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“Life is just so unbelievable.”
Lucy thought as she cleaned a tear that escaped her eyes.
The stove hissed in front of her as the okra soup she was cooking rose rapidly in the pot and into the fire.
She sat up quickly to return the spoon in her hand into the pot and stirred the soup.
She reduced the fire as she quickly rose up to put a smoked fish inside the soup. She stirred the soup
repeatedly until she was satisfied it was well cooked.
She switched off the stove.
Humming silently she served the Okra soup in a plate and moved towards her study table that served as
a dining table as well. She placed the soup on the table and returned to her cooking corner to pick two
wraps of fufu before finally settling down on her chair.
Lucy stared at the Fufu and Ila Asepo in front of her as she sighed.
“Everyone is feeding on Good soup and freshMeat since the school is just resuming. I’m here eating Fufu
and Ila Asepo. Even the smoked Fish Mama gave me has been at home for long.” She said dejectedly
before finally putting a lump of Fufu in her mouth.
She looked round her room in disgust.
The room was very small: the size of their Bathroom at home. She had thought she would be able to
move to a self-contain room this session but all hope of that was now dashed.
A new session was just beginning. To every student, it was usually the beginning of a fresh life. However
for Lucy, a third year Student of the Department of Computer Engineering it was the beginning of worry
and anxiety. The previous Semester break had been filled with tales of woe for her. Two of her elder
siblings who had been the hope of the family had died in a ghastly motor accident. Things changed for
the Family simultaneously.
Paying the tuition fee for the new session and some other bills was a great challenge as her parents
were both retirees. One of her distant cousin’s, Cecil who was also a student in the institution where
Lucy schooled was also dependent on her family as she was orphaned.
“Things cannot continue to go on like this at all.” She said aloud as her eyes strayed to a Christian
As she ate, she flipped through the book. She had just scanned through two pages when her eyes caught
a Bible Verse.
“But Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto
thee.” Matthew 6:33.
Yes, she was familiar with the verse.
“If I am not even a serious Christian, at least my Parents are. Where are those other things now?” she
said as she closed the book and dropped it.
Lucy had never been a Serious Christian before but due to their present situation, she seem to lose all
the faith she thought she had.
“I have to think of something to do.” She said as she finished eating.
The next day was not an easy one at all.
Lucy already had four lectures non-stop and still had two more to go.
She walked towards the Cafeteria as her stomach growled. She was seriously hungry and couldn’t bare it
any longer.
“I will have to make do with the last amount of money with me. I wonder how 100 naira rice will even
be? I have never even had reasons to buy food before.” She thought as she checked around at the
quantity of food being sold to the other students.
She joined the queue and after few moments it was soon her turn.
“Rice 100naira.” Lucy whispered to the fat woman selling the food.
The woman looked up in surprised.
“100naira?” She asked loudly causing people to look towards the place.
“Yes.” Lucy replied blinking her eyes.
“What was happening? Why was she so surprised?” Lucy wondered within her.
“We don’t sell 100 naira Rice. The least is 150.” The woman replied much louder this time.
“Chai! This is embarrassment oo.”
“Hello!” Someone said directly behind her as she stopped suddenly.
“Who is that?” She asked as she turned swiftly.
Standing before her was a young man dressed in blue shirt and black trousers.
“Not God after all!” She muttered after the breath.
“Really?” The young man said catching her attention again.
“You thought it was God. Well, you must be a Jesus Freak then.” He said laughing.
“Really? This one does not even know anything.” Lucy gawked as she surveyed him.
He had a polythene bag his hands.
“Hope am safe?” She thought within her.
“You’re safe.” He replied as if reading her thoughts.
“Are you okay? You were here crying all alone,” He asked as he peered into her face.
“Yes. But what do you know?” She bent to sit on a log of wood. She stared towards the cafeteria swiftly.
“I think I can connect the dots myself with what I have witnessed so Far.” he replied as he moved closer
to where she was.
“How long have you been watching?” She asked finally cleaning her face.
“Long enough to understand your situation.” he said.
“Seriously, you don’t.” She said as she stood up and walked past him.
Her stomach growled. She frowned.
“I got something for you.”
“What’s his problem?” She thought as she looked at him.
“You are hungry so…” he said as he stretched out the polythene bag in his hand to her.
Yes, she was terribly hungry.
She stretched out her hand to collect it as she muttered a “thank you.”
“Very much.” She added as he nodded and turned to go.
“Hey!” She called out to him.
“What do you know about God?” she asked.
“Well, i know he is our creator and he takes care of us.” Lucy gaped at him.
“That’s all?”
“I think so.”
“You don’t know him on a personal level?”
So he wasn’t born again. Hmm…
“And you?” he asked.
“Well, i think i was this close to knowing him, then life happened. You know and it seemed like all i used
to hold unto of him before just disappeared. I used to wonder why he let all these happen to me, to my
parents. At least they believe in him. My Parents talk about it been a time of trial and that God will give
them double for their shame but to me they don’t deserve all these.”
“They don’t.” she repeated silently.
“It’s alright. Life is like a ball that does not stay to the ground on a side. It may be a side this minute and
another the next minute. I’m sure things will turn around for good.”
“I hope so.”
“I’m Mark by the way. A student of Civil Engineering. I see you sometimes during our Faculty Lectures.”
“OK. Lucy, Computer Engineering.”
“It’s nice meeting you.”
“Same here and thanks for this” she said raising up the nylon, “and for the company.”
“We’ll see around.” he said as he turned to go.
The two soon became close friends and always spent time together.
Mark would give her money, buy things for her whenever she complained of anything.
Her parents soon started wondering why she didn’t seem to pester them about money like before and
she told them she had a supportive friend.
Her Mother warned her to be careful and told her daughter to please consider giving her life to Christ.
“Mum, I think i will when things get better for us. But for now, I go to Church on Sunday’s. Let me keep
hearing the word of God, you can’t say when it will work out Salvation in my life.” She had replied.
Towards the middle of the semester, Lucy and Mark agreed they loved each other and soon started
dating. Lucy’s relationship with the few friends she had soon turned sour as she was always with Mark.
She seldom called her parents except when she needed money and didn’t get from Mark. She began to
loose focus of her dream to Study Aeronautic Engineering after her undergraduate program as she
started painting her future with Mark. Her Cousin, Cecil soon warned her to be careful but she ignored
It was one week to the semester’s exam, when the owner of Cecil’s hostel came to ask for the rent
giving a one week ultimatum. She called her parents but they told her there was no money and that she
should squat with her cousin if need be. Shame couldn’t make her turn to any friend for help thus she
ran to Mark. He promised to render help but nothing was done until Lucy was sent packing on the day
the first semester exam was to begin.
She couldn’t go to Cecil so she turned to Mark’s house.
He listened silently as she explained her situation to him.
“So… Mark what do i do now? ” she asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t have any money with me presently.” he said bluntly.
“Hmm.. OK but i can’t go to Cecil. I have ignored her for a long time.”
“I understand you but there is nothing i can do. Except if you will squat in my place for sometimes ? I can
give you a space.” Mark said to her surprise.
Lucy gaped at him.
“I’m sure you are joking.” Lucy said laughing.
*_Will she accept this offer?_*
::::::::::::: *
To be Continue…_

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  1. Lucy is trying to make a very big mistake of her life and Mark is going to deny her very soon, am thinking she is going to be pregnant and by then she will loose everything

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