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My Bestie my crush..😘😘💕💕🎶

Episode twenty (#FINALE)

Tina POV…
I screamed and rushed to where he was….he was covered with blood….
Oh my God… Someone should please call the ambulance..
Jasmine please open your eyes..I said..
Roy rushed to where I am..and hug me..
Are u OK..he said
Yes I am..but look Jasmine is hurt..please someone should call the ambulance.. He has lost so much blood..
You know.. He pushed me from there….Roy , Jasmine saved me…please he can’t die.. No ..he can’t… I will forever curse my birthday if anything happens to him..
Please save him Roy..please… I said as tears rushed from my eyes…he saved me…he saved..that was the only word that I utter…
Don’t worry he will be fine…the school ambulance is on its way..Roy said and hugged me…patting my back…

Tena POV***
I rushed to the seen , hoping to see Tina in the pool of blood.. But no, its my brother.. Jasmine..
How come!!
It wasn’t meant for meant for Tina..
I looked at Tina, she was perfectly fine…nothing happen to her…
God how did it happen , then I heard Tina crying and saying.. He saved me..
Oh my God… Jasmine saved Tina..
I should have listen when he told me to stop all my plans but I refused, instead I went ahead with it…now I have hurt my own brother..
How could I be this foolish…
I tried so many times to hurt Tina and separate her from Roy..but it always back fires…
look at what have done to my brother…
Please God.. Save Jasmine and I promise never to hurt anyone again..
(In the hospital)
I was pacing up and down in the hospital and with my eyes already swollen out of tears…Tina on the other hand was sitting on the bench and also crying but Roy was there to comfort her but here am i trying to get someone that I could never brother that had always been there for me as my Bestie.. Is now in the hospital because of me..
Oh God please save him…
After 30 minutes… The doctor still have not come out from the ICU and we’ve been asking the nurses but none of them are saying anything…
Oh god..what will happen now..maybe I should confess my sins and God will save Jasmine for me…
Tina POV
I was still crying and praying in my heart when tena came to me..
Look am so sorry,.. Jasmine tried saving me and he got hurt instead… He is in this condition because of me…I said to tena ..she just look at me and cried the more…then she held my hands and her tears drop on my hand…that moment.. My heart was troubled.. Have really caused her pain..maybe if I have not agreed to go on date with Jasmine …maybe nothing would have happen to him….
Hope you will forgive for this.. Tena said and I became confused..
Forgive you for what??…I asked
Look Tina…you are not responsible for my brother condition. I am the one ..tena said..and I was shocked… I turned to look at Roy and then back to tena…what are u saying …I asked her
The glass did not intentionally fall…I cut the rope, hoping that it will fall on you…but instead it fell on Jasmine…. Tena said..
I opened my mouth in surprise…
But why would u do such thing??I asked
I did it because I want to separate you from Roy…the truth is that am obsessed about Roy..and I thought it was love…I thought I love him…but then I realize that he loves you..even though he did not say it…I know he does and you too…you love him, you guys might want to deny it but I know you too love each other…I know Jasmine might have told you who he truly is..and that he wanted to take revenge but along the line …he change his mind…trust me when I say Jasmine is nice..he will never hurt other..even the revenge stuff I was the one who instigated him…tena said all this…and I was shock like mad….
For a second… I was lost..I don’t know what to say..then Roy asked
Who is Jasmine then…?
I turned and answered.. He is jazi the watch thief back in grade four..he told me that he didn’t steal the watch.. Then I narrated everything to Roy..
Back to tena…I was still wonder I noticed something fishy about her….
Please will u forgive me Tina..tena said…then the doctor came and said Jasmine has woken up…
I was more than happy… And we all rushed inside to see him…
He look so weak….
I don’t know what pushed me but I saw myself running to him and hugged him
Oh did I touch your wound…I said as I disengage from him..
Not really… The doctor said… My leg is dislocated for now but I can be using crutches for maybe 3months…Jasmine said and that made me cry..
Thanks Jasmine.. Thanks for saving me..I said to him…
No need..I guess that I deserve it…am happy you are saved…but you can thank me better if only you and Roy confess your love for each other.. Because you both love each other.. He said and that almost made me laugh but I just smile and turned to look at Roy ..who gave me a wink..
Am sorry bro…tena said… And turned to me…am sorry Tina…please forgive me…she said ..that moment I just hug her…she have actually been through a lot…loving someone she knows he will never love her back and now is her brother…
I have forgiven you..but please make sure you take care of Jasmine.. I said to her..
She moved to where Roy was and said to him..
Roy am sorry..I know have not been good friend but please forgive me….Roy hug her and told her to take care of herself and Jasmine too….
Finally we left the hospital after we greeted Jasmine parents who came when tena called them…
They really are nice parents….
Roy POV****
The whole day have been crowded with drama and incident but one thing remained which must be accomplished …and that is my surprise to Tina…although tena and Jasmine have made it easier by telling it to our face that we love each other and that’s the truth but I still have to tell her my own way…
I brought her to our garden and where we usually have our playhouse when we were kids….you can sign up on http//do to enjoy more exciting stories from there.
It was painted over the wall…
I love you Tina…
I close her eyes till we got there
Tina POV
Roy close my eyes as he led me to God know where..
When I finally opened my eyes..all I could see is painting which says #ILOVEUTINA
It was so beautiful …..he made sit down as he plays his guitar and sing for me..
Then after that…he read a poem..
(The poem)
My eyes long to see you each day
My smile never fades because you are always there
My heart beat continuously because you are always by my side..
Every day of my life will be incomplete without you..
My arms long to always have you
My voice never crack when calling your name..
You are my sunshine, my ever joy..
Tears in my eyes rushed out whenever you are sad..I can’t bare to see your pain
You are more than gold to me and more than silver..
One thing I cherish always is your happiness..
You make my world… That’s why right now my mouth have decided to shout it loud that….I LOVE YOU TINA….. He said and finished the poem
Oh god…that was awesome and mindblowing… I ran to where he was and hug him as I screamed I LOVE YOU TOO ROY…

*The end…*

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  1. Wao dats nic kudoos to you admin

  2. There is a saying that One good turn deserves another if Tena has listened to jasmine when he ask her to forget about the revenge he wouldn’t have get hurt and if jasmine was truly sorry and felt for Tina he would ve told them their mission and what they did to him in the past so dey will apologize and move on as friends but thank God it has a happy ending and Jasmine is alive and was able to join them together as one. This is what jealousy can do to people

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