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Joy titus and tomi Mark-adewunmi

In one of the editions of ADAM & EVE, some couples tell Punch correspondents what they would do if their spouses see them as bad luck

I’ll quit the marriage – Semighan valentine

First of all, it is not a good idea to stick with a partner who thinks you’re a bad luck to a relationship. If I find myself in that kind of situation what I will do is just simple. I will leave  because once you continue, you may never forgive yourself if everything goes bad in future. At all times, I will avoid making promises that I can’t keep. You also need to study your partner very well because some don’t take nonsense when things are not going well; they will take you as a bad luck. Knowing the family background of your partner is also an important factor because some families are filled with bad luck. Lastly, anyone that considers their partner a bad luck is selfish person that doesn’t know what a team work means; this is a person that expects you to do everything to provide for the family.

I will counsel her – Wale Banks

That is a very bad thing to do. I can never consider anyone as a bad luck because I believe God who created everyone has already called us a blessing. Although, if I find myself in that situation where my wife blames me for the misfortune that happens in the family, it will really hurt me. I will sit her down and we will talk about it and I will let her know that in life when things go bad, we should turn to God in prayers. But sometimes this can still be as a result of external influence, maybe people have been giving her wrong advice outside and she is now comparing her marriage with that of her friends. This cannot work; all marriages are not the same. I will tell her to disconnect from such friends and seek divine help. So, I cannot withstand it for my wife to call me bad luck because I can never call her such.

I will tell her to try another man – Samuel Jumbo

If my partner considers me as a bad luck, I will let her know that I am not. But if she is convinced that I am a bad luck to her, i will tell her to try somewhere else.

What I believe in life is that nobody is a bad luck. If something is happening to you, you should know what to do. Move close to God; pray to him. And if you have sinned, ask for forgiveness. So if my partner considers me as a bad luck to her and we have tried to talk it out and it still results in fighting and argument, I will move on with my life. There are certain things that happen that make bad luck comes into effect in marriages. For instance, the wife or the husband may be sleeping with another person outside marriage. To me, nobody is a bad luck.

I won’t agree with her – Wilson Koloko

To me bad luck depends on how someone sees it. If my partner calls me bad luck I will not agree to what she says. I will pray for her to have a change of thoughts because what she thinks will only work for her and her luck doesn’t depend on anyone but God Almighty. We all know that sometimes, it is not everything in life that you get. So, when it doesn’t come at the time you need it, just pray to God and don’t use that as an opportunity to blame anyone.

The best thing to do is to quit – Elliott Eniton

There are rough times in relationships and sometimes some relationships are really not heading anywhere. The reasons for quitting such relationships at times are frivolous. So, most times, unreasonable excuses come from nowhere. Some people are not mature enough to hold on to a relationship and to know how to leave. Some rely on “fading away,” cut ties and communication or reduce them till the other person gets the idea that the relationship can no longer work.  So, when my partner says I am responsible for his misfortune or I am the harbinger of bad luck, I will know he wants me out. The best thing I can do is to quit the relationship peacefully.

I will intensify my prayers for him – Folasade Aderibigbe

In a situation where my partner sees me as a bad luck, I know very well at that point that I need to pray more  for him. By praying for him, it is possible he has a change of heart. In one way or the other God, would touch his heart and he will stop seeing me as a bad luck. Also, I will keep working hard to prove that I am a good luck and not a bad luck.

I’ll find way of strengthening our relationship – Kehinde Akintola

If my partner considers me as a bad luck, I don’t need to fight with him or seek  a divorce. That would only worsen the situation and make it seem like I accept the bad luck appelation. I refuse to be a bad luck so I would not do anything to make matters worse. I would only do something to strengthen the relationship and to make it a better one. I believe with prayers and more dedication,  things would change for the better in Jesus name.

It means he’s tired of the relationship – Kofoworola Ewedemi

Well, in this situation, I would say honestly that such partner doesn’t want the relationship anymore. Personally, I will give up on such relationship, but if anyone wants to continue with the relationship, I will suggest the following tips: calmness, goodness, watchfulness or carefulness and prayers. You really need to be calm because in quietness and confidence is your strength. Seriously, you need a great deal of strength to deal with this challenge and to overcome it. Also, be good in all dealings with your partner and exhibit genuine love because love conquers all battles. In addition, retrace your steps, ruminate over previous issues or events , make necessary corrections in areas that you  realise you have erred and be more careful. In conclusion, if you believe in the power of prayer, pray all manner of prayers; with faith in your heart and thanksgiving, everything will work out for you and you will be glad again.

We’ll go through it together – Rita Ogbonnaya

He married me, didn’t he? And since he is my partner for life, at least we made a vow to stick together for life which means I must have inherited the bad luck from him. We are one family. If one is a bad luck, it means the other is also a bad luck. So if he considers me as a bad luck, it simply means I inherited the bad luck from him. Therefore, we will go through it together.

I will pray for him – Bolanle Ajayi

If my partner considers me a bad luck, I will put him in prayers. Prayers solve a lot of problems. Also, I will try to sit him down and discuss with him to know what informed his conclusion. Something must have prompted him to think that I bring bad luck to the relationship probably things haven’t been working out well. As a woman and a homemaker,  I know very well I must have a heart-to-heart discussion with him. I will also examine myself  to know if there is something I am doing wrong or if I am at fault in one way or the other. Issues are meant to be resolved and will be resolved with understanding.

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