn’t believe her ears, she had gone for scan and antenatal
only for her to receive this shocking news. No wonder her tummy is so big that she wonders if
actually her pregnancy is 4months old.
” thank you doctor ”
Ada said with smiles. Mama must hear this!… This definitely is a great news she wouldn’t get tired
of sharing either at the market or village meetings with her fellow women. Then it dawned on
her…. Did she just thought about mama being Happy about her twins????..
Oh no!!!.. Adaolisa wake up!..
Mama is dead and she’s not coming back. Hot and agonizing tears streamed down her cheeks
If only she didn’t attend that useless party, mama would still be alive.
“Ada are you okay? ”
The doctor asked in a concerned tone.
” yes doctor, Am fine don’t mind the tears. It’s just tears of joy ”
She lied smiling through her tears.
” Alright, don’t skip your drugs, always take a good rest and eat healthy food. Please do all these
things if not for any other thing but for your babies… I wish you the best of luck ”
” thank you doctor ”
She left his office shutting the door behind her and heaved a sigh of relief.
” babies.. Mummy loves you all, just stay calm and don’t stress her ”
She said rubbing her stomach.
” babies????…. ”
A voice said from behind, she turned and it was her annoying husband – Michael. He looks so
cute and yummy today
Adaolisa concentrate!.. Don’t be deceived by his looks – he’s a monster
Well, she can’t deny the fact that He’s becoming more loving and caring towards her these days.
“yes… Any problem? ”
She frowned
” Oh my God!!!!..
You’re pregnant with twins? ”
He screamed with joy hugging her but Ada pushed him off.
” stay away from me… Don’t touch me ever again ”
She warned glaring at him.
” stop giving me that look, Am your husband and besides
Continuation of chapter 8
“stop giving me that look, Am your husband and besides this is the best time that my children
needs me the most ”
He winked at her
” In your dreams ”
She threw rudely at him
” am glad to hear that ”
He said with a smirk on his face. There’s no point talking to Michael, Ada reasoned, she’s too
tired for his troubles.
Right now, all she needs is rest and that she must get. She turned to go but he drew her back
and caged her with his arms on the wall.
“Michael, we are in public don’t do this ”
She said in an embarrassed tone lowering her gaze.
” I don’t care… You’re my wife.. Stop pretending as if you don’t need a kiss from me now ”
He flirted
” Michael please ”
She pleaded feeling all eyes on them
But he remained adamant.
He lowered his lips on hers and she closed her eyes holding her breathe as her heart beats
erractically. He smiled at his victory, brought his face closer and kissed her passionately not
caring the consequences.
All that matters to him at that moment was his wife and babies
He has fallen madly in love with Ada.
Will this new found love last????….

Chapter 9
Cynthia screamed…
Michael broke the kiss instantly and Ada was embarrassed. She couldn’t believe her eyes!.. This
totally explains micheal’s non-challant attitude towards her these days. She regarded Ada with
distain, her heart burned with bitterness and jealousy
“Michael how could you do this to me? ”
She yelled as bitter tears ran down her cheeks. She had come to the hospital as well for the
results of the test she did 3days ago. For the past 3weeks, she has been sick. Now that she has
collected her lab results, she’s so disappointed to find out that she’s 4weeks pregnant. To add
salt to her wound, Charles her boyfriend had broken up with her. The young man had suspected
that she must be pregnant, to avoid troubles he quietly ended it with her and ran for his dear life.
Confused and dejectedly, Cynthia walked out of the doctors office only to see the most shockest
scene ever
Michael and Adaolisa kissing passionately, this alone nearly drove her crazy. Could it be that
Michael has finally fallen in love with that low-life?..
Never!!!.. That would never happen. Michael loves only her and no other woman. Adaolisa is just
a side distraction. Then an idea crossed her mind and she smiled wickedly
“Michael no matter what happens, I must surely have you back again in my arms ”
She thought
She approached them, pretending to be hurt and disappointed.
” Cynthia what’s your problem? ”
Michael asked
” you’re my problem.. How could you do this to me?…. After promising me that we would spend
our lives together. Here you are, kissing this bitch. What’s wrong with you Michael? ”
She yelled again grabbing his collar.
” can’t you see that I love you Mike.. I love you ”
She said watching Ada for her reactions. The look on Ada’s face showed that she’s broken
emotionally and that gave her joy. She smiled wickedly.
” get your hands off me, I don’t love you again, am married and I love my wife very much. Stay
away from me ”
He yelled back at her yanking her hands off his shirts.
” Michael I can’t leave you alone, you have to take care of your responsibilities ”
She smirked
” which is? ”
” am pregnant for you baby..
Am carrying your child ”
She said with smiles
Michael was shocked. What did Cynthia just said?… He saw the sour expressions on Ada’s face
and that broke his heart. He’s madly inlove with her and he couldn’t bear to see her unhappy
again in his life.
” liar!.. Am not responsible for your pregnancy ”
He glared at her.
Deep down his heart, he knew quite well that he has never had any intimate relationship with
Cynthia. She’s just trying to ruin his married life. He can feel it, she’s just jealous of Ada, nothing
” of course you are, you’re the father of my child ”
Should glared back at him.
” no need arguing with you… Cos I knew that all these while we dated, I didn’t touch you so stop
bluffing and leave my wife and I alone…… So disgusting! ”
He said sarcastically.
” Ada let’s go… ”
He tried to take her hand but she yanked it off.
” don’t touch me…
You have caused enough drama for today”
She said calmly as she went away leaving him speeches. He chuckled, women and their
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“it’s not funny.. So don’t smile cos it’s not over yet. Am coming back for you..
Scallywag!!! ”
She hissed and briskly walked away.
He heaved a sigh of relief. He has conquered one task remaining that of Ada. It’s just a matter of
time and he will fully gain Ada’s trust again. He can’t wait for that to happen.
Cynthia and her troubles!.
He sighed!… She can go to hell for all he cares. With that, he went outside to join the saddened
Ada in the car. She must have cried her eyes out. Poor Adaolisa!!!.. I don’t know why your life is
so twisted like this?……
Life indeed is a mystery

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  1. Yes my Ada has won Michael’s heart… I knew from the on set that they will end up with each other..but didnt know how. Well done Admin.


  2. Hmmmm!
    I just hope Ada would forgive Micheal wholeheartedly.

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