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(SS3 Students Excursion)
Episode 6

Miss Vivian opened the door. The sad expression on her face could tell the person she saw-a
fellow friend, Sandra. She left the door open and went back to her seat.


Sandra was tall and fair looking very classic like Glory. Car keys and bracelet jingled in her finger
and wrist respectively. The weavon on her head had her complexion.


She had different colours of
make-up on her face believing that it made her more beautiful. “Babes xup?” she sat down. “I
thought we are celebrating someone’s birthday”


Glory looked at Miss Vivian in a way that shows: YOU TOLD HER?
“Yes, i informed her” Miss Vivian said.
“So, where is the little girl for the forbidden act?” Sandra asked.
“She’s not yet here”


“Babe, you have to do fast oh” Sandra stood up going to the bar. She came back with a bottle of
win. “This is life! Vivian, i wish you
enjoy life this way and shone poverty and useless men who think we are nothing without their


If that girl doesn’t show up tonight, change plans and have another girl in bed coz there’s
no time to check time” she got hold of a television remote and changed the channel to Trace then
began to dance to a music.

After Miss Vivian waited without seeing Mary, she went home disappointed.


Regina was the head-girl of Divine Glorious Academy. She wasn’t in school the previous day
because of her parents who went to a program with her.


She could be seen heading into the
classroom and shaking her butt involuntarily. She’s a bit dark with voluptuous body that always got
men woozy.


She was very intelligent too but corrupted. The parents had tried their possible means
to change but all to no avail.
Immediately she entered into the class, the bell rang for assembly.


“Leave the classroom to the assembly ground” Miss Vivian’s voice echoed in the room, so
students hurriedly began to troop out. She sighted Regina shuffling her bag. “What are you doing
there? Hurried up!”


Due to the pressure, Regina’s diary fell down without her notice then began to go out. Miss Vivian
found her body attractive then called her.


“What’s your name?”
“I’m Regina, ma”
“It’s Miss”
“Sorry, miss”
“You may go”
After Regina left believing she must be a new teacher, she went to her locker and collected the
fallen diary.



She opened it, read few pages and smiled. “I guess i will make my move here” she
stepped out to see Mary coming inside the classroom.


“Good morning, Miss” Mary wore a piteous face knowing that she disappointed her.
“Hi, Mary” Miss Vivian smiled.
“Sorry, i..”
“Is okay, you can go” she interrupted and walked out happily making Mary have a second thought
about her.


The assembly ended without much stress and Henry never exchanged words with anybody except
Jerry whom he greeted. As students entered into their classes, Miss Vivian called Regina.


“I guess this fell from your bag” she showed her the diary.
“Oh, i believe so” Regina began to feel shy knowing several dirty thought that were put down on
the dairy.


“Come to my office during break to have it” Miss Vivian left.
Henry remained quiet at his locker surveying the environment critically.


His locker was beside a
window which made it easier. As he looked through it, he noticed someone’s presence beside him
then turned to see Mary standing. He didn’t say anything rather look away through the window


“Can we talk?” Mary broke the silence.
“Not in the mood” Henry replied without looking at her.
Mary waited for a while and said with a faint broken voice, “Okay.” She walked out hesitantly with
a broken heart coz she never wanted to leave. She needed nobody’s attention the way she
needed Henry’s.


She turned for the last time to see him concentrating on the window then walked
out to meet Joyce and Jerry.
Regina met Miss Vivian in her office standing right before her table. “Good day, Miss”


“Good day, Regina” Miss Vivian smiled standing up. “Sorry, i invaded into your privacy to see
some of your erotic thought. I want you to be sincere and free with me. According to your diary,
you’ve had sex before, right?”
Regina shook her head positively with her face down shyly.


“Did you enjoy it” Miss Vivian moved closer caressing her hair and eventually romancing her arms.
Just then, Regina raised her face, as a corrupt child she understood the movement.


“Don’t worry, i
can make you feel even better than how you felt during the sex. Just have this card and come by
tonight following the address” she handed another birthday card to her. “It’s my birthday”


Due to Regina had always wanted to know how it feels to have sex with her fellow woman, she
collected the card coz she had heard a lot about lesbianism and how great it feels to experience it.


“Okay” she left the office with the dairy and card. Henry sighted her putting the card inside the

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