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Ada was unconscious for many days. Michael had woken up two days earlier and he requested to
see his wife but they told him what happened to Ada when he was in coma but he still insisted to
see her. He was brought to where Ada laid unconsciously with life support machine beeping
around her and he broke down in tears.
” baby am here for you please don’t leave me”
He cried as he took her hand and kissed it.
“please don’t die now, our children needs you.
Stay strong and fight for your life my love…. ”
Unable to talk anymore, he sobbed bitterly
” Michael ”
A tiny voice called, he looked up to see Ada. She’s awake.
The light is too strong for her eyes and so she closed her eyes again.
” where’s my children? ”
She asked gently.
” you’re awake? ”
He asked surprised not believing his eyes.
” yes…. How long have you been here? ”
She asked trying to sit up but he refrained her from doing so.
” two days ago… Thank you so much for coming back to me. Our children are still in incubator.
We can go and see them once you get better ”
He finally smiled.
” what did I give birth to? ”
She asked again.
” two boys and two girls… Just like I predicted ”
He said and he smiled.
” they must be so beautiful ”
” yeah…. Just like you.
I can’t wait to take you home baby…
We can to America this holiday with our kids. ”
” they’re still too young for that… But Michael.. ”
” hmmmm… ”
” I love you ”
” I love you more baby.. Thank you for giving me another chance ”
He said softly as he bent closer and kissed her cheeks.
No matter what happens, he will never stop loving her. Michael is truly a cure to her BROKEN

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  1. Happy ending…

    Now Uncle Admin pls do something about episode 11 ooo


  2. Please episode 11

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