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“No, I’m serious. Or do you have another idea?” he asked.
Lucy shook her head in disbelief.
Even if she was that desperate she wouldn’t do that. But she couldn’t face Cecil. She hadn’t been in
touch with her for long.
“Are you still contemplating or what?” He asked impatiently.
“Mark, this is something I have to think about very well.”
“Alright. I will be inside my room. You can call me if you need my assistance with packing your loads.”
“Alright, thanks.”
He walked past her and entered his room.
“I have pushed all my friends away. I don’t have any choice. I will stay for some days.” she concluded
within herself.
“Mark! Give me a hand.” she called out to him.
“Alright. I’m coming.” He answered.
She started packing her things into his room with his assistance. It was a self-contain so she felt things
would go fine.
“Mark, please let me put my bed at the other side of the room.” She said as she concluded she wouldn’t
feel comfortable sleeping with him on the same bed. She settled in comfortably and life as roommates
soon began. She did the cooking and cleaning of the room while he took care of the rent.
Before long, Mark started making sexual advances to her.
“Please, Mark we living together is not an avenue for all this.” She finally said to him one day.
“But Lucy, we were in a relationship before you came here now.”
“I know; but please, I can’t do this. I’m sorry. ”
“It’s alright.” He said as he walked away.
“I can’t do something that will make my Parents to be disappointed in me more than they have already.”
She soliloquizes as she walked away too.
Everything continued normally and Lucy soon got used to them living together
She decided her parents must not hear about what she was doing and always avoided Cecil. Before long
Cecil got wind of what was happening and reported the situation to Lucy’s parents.
“Ki omo yi ma koba mi oo.” (This child should better not put me into trouble.) Her mother said as they
ended their conversation with Cecil.
Her Father shook his head in disappointment as her mother tried putting a call through to her.
“Good Afternoon Mama, how are you doing?” Lucy asked as soon she picked up.
“Good Afternoon, please where are you presently?” her mother asked shaking her legs in fury.
“I’m in the hostel now? Hope no problem?”
“Iwo omi yii! (You this Child!) Hostel Okunrin ti di hostel re abi ? (A guy’s hostel has now become your
hostel?) Don’t put me in trouble now?”
Lucy fell silent for some time.
“I know what is going on. Cecil just informed us now. This girl don’t kill us before our time with worries
please. I’m begging you.”
“No child can even kill me.” Her Father commented as he left the place angrily.
“Lucy, aren’t you matured enough to know what you are doing is dangerous? Even Cecil that does not
have anyone to teach her in the way of the Lord knows what you are doing is wrong.”
“I know what you mean Mama but nothing has happened between us and nothing will happen.” Lucy
said from the other end wishing her mother would just end the call.
“Lucy! The day something will happen will you know? Or don’t you get it?”
“Nothing is happening, honestly.” She said again.
“I don’t agree. We will send you the money for rent soon so prepare to get a new apartment for
yourself.” Her mother said in Conclusion.
“Alright. No problem Ma.” She replied as she ended the call.
“Hmm! I pray you understand before it’s too late.” Her mother said to none in particular as she joined
her husband indoors.
Few weeks after her parents call the unexpected happened.
Lucy and Mark had collected their previous semester result that day and Lucy had a very high CGPA: the
best in the Faculty.
“We need to celebrate this.” Mark told her as soon as they got back to the hostel and he ordered for
food and drinks to celebrate.
They ate, drank, danced and played games together until they were both tired.
“Mark, I need to get to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.” Lucy said as she stood up to go to her own
“Sleep with me here. The bed is large enough.” he said smiling at her.
“Thank you Sir. I will prefer sleeping on my bed.” she said shaking her head as she walked away.
“What’s the difference now? Don’t we sleep in the same room before?” he said suddenly feigning anger.
“OK. But Mark, you have to promise not to try anything stupid.” She said seriously.
“Whatever! I promise.” he said smiling as he moved for her to lay down.
Whatever promise that was made that night failed as flesh and blood took over.
Lucy wept till daybreak while Mark kept consoling and promising her a future together.
“Mark! You have destroyed my life.” Lucy cried as she sat on the floor.
“No, Lucy it wasn’t planned. We were both part of this remember.”
“Really? It’s okay.” She said angrily as she moved to her bed.
“Aren’t you going to class again?” Mark asked.
She stopped crying.
She looked at him angrily as she hissed.
“It’s alright.” He said as he prepared to leave the room.
She continued crying as Mark took his bath and left the room.
“Ha! Mark has put me in a big mess. And Mum warned me.” Lucy said as soon as Mark stepped out
before she finally stood up to prepare for her day.
She decided to stop doing the chores in the room so she left the dishes unwashed and went out.
She went to class moody and came back the same way to meet Mark already in the room.
“You didn’t prepare anything?” Mark asked immediately she entered.
“No, if you are hungry find something to eat. Please just leave me alone.”
She hissed as she removed her sandals and fell on her bed with a thud.
Mark couldn’t take her behavior anymore.
“Lucy. Do you think I’m glad this happened? Why are you taking this like the world happened? At least I
didn’t rape you.”
“Mark, see you cannot understand. Just leave me alone. You’re a man so what would you know? And for
crying out loud, this is a Sin. Fornication! I might not be a serious Christian but you are not even showing
any kind of remorse at all. Just leave me henn! I beg of you.”
She turned her head away from him as he finally sighed and left her alone.
Thing continued like that in the room with each one minding his or her own business until about two
weeks later.
Mark had woke up around 8am to see Lucy still sprawled on her bed. He ignored her until he was set to
leave the room around 10am and realized she was till there though now awake but not making any
move to get prepared for her lectures.
“Are you okay?” He asked in concern.
She looked at him in surprise.
“Yeah. Have a nice day.”
“Okay.” He said as he left the room.
Lucy stood up weakly to lock the door after him.
“What is wrong with me? Hope it’s not what I think?” Lucy said as soon as she returned to her bed.
She was feeling so weak and feverish.
“I think I will have to visit a pharmacy. Let me even do that now.” She said to herself as she managed to
stand up.
Lucy stared at the pregnancy kit in her hands. She had even bought two just for clarity sake.
She hummed as she followed the procedures.
She waited for few minutes as she watched the two test strips changed colors before her very eyes.
She was pregnant!
“No! This is not happening to me.” She exclaimed as she quickly cleared all the traces of what she had
done from the bathroom.
“My life is finished.”
“How will I tell Mark?”
“Who do I turn to for help?”
Various thoughts went through her mind as she planned on how to inform Mark.
“Let me clean this room and wash the plates.”
“Hmm. I will cook for him too. Anything to make him listen to me.”
She quickly set on putting the room in order. He returned at about 6pm in the evening to meet a well-
organized room.
“Wow! Tell me something.”
He exclaimed as Lucy sang softly from the kitchen.
“Ha! This one Lucy is cooking today, hope I’m safe?” He thought as he surveyed the room quietly.
“Dear, welcome.” Lucy called from the kitchen causing Mark to open his mouth in surprise.
“Close your mouth now?” She said as she walked in from the kitchen with a thin smile.
“Something is definitely off. I’m in trouble.”
“What is it? Why are you looking like you’ve seen a ghost?” Lucy asked as he stared at her in surprise.
She had figured he was going to be shocked at her new behavior. As long as he accepted the pregnancy
she didn’t care.
“This one is more than seeing a ghost? If it were you wouldn’t you be shocked?” He said as he finally
walked towards the kitchen.
“The food is ready. Let me serve you.”
“You will still serve me? Hmm… Hope I am safe?” He asked back in surprise as he returned to sit on his
He watched Lucy’s every move as she served him the meal.
He soon started eating as she stood watching him.
“Mark!” Lucy started as soon as she noticed he was enjoying the meal.
“There is something I need to tell you.”
Mark stopped.
“I’m listening.” He said as he continued eating.
Lucy stopped for some time to check his face. She couldn’t read his thoughts so she continued.
“I’m pregnant.”
“You said what?” Mark screamed into her face.
“Mark, we’re having a baby!” She replied again.
“Oh no wonder! I have been wondering why there is a welcoming atmosphere in this room.” He said as
he looked round the room in wonder.
Both fell silent for some time as Lucy stared at his face.
“How many people have you told?” He finally asked to her relief.
She was relieved he wasn’t denying it or acting like he didn’t know anything about it.
“Nobody yet. Just you and I know about it. And …”
“And who?” He cut in suddenly.
“And God.” She finally replied heavily.
He cleared his throat.
“Lucy, sit down here.”
Lucy could feel his eyes on her as she took her seat beside him.
“Ermm! See.” He started. “I’m not denying this child because I’m aware of the fact that I made you a
woman. But Lucy, I don’t think neither you nor I is ready for the responsibility of this child.”
“Hmm… Okay”
“So, we are going to get rid of it.”
Lucy’s body turned cold immediately.
“Get rid of what?”
“Be patient Lucy.”
“Ha! My life is gone.” She shot out suddenly as tears welled down her face.
“Lucy, I’m not asking you to kill yourself here.”
“Really? But you’re asking me to kill a baby. Mark, what is the difference?”
“Answer me now! Murder is Murder!” She shouted into his face as she stepped away from him.
His blood boiled within him.
“Do you think it’s that easy to be a parent to a child? Haven’t you learnt from your parent’s situation?
What brought you here in the first place? Is it not because…”
“Please, don’t bring my parents into this issue.”
Her Parents! Who was he to refer to them as such? It isn’t their fault she was in his place, it was hers.
“I’m just saying…” He started
“I get you.” She cut in distaste welling up her throat.
She wondered how she had gotten entangled him.
“I’ll give you some time to think about it just give me a call when you make the decision.”
He said as he stood up and made his way out of the room.
Lucy lay on her bed. Her pillows already soaked in tears.
She groaned softly as the events of past weeks rummaged through her mind.
How had she gotten herself in this? And her parents warned her about staying with Mark. She should
have known. But where would she go from here? Her parents would be disappointed, her life would be
Mark was right. The baby is too innocent to be allowed to suffer. They had to get rid of it if they would
make a headway in life. She was developing so much affection for the baby she was carrying already.
What would be her fate after the abortion? Would she survive the pain? Won’t she bleed to death? Will
she and Mark still continue the relationship? She kept wondering holding the pillow close to her chest in
“It is now or never.” She decided as she picked her phone to give Mark the reply he feared she would
never give.
Mark entered the room happily few minutes after he received Lucy’s call.

Lucy was asleep and looking at her face he could tell she had cried herself to sleep.
He felt sorry for the situation and the step they had to take. He realized she might not understand how
much this decision meant to him but he wasn’t in any way ready to father a Child.
“Not at all.” he said quietly as he stared at her.
He looked at her tummy.
Who would ever think a life was growing inside her? He wished he didn’t have to make her abort the
baby but he had no choice.
“The doctor will soon attend to you.” A young woman who Lucy guessed was a nurse said to her and
Mark for the third time.
Mark had brought her to the Clinic to have the procedure done.
She looked round the small reception again. The place looked nothing like a hospital. She had even
asked Mark if he was sure they were in the right place. She wondered how he knew about the clinic
She returned her focus to where the nurse sat to catch her staring at her tummy in scorn.
Lucy placed her bag in front of her tummy immediately. That was enough to make the Lady look up and
realize she had been caught.
A door opened at that moment as a young man in his thirties walked towards the duo.
“Hello. I’m Akin. My brother explained your case to me.” he said as he shook hands with Mark.
“Thanks so much for agreeing to Help us.” Mark said smiling.
“It’s alright. What are brothers for? She can come in now.”
Lucy felt her feet stuck to the spot.
She was scared.
Scared for her life.
Scared for her future.
Should she back out? This was a sin she knew that. She shook her head as an image of her bleeding to
death flashed through her mind.
“Lucy?” Mark called.
She looked quickly at Mark and the Doctor.
“You can go now. I’ll be waiting for you here.” Mark said re-assuredly.
She couldn’t back out now.
She was doing it for her future.
No, for their Future.
She shook her head in agreement as she carried her bag to follow the Doctor.
“You can drop your bag!” Mark said as she stopped to hand it over to him.
Their eyes met.
“I’m scared.” she whispered.
“You’ll be fine. I promise.”
He patted her on the shoulder as she turned to follow the doctor.
Mark tapped his feet on the floor impatiently.
It was about 40 minutes already but Lucy and the Doctor were still behind the door. He wondered if it
usually took that long.
“Excuse me please!” He called as the nurse who had attended to them earlier turned her attention to
“Does it usually take this long? I mean the…”
“Well, not really. It depends on how serious the situation ends up being in that room.” She replied
looking towards the room thoughtfully.
He hoped nothing was wrong with her.
“I hope things are going on well in there.” The lady added as she continued whatever it was she was
Silence filled the room for about two minutes until the door to the procedure room opened.
No one came out for few seconds.
Mark stared at the door as he wondered what was happening.
He prayed silently that Lucy would come out and was disappointed when the Doctor rushed out in haste.
He felt blood drain from his face as various thoughts crossed his mind.
“Nike.” the doctor called as soon as he got to where the nurse sat.
“Sir.” She replied standing up swiftly.
“We have a situation. I need you to prepare for a transfer to Dr Dayo’s hospital. Call the Driver to come
around and inform RTW Hospital of our coming. Just tell them the patient’s information is confidential
and will be shared with the doctor alone.”
“Oh! Alright Sir.” She replied as she picked the phone to start making calls.
“What’s happening?” Mark asked in worry as the Doctor turned to him.
“Mark, honestly I have never experienced this since I started doing evacuation procedures. I was already
through with everything when she suddenly started bleeding and became unconscious just like that. The
funniest thing is the bleeding is not controllable. There is need for blood to be transfused to her but we
don’t have the facilities here. I really don’t know what to expect at this point.”
Mark stared at the Doctor in silence before the doctor added quickly.
“But there is hope. Just keep praying if you can.” He said as he rushed back into the room.
Mark walked back to where he was seated before.
He sat down silently as he bowed his head.
Even if he wanted to ask God for help he didn’t know how.
It wasn’t long before Lucy was wheeled out on a stretcher into an ambulance.
If anyone asked him what he thought would be their fate; he had no idea.

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  1. I have already see this coming, instead of her to go beg her cousin Cecil, Shame and pride took over her now see what is happening just pray she won’t die. God please give her a second chance

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